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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Changing the Subject

As menachem mentioned, on this blog and as my Dear Fiance put it on Menachem's Blog, it is time to change the topic. So in order to lighten the subject, I wanted to mention the pride I see walking around in Jerusalem seeing all the Israeli flags everywhere. It's such a little and simple thing, and yet I made a point of putting one up in my Apt. On Friday morning, and another one on my Car this morning. Why does this little act make such a difference? It really is such a small act and yet, most people in Israel take the time to go and put one up, to show that they are also joining in the joy and miracle that this country represents after 57 years. I think it is really a great thing to see, putting all our differences a side for a few days and being together, right left, religious Secular (and a lot of Charedi groups today as well) ETC.

one final thought, those you who live in Israel have most likely seen the commercial from "tzav Piyus" - "as long as we don't disengage from one another." The first time I saw it with the broken Star of David, my heart literally fell. For those of you who don't live here or don't have a TV, I highly recommend watching it. Click here.


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