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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

It's really just symantics, isn't it?

OK, this is my second post of the day, but I'm avoiding doing a take home test right now. So, bare with me a little bit here. I was online catching up on my foxnews when I came across their article for the Netnya bombings yesterday. I was very curious to say what they would say about this heartless and over-all unsuccessful attack effected the "truce" that had been called in February. Here's some examples:
Foxnews- "The bombing Tuesday killed four people outside a shopping mall in the coastal city of Netanya (search) and rattled a 5-month-old truce."

Reuter, UK- " Palestinian suicide bomber killed two people at an Israeli shopping mall and a car bomb blew up in a Jewish settlement on Tuesday, dealing heavy blows to a shaky five-month-old truce." (Well, we all know the UK is sitting in our corner. After the London bombings, Tony Blair said, and I'm paraphrasing here, "If Events in the Middle East could be resolved, terrorist attacks would be diminished." He didn't directly mention Israel, but we all know who he was referring to. When it's come to Iraq, he's been very strong. Israel, not too much...)

LA Times- "The attack at a shopping mall in Netanya is the first of its kind since February... and battered an already shaky truce declared that month by Palestinian militant groups..."

The Globe and Mail, Canada- "Four people are dead and dozens more injured after a teenaged suicide bomber blew himself up in a busy intersection metres from a shopping mall in this Israeli coastal city, shattering a five-month period of relative calm and increasing pressure on Palestinian authorities to crack down on militants. " (Right, b/c it must be my imagination, but every important point in the "Road Map" for Israel is based on the PA stopping and eliminating terrorists and terrorism first. Yeah, I guess I must have wished it in there. Or, have the news networks purposely not done their home-work or emitted it for the sake of media bias? You decide.)

San Francisco Chronicle- "After months of painstaking diplomacy and confidence-building, Tuesday's suicide bombing by a teenager from Islamic Jihad, which killed three Israelis and injured more than 30 others, had Israeli and Palestinian leaders at odds -- which was exactly what the radical Palestinian group intended... The suicide bombing set off a round of tit-for-tat accusations... Israel began a wave of arrests in the West Bank and accused Abbas of not doing enough to disarm Palestinian hard-liners -- despite a commitment to end the violence hammered out at a meeting of the Israeli and Palestinian leaders in Cairo in February... The carnage in Netanya threatened to shatter growing optimism. But the cozy arrangements developing between Abbas, Israel and even Hamas over the pullout from Gaza are anathema to Islamic Jihad. (Right, this article is very objective...)

OK, these were only 5 examples of the media playing with symantics. If you were to go into
Google News, you could get hundreds of articles just like it. Interesting, how words are used, eh...?


At 2:50 PM, Blogger Cosmic X said...

Shalom OC,

Here are two links to sites that deal with media bias:



At 4:09 PM, Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

Thanks for the links. Just as side note, I hate polls. They are almost always worded in a way that the results don't show the real truth of the topic. I spent almost all of this semester in my Political Behavior in the Israeli Media talking about the validity of polls, and what they really show. I mean, when you word a poll in "footing the bill", it automatically gives a person negative connotations to the rest of the question. It's the same as saying, Should we be footing the bill for the reconstruction in Iraq? Or, domestically, should we be footing the bill for other people's medical insurance?
You're setting up the answer in the question by how you word. Thanks Cosmic. Very informative.


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