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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

London will never learn

Less than 2 weaks after London's city was rocked by Islamic terrorism, London Mayor Ken Livingstone showed why London will never learn their lesson. Livingstone spent an entire press conference explaining why Israel is to blame for the London bombings. He made moral equivalencies b/t the Israeli government and Hamas. Then, he spoke about how he would accept ministers from Israel b/c he had to, but that he thought many of them should be on trial for "crimes against humanity" and that Israel was basically a terrorist state. Now, here's a man who is known for these kinds of tirades, and this is also the main reason for why London and all of Europe can expect to see more terrorist attacks. With open arms, London has become one of the epicenters (outside of the Middle East) for Islamic extremists and fanatic preaching. Until London and all of Europe decides to open their eyes and stop looking at usual scape-goat, (Hey, somthing bad happened, let's blame the Jews. Well, if we're not going to blame the Jews, let's blame Israel. Then, nobody can accuse us of being anti-semitic.) they will never root the terrorist problem from their midst. These are leaders who talk about fighting the "war on terror", but welcome known Islamic extremists into their arms. For about the first time ever, I found a great LA Times article attacking this moral relativist behavior. There's a first time for everything. London doesn't want to hear it, but when it comes to fighting the true roots of terrorism, they're just as bad as France.
LA Times
London's mayor: A terrorist puppet?
Our hearts go out to London — but not to its mayor. London's leader, Ken Livingstone, eloquently condemned the recent terrorist bombings. But in the past, he never seemed too concerned about terrorists murdering Israelis. The tale of Livingstone's ambivalence is a sordid kind of Greek tragedy.Last year, he welcomed a violently Jew-hating Muslim preacher to London. In so doing, he became a silent partner of Islamic terrorism — which has now turned against his own city. Today, he is an updated Oedipus Rex, accessory to a horrible crime of which he himself is a victim.
Too many Europeans are ambivalent, like Livingstone. Terrorists, they figure, are evil; but if their preferred victims are Jews and Americans, how bad can they really be? As Europe prepares its own destruction, it resembles Germany in the early 1930s: Jew-hatred everywhere, on a low boil. Last year, Mayor Livingstone welcomed Egyptian cleric Sheik Yousef Qaradawi — the "Theologian of Terror" — to London. The sheik has called suicide bombings "heroic operations of martyrdom" and has urged Muslims to "destroy the aggressive Jews." Livingstone called the sheik a man of "moderation and tolerance." In an Op-Ed piece, the former editor of London's Asharq al Awsat Arabic-language newspaper begged to differ: "When it comes to political matters, Sheik Qaradawi represents the utmost degree of extremism." But maybe there's a reason for the mayor's lack of concern about a theologian of terror. Many Europeans love to run on about Jewish terrorism in 1940s Palestine, during Israel's struggle for independence from Britain. Israel owes its creation and continued existence, Livingstone says, to "systematic violence and terror." Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is a "war criminal who should be in prison." (And President Bush is "the greatest threat to life on this planet." London's dapper mayor has a good word for everyone!) It's time to dispose of the endlessly repeated Jewish terrorism story. You've heard about sins of omission. Jewish terrorism existed and was unforgivable, but describing it without mentioning the official Jewish response is a lie of omission.There were repeated confrontations between Palestine's Jewish community and Jewish terrorists. A famous one followed the 1944 murder in Cairo of Lord Moyne, the British minister-resident in the Middle East, by the terrorist Stern Gang. In response, the shocked and revolted Jewish community hunted down terrorists relentlessly, turning over more than 700 names to the British.There were truces too, when the Jewish authorities (desperately outgunned and outnumbered in their war for independence) tried to co-opt two terrorist groups, the Stern Gang and the Irgun, into the regular army. But the Sternists and the Irgun invariably returned to terror, shattering the truce. Jewish terrorism was stamped out at last after a U.N. mediator was assassinated in late 1948. Israel's new Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion ordered: "Arrest all Stern Gang leaders. Surround all Stern bases. Confiscate all arms. Kill any who resist." Soon afterward, the Irgun also bit the dust.An israeli private citizen summed things up following an earlier terrorist attack. "None of the barbarities the Arabs have committed in the past months can excuse this." (And the Arabs had committed plenty.) Ben-Gurion laid it on the line: "There is no compromise, no equivocation. The way of terror or the way of Zionism."Israel is no more a "terrorist state" than Britain, France, America. Livingstone isn't soft on Jew-hating clerics because Israel is a "terrorist state." There's a better explanation.Europe has followed a simple rule for thousands of years: Find the worst thing a person can do, then accuse the Jews of doing it. In medieval times, bubonic plague wiped out whole towns; naturally, Jews were accused of spreading plague. The French imprisoned Jewish army officer Alfred Dreyfus on phony charges of aiding Germany at a time when aiding Germany was the worst crime France could imagine. The Nazis persecuted Jews on phony charges of sabotaging Germany. After World War II, colonialism and Nazism seemed like the worst of crimes — so Israel was denounced (still is) as colonialist and Nazi. In 1975, racism was crime No. 1; the U.N. dutifully denounced Zionism as racist.Today, terrorism is our top crime; more and more Europeans are bound to join Livingstone in calling Israel a terrorist state. Jew-hatred is Europe's eternal flame. But now London's mayor might think twice before welcoming another theologian of terror. The theologians themselves should carry government health labels. "Warning: Terrorists don't only kill Jews."


At 3:06 PM, Blogger amechad said...

OH - email me w/ your email address. My email address is on my blog profile.

At 3:30 PM, Blogger Jessica Lovejoy said...

Hey you'er a Pisces...me too!
Anyway, Ken Livingstone will be vote out of office faster than a bear poops in the woods. He has an evil soul...and I don't even say that about democrats....if you've been to my site you'll see picking on them is my way of having fun.
By the way, what's the rumour in Isreal surrounding Arrafat's death? Over hear the rumour is he died od AIDS. Just curious.

At 4:03 PM, Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

First of all, Jess, love the picture and the name. I'm a HUGE Simpsons fan, so I very much look forward to checking out your blog. Well, jessica, there are many rumors and theories about the cause of Arafat's death. Let me just go through a few of them:
1)This is the most common theory that I aspire to, eventhough it's not the most fun. Arafat's life was that of a nine lives cat. He's escaped so many attempted assassinations, it's incredible. One of the attempts was when he was on a plane. I believe that everyone, except him, died from the plane crash. However, there are many substantiated claims that he suffered a very tiny brain hemhorage that he never took care of. There are many who believe this was the cause of his Parkinson's. It is very possible that it is this plus his Parkinson's disease that killed himm. My grand-mother died of Parkinson's, and it's very common for sufferers to die from infection.
2) There have been many rumors that Arafat was gay, and that he may have had AIDS. And, that this is what he died from. Of course, we will never know if this is true. Well, unless, some private files pop up some where. This is one of the fun ones.
3) This theory is the one that many, if not most, of the those within the PA and others would love to be true and love to spout. That is, the theory that Arafat died because the Israelis poisoned him.
These are but a few. Glad to have a fellow Simpsons connosieur here. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

At 6:16 PM, Blogger fsgsf said...

OC, as per your request, here are your 5 questions!

1) If you had an opportunity to kill a serial killer, would you?

2)What is your favorite song? Why?

3)What do you enjoy more, sex or money? explain your answer.

4)What is your most favorite animal? Least favorite?

5) Who is smarter in your opinion, men or women? explain your answer.

Now the rules :
( You need to put these in your post)
1) Leave me a comment saying "interview me please."
2)I will respond by asking you five questions ( not the same as above)
3)You will update your blog/site with the answeres to the questions.
4) You will include ths explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5) When others comment asking to be interviewed you will ask them five questions.

At 11:49 PM, Blogger Jessica Lovejoy said...

Good for you if you did poison him, but you should have made it much more painful and miserable for him.

At 12:10 AM, Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

I hope it was. But, now he can face eternity in hell, being tortured by every single person he's killed or commanded to be killed or had a hand in killing. Don't worry, he'll be in a lot more pain and misery now that he's dead. Don't you worry.


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