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Saturday, July 09, 2005

soldiers disobeying

It has been a long while since I last put any of my thoughts down on 'screen', but I guess I have a good excuse. As My WIFE mentioned, last Wednesday was our Wedding, and we have had no time at all. And, as a welcome home gift I had a test this morning (and another one on Sunday). But anyways....

I am making a direct comment having to do with something written on another blog, and due to fear of having my comments erased, I decided better safe than sorry. This is in regards to the discussion about soldiers disobeying orders. Now I know that as anyone who has been in the army, this situation is not always possible, because we all know that the army is really organized when it comes to doing things and informing people. We also all know that only the best people are allowed to be commanders. But still I think that there is a big problem with disobeying orders when one wears a Uniform. I have no intention of getting into specific details about events that have already occurred since I don't know all the details, but in general the idea of soldiers making a scene in order to get out of doing something (IE - disengagement related) is wrong.

My experience, both as a soldier and as an officer, have showed me that in MOST cases it is enough to talk to ones commander (officer, most likely) and explain the situation and ask not to perform a specific duty, in order to get out of it. Now, again, I know that this is not true all the time, but it does cover most of the cases. But, even if that doens't happen and you are forced to do something you don't believe in, I see no excuse for disobeying orders.

But worse than that, I think that turning these people into Heroes is really disgusting and also dangerous. These soldiers are no more heroes for standing up for what they believe in, than the soldiers who stay up all night and protect each and every one of you while you are asleep. and yet I don't see the flyers and ad.s talking about those brave soldiers. Not that I think that anyone of them is looking for the front page pictures, they do it because they believe in what they are doing, and I think that is true also of 95% of those who are against the Hitnatkut and we have not heard of them. Why? because they were not looking to make headlines - they really believe in what they do, and found a way to get around doing something that they don't believe in.

Hoping for better Days,
שבת שלום

-עולה ישן


At 9:34 PM, Blogger Chai18 said...

while i disagree with the disengagement i do not support soldiers disobeying orders, i mean what makes these soldiers any different then those who refuse to serve in the shtadchim? i don't mean to start a whole round of moral equivalency because there is none but still if this mass refusal occurs then whose to say what might happen? will there be two IDF's one for pre 67 Israel and one for post 67 Israel?


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