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Monday, September 12, 2005

Tag! You're it...

I've been tagged by Barbara. Thanks, and see ya at the play ground during recess. Yay!!

1. Why do you choose the religion you embrace?

Like you, I was born a Jew. I did not choose it. It and G-d chose me. I have had my years where I questioned how religious I would be. In the end, I was shown the answer by my hero, my mother. Her belief and strength in G-d while she was suffering with breast cancer showed me that all the trivial b.s. wasn't important. It gave me a great sense of comfort that everything would be OK. I can't really explain it. I believe that Judaism is extremely intellectually driven. I believe it is an excellent guide for life and how to live a good and righteous life in the path of G-d. It is an amazing religion. I love it. It's hard and extremely difficult to do, but its rewards and sense of fulfillment it worth all of it. We've been persecuted, killed, humiliated, enslaved, etc, but we're still here. Is there any better example of perserverence?

2. How religious are you? How often do you practice your religion?

As implied above, I am observant. I guess the term would be "Modern Orthodox". I am Shomer Shabbat and Shomer Kashrut (I keep Sabbath and Kosher.). I don't want to stigmatize or put myself into any stereotype when talking about my observance, so I won't say anything more.

3.Why is this religion the right one for you?

See answer to question 1

4. How does the practice of this religion improve your life or what benefit do you recieve from its practice?

It improves my life every day, and benefit from it every second of every hour of every day. Every day is an opportunity for me go up more on the escalator of life and learn more about myself, G-d, and the world around me. In life, you're either going forward, or you're going backward. Standing still is not an option.

5. Are you spiritual as well as religious? or is one more prevalent than the other?

I consider myself very spiritual, but I don't believe that spirituality can exist without action. The only feeling that G-d commands us that we are commanded to "love" G-d. The question asked, is how can G-d command a feeling? The answer lays in the actions that you do to prove your feelings. Take an abusive relationship. While a husband hits and verbally abuses his wife, he keeps telling her that he loves her, over and over again. Do his actions prove or show his love? So to, one can say that they're a spiritual person over and over, but if they're not doing anything to show that those words are true, then those are just empty words. They're devoid of meaning. I believe my religiousity and spirtuality go hand in hand and should remain connected to eachother. There are times when one is higher than the other, but they're always connected. Now, I'm in no way saying that some one is not observant like me can't have spirituality. Everyone has to find their own connection to be connected to the higher power. But, they should find ways to reinforce it and show it. Otherwise, what does spirituality mean?

Thanks for the tag. Now, people know a little bit more about me. I dont know whether that's necessarily a good thing.


At 3:22 PM, Blogger BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Thank you for answering, OC, and for the beautiful answers as well.

I am sorry to hear about your mother and her experience with cancer. But what you say about people's beliefs, especially when faced with illness, and how they play out is a significant one. For me, I see more and more that there are no atheists inside of foxholes.

G-d bless you.

At 8:00 PM, Blogger BrooklynJewishGuy said...

Very nicely put, OC. You certainly made a kiddish Hashem on the wide world web. Keep up your good work.

At 8:06 PM, Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

Thanks. Btw, do you have a blog?

At 2:46 AM, Blogger BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

What is the world wide web? Something we should know about?

At 5:20 AM, Blogger Lvnsm27 said...

Wow! :)


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