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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Democracy At Its Best

**Just a general FYI. Over the next several days or couple of wk.s, I'll be working on spicing up the look of the blog and trying new things. So, for now, just know that while I'll still be posting on a regular basis, the site is UNDER CONSTRUCTION.**

Well, it should come to nobody's surprise that HAMAS won the Palestinians' parliamentary elections today. I must say that I've been having a cynical day in terms of my thoughts about what this means and what will happen in the future. I'm kind of skeptical of what Israel's reactions will be and how they'll handle the brand new terrorist government (For some reason, this is different than the old terrorist government that was in place. But, whatever.) that's been "democratically" elected. The reason I'm skeptical about Israel's hard line is because of my dissapointment with their [lack of] action after the Disengagement. I haven't written a post about it, but right after the Disengagement, I wrote how big of an advantage Israel was in. I said that now that there was no Jew left in Gaza, any terrorist attack on Israel would be considered an act of aggression from a sovereign entity and that Israel would be in a position to respond severely and the world wouldn't be able to say a thing. Well, Israel hasn't followed through on that threat/promise. While the Army has conducted small tactical and very successful operations against terrorist cells networks, the large scale operations that have been threatened to come in response to rocket firings and suicide missions have not materialized. In that department, the government has severely screwed the pooch. Empty promises/threats and pointless decisions like making a "Dead Zone" in the northern section of the Strip do nothing but show the terrorist groups that they can keep shooting rockets into Israel and nothing serious will happen to them. Hopefully, the Artillery units will make a dent and my hope can be restored.

Because of this, I'm very skeptical that Israel's (and, in fact, the world) threats of not negotiating with a HAMAS run government holding water. The next time a HAMAS rocket lands in Ashkelon, or a HAMAS organized terrorist attack occurs within our boundaries, and Israel does nothing in response, I'm sorry to say, but that's negotiating with terrorists. I wonder if the US will hold its promise of not monitarilly supporting a HAMAS run government. The funny thing is that since resolutions have been passed officially classifying them as a terrorist group, and it's illegal to fund them, if US gives them money, they'll be breaking the law since they have arrested, tried, and convicted citizens for funding HAMAS in any way, shape, or form. I foresee the UN inviting whoever from HAMAS is elected as the next President or Prime Minister to speak. Just like in the '70s when Arafat was invited, they'll say that because HAMAS has stepped into the political arena they have proven that they are a moderate group and looking for peace. Whoever that person is, he'll be allowed to come and speak with his gun and not just the holster. They'll all give him a standing ovation and cheer the New World Order.

Iran will set up an Embassy there, and they'll use HAMAS has partners to ship in a nuclear weapon in a diplomatic pouch. And, the world will stare in shock that they could have been so deceived. I mean, when they spoke in English, they said that they just wanted a home-land for the Palestinian people. They even hired a PR firm and everything. How were we supposed to know that when they spoke to the people in Arabic, they were saying that they were going to destroy Israel and turn the Strip into the next Taliban regime (What The Christians Are Thinking).

Look at how they've already convinced the media: Here, Here, and Here. Those are but a few example of the media trying to make HAMAS into the new Hezbollah (Here).

Be forewarned: You can dress them up, and tie them in a bow, and do their hair all pretty. All you will have made them is a sheep in wolves clothing. "A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet". Just because you wish it doesn't make it so.

The only silver lining here is that at least for now, we know exactly who we are dealing with. They have not changed their platform, calling for the destruction of Israel. They're not Fatah yet. They haven't developed the art of double speak. It's a breath of fresh air. You want to kill us. Good. We understand. However, as I've mentioned, they are already attempting to rosy up their image in the world's eye. They have hired a PR firm and have impressed the media by not campaigning on a "destroy Israel" platform.

How to end this? There is a lot of different plays at work here. We are approaching zero hour with Iran, and we may be wittnessing the next Taliban regime establishing itself next door. It's time to prioritize and decide whether to get tough or get killed. Reality's a bitch!


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