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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

French Hill News Alert!

Well, not really. But, don't you just hate that Fox News has these darn things like every 5 minutes?!? When a story is 5 hours old, it's not a news alert anymore! But, anyways, I heard a funny story from my grand-father-in-law today about Arab countries boycotting a huge Danish dairy corporation in response to a Danish newspaper publishing a caricature of Mohammad in one of their editions. I thought he was totally joking, so I immediately went to Google News to check it out. Turns out the story is true. Here are some excerps from various Arab newspapers:

Zaman Daily Newspaper:

" Boycotts and outrage towards Denmark continue to increase after the Danish government announced it would not apologize for the publication of satirical cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed in Danish newspaper, Jyllands Posten. The scandal has been costly for Denmark and the international dimension of the incident has begun to increase. After Libya closed down its representative office in the Danish capital Copenhagen, Palestinians protesting the cartoons raided an EU office in Gaza and an Iraqi group demanded attacks be instigated against Danish targets. Saudi Arabia recalled its ambassadors to Copenhagen and the boycott against Danish products quickly spread to other Gulf countries and Egypt as well. The boycott negatively affected the Danish economy from the very first day. The dairy company, Arla Foods, has halted all exports to the Middle East and is considering laying off employees as it is losing around 1.3 million euros a day in lost sales... (Continue)"

Khaleez Times Online:
They have two articles about this actually.

Cooperatives take Danish goods off shelves

DUBAI — "The UAE Cooperative societies have withdrawn all Danish consumer products from the shelves of its outlets since Saturday.
Ibrahim Al Bahr, Operations Manager of Union Cooperatives, told Khaleej Times yesterday that the decision was taken following the publication of the blasphemous drawings in a Danish newspaper recently.
Al Bahr disclosed that the cooperatives have withdrawn a total of 37 Danish products including major brands such as Lurpak, Al Areesh Chicken Nuggets, Buke Cheese, Three Cows Cheese, Artic Gold Chicken and others.... (Continue)"

Iraqi group urges Danish attacks over cartoons

DUBAI — "An Iraqi radical group called yesterday for attacks against Danish and Norwegian targets over satirical cartoons of Islam’s Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him), saying a boycott of goods was not enough, according to an Internet statement... (Continue)"

The same thing happened in Yemen and in Qatar. The boycott speared the Danish's Prime Minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen himself, to publically apologize for the Danish newspaper. Now, I have a few things to say about this. On one hand, I'm glad to see that Arab countries are taking on the democratic value of boycotting in order to garner a desired response. However, I'm just absolutely sick and tired of seeing the European world cow-tow to the Arab and Muslim communities. As I've written before, Europe is going out of its way and bending over backwards not to do anything or say anything to "offend" their Arab communities. Countries, like Great Britain, have organized special Muslim councils to "oversee" and/or suggest ways in which their administration can be more sensitive to the Arab community. Many of these members are anti-semities and constantly suggest removing any symbols, holidays, special days, etc that commemorate or recognize another religion. They have stated that the reason that they are making these suggestions is that the proposed cuts are offensive to Muslims. What's offensive to Muslims? Having a national Holocaust Day, or the Easter Bunny on Easter.

When riots broke out all over France and Germany late last year (What's not being covered is the fact that cars are still being burned on a nightly basis.), the French government, and just about everyone in the media were quick to dispell any notions that this had anything to with the fact that the groups carrying out these attacks were predominantly Muslim and Arab. No, it was about their poor economic situation. It had nothing to do with race. Yes, that is why it came out a day after the riots started that the groups behind this attack came from an area in France in which the head clergy were preaching for their sector of France to become an autonomous Muslim government. Nothing to do with race or religion. Hey, so why were churches and synagogues burned down (I don't have the exact number of how many, but I do know for sure it was one of each.). But, the French government made excuses (not surprising). Great Britain's making excuses for their actions. Now, even a Prime Minister is publically apologizing for a stupid silly caricature in a newspaper. I don't hear any leaders of any European country apologizing for the numerous caricatures that have been categorically anti-semitic and anti-israel. Need one example? Hmm... How about the one where Sharon is shown killing a Palestinian baby and cooking its blood, which was actually displayed at an ART SHOW. (There have been many variations done on this blood libel.) Didn't hear a peep. Actually, I heard a lot of complaints, from journalists, about free speech and Palestinian rights and awareness, blah, blah, blah.

My problem with all of this is not the hypocracy. My problem is that this fawning and stepping on egg shells that the Europeans are exhibiting is going to come back and haunt them. After the Madrid train bombings, the Spanish voted in a left wing government that chose to bend to the terrorists and took all their troops out of Iraq. What the governments are doing here is almost the same thing, only reversed. Nations like Great Britain are saying that they're willing to fight terrorism and extremism externally, when the threat is thousands of miles away. But, they ar not prepared to fight it domestically. They are are so afraid what what ever increasing Muslim populations will do that they think they're doing everything in their power to prevent an attack. The problem with this theory is that just the opposite will happen. You can try to say, "yes master" all day long to a killer, but he's still going to kill you at the end of the day. These tactics play right into the hands of the extremists who are looking to regain Arab domination throughout the world. Outside of the Middle East, Europe is the first stop in the western world. When governments are doing anything in their power to PC themselves silly, the extremists are establishing the dhimmi society that they've been dreaming of. These countries are playing right into their hands. In the world of moral relativism, the extremist will always win, because the threat of violence can always be masked by the liberals as a cry for equality and the fact that the evil western world just "doesn't understand" their culture, so violence is legitimate. Terror attacks won't stop against your country just because you apologize for a cartoon. They won't stop because you're trying to be "tolerant". They won't stop because you apologize for the director's film even though he was viciously and horrifically killed because of it. They will will come in spite of it. Terrorists and extremists are stopped with hugs and a flower. They're stopped with guns, because that is all they understand. Good luck, Europe, because you're sure as hell going to need it where you're going.

What shall we name France when we conquer the world, my friends? Francestan? Francan?
Let the world domination begin.


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At 11:37 AM, Blogger Greg said...

Unfortunately, I doubt any of us will find your blog interesting, big guy...

Sorry to disappoint, Eitan.

At 3:51 PM, Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

Yeah, seriously.


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