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Monday, January 23, 2006

I Don't Know, I'm Just a Girl!

OK, I wanted to write about some hot button issues, especially Iran, which seems to be the item of the day in the world. However, there is something more pressing on my mind. Around the blogger world, there are many people who are very computer savvy. Therefore, their blogs have features and add-ons that are unique and different. I keep wandering how the hell they do that stuff, like drop down menus, installing a subscription option, putting videos into the blog, creating a unique header that blogger doesn't provide, etc. Basically, I want to revamp my site, make it unique, basically make it my own. I'm a hardware person. Meaning, I'm very into gadgets, and I understand how things work in that way. However, I'm almost completely retarded when it comes to software issues. I've never really worked with code, html, etc. I'm not familiar with nor do I completely understand what RSS feeders are and how CSS works. For those of you like me or more experienced with this stuff, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

So, basically, before I really go back to writing serious stuff, I need some serious stuff. I want to really expand what I do with my blog. I really want to make it my own and not have it look like every other blogger blog. I'm sending out a huge SOS to any of you who have any knowledge in this kind of stuff. I'm begging for any kind of support, knowledge, advice, suggestions, etc. I'm hoping there are those of you out there that can help me. Also, if anybody knows whether Joomla or associated templates can be put into blogger, or if only specific blogger templates will work, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, y'all.


At 1:48 PM, Blogger Greg said...

Hey OC...long time no leave comment on my behalf:) Just wanted to let you know that even though nobody seems especially interested in helping you improve your blog, you're doing a great job on your own. Props for the effort!

BTW: who are you picking to win the Chicago-less Superbowl? And do you think the Bulls will make the playoffs? If so, in what place?

Be'tikva, Eitan.


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