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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Cartoon Bonanza!!!

(Hat Tips: Little Green Footballs & Stop The ACLU)

We know understand what Europeans and liberals think Free Speech means.

It seems that, of all people and countries, the Canadians will be the first Western country to reprint most of the cartoons that have enraged the Muslim world to murder and mayhem. The irony is priceless. You're pist that people are portraying your religion in a negative light, so what do you do? Why, you prove that those people are exactly and succinctly CORRECT.
Read Media Runs Scared, and see Canada's timely courage. Maybe a new government was all our unwanted sister to the north needed to grow a pair...

(Hat Tip: Media Backspin) It also appears that I was correct in my assumption that these cartoons had nothing to do with drawing a picture of Muhammad and everything do with careful planning and timing, a la Intifada II here in Israel. Muslim papers actually republished the Danish cartoons back in October, a month after they were published in the orginial Danish paper. Ironically enough, there were no riots or protests back then. Why, you ask? This was just the excuse to set them off. The easiest way to see that this is true is the timing. Ask yourself, why they're protesting these cartoons now when they came out over 4 and a half months ago? Then, ask yourself why the entire Muslim world waited to protest until AFTER the Danish Immam had gone to every Muslim country, showing them these cartoons? On top of that, if any picture of Muhammad is forbidden, why would this Immam have taken the time to bring and show cartoons that were never published? Cartoons that are for more repugnant than the ones actually published. They say it has nothing to do with portraying Muhammad in a negative way, just that he was drawn, which they claim is forbidden. If that's the case, why attempt to inflate the situation by showing cartoons that were never seen? The answer is in light of the French and Australian riots, it seems that the Muslim world is gearing up to put their dhimmi laws into effect in Europe. You may be asking yourself why I haven't singled out or said the word "extremists" or "fundamentalists" when I'm categorizing the Muslim world as wanting to enforce their dhimmilaws across the free world and recreate an Pan-Arab Republic around the world. Well, the reason is the lack of protest or anger against these protests. It's the lack of protests that come any time we, in the free world, categorize a heinous act having been committed by extremist Muslim factions. If these people are so peace loving, why do they never come out and protest when wrongs are being committed against fellow human beings by massive amounts of their Muslim brethren? When these people comment and say that the Muslims who are committing ethnic cleansing and genocide in Darfur do not represent the Muslim religion, why are there not droves of Muslims, in the tens of thousands as we have seen at these protests, coming out and protesting those heinous actions? Where are they? They can't all be in hiding! But, caricatures of Muhammad drives them out in the thousands to protest the very freedoms that they do not have. As Ann Coulter has pointed out, "The belief that Islam forbids portrayals of Muhammad is recently acquired. Back when Muslims created things, rather than blowing them up, they made paintings, frescoes, miniatures and prints of Muhammad."

More evidence that these protests against the cartoons have absolutely nothing to do with Muhammad and more to do with the Muslim world attempting to set up the platform in which they can enforce their will on all second class citizens, namely all non-Muslims. How? By demanding apologies and subserviance to Muslim will for any perceived infraction that is "committed" against them. Iran is demanding an apology from Germany for a cartoon they drew in regards to the Iranian soccer team. Judge it for yourself. In it, a question is asked regarding, why of all places, does the German Army have to be present at the World Cup. Then, you have the Iranian team strapped with bombs. There's no picture of Muhammad in there, so what's the problem this time? How have I offended thee? This cartoon has everything to do with politics and nothing to do with religion. Every Immam and almost every Muslim asked has said that they have no problem with cartoons that are anti-Jewish or anti-Israel because those cartoons are all about politics and not religion. (Yes, I can see how a Jew depicted as a devil digging holes under the Temple Mount could be seen as having nothing to do with religion...Yeah...) So, why should they have a problem here? Oh, that's right! Because they don't like it. That's why we should apologize. Because, we've hurt their feelings. The Iranians are on their way to developing a nuclear bomb, but drawing a picture that shows them with bombs just goes way over the line... Yes. What's more interesting and totally hilarious in my book is that the Iranians have accused Germany of
"It is now clear that the Germans are under the influence of the Zionists (Israel) and have lowered themselves to become their scarecrows."

Germany cowtowing to the Israelis? Well, that's certainly a change of scenary, now isn't it? Funny how the world turns...

How will the Muslims gain entry in order to rule the world? Why, Political Correctness will lead the way to our servitude....


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