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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Curl Who?!?

OK, so there are those of you who don't like the Winter Olympics. I understand that. Some of you believe that there are only three types of sports in the Olympics, and they have 15 different versions, and they're all played on either ice or snow. So, you think it's boring. Well, that's your opinion, but when a guy is laying on his back and travelling down a tube at over 70 mph, that's just not boring to me.

But.... I have to say that I don't understand how or why Curling is an Olympic sport. I don't really understand it at all.How bored ARE Canadians?!? A guy, or gal, slides a big tea pot with a rock attached to the bottom of it down an ice lane that looks like a bowling lane. As this thing slides down the ice, these two other guys start sweeping the ice in front of the tea pot while everyone else yells at them. At the end of the lane, there's this big bull's eye, and it seems that they get like points or something for knocking the other teams' pots out of the way, or if they get it in a certain spot in the bull's eye, they get points also.

In any case, it's really BORING, and it seems really pointless. However, CBC and Eurosport seem compelled to show this for hours on end in the middle of the afternoon. Now, I understand that it's on in the middle of the afternoon specifically because it wouldn't be what one would call a prime-time sport. But, they could only show high-lights of the damn thing. They don't have to show all of it just because they need to fill up the time slots!

The boring part isn't the reason for why I don't understand how this thing is in the Olympics. The reason I don't understand why Curling is in the Olympics is the complete lack of sports that is involved in this game. Today, I was watching Curling because... well... there was nothing else on. Anyways, in between rounds, they did a close up of one of the teams, and I saw the "Captain" passing out food and chips to the other players. They were snacking up! What, do they need to re-energize after a hard round of tossing tea pots?!? Besides, they were eating potato chips, for crying out loud! This is one of the reasons I don't want chess in the summer Olympics (som nerds are trying to get it in). The Olympics are supposed to be about sports which demand physical excellence from athletes. They are supposed to be sports in which not everybody can do it, and it takes nothing short of the best of the best to win it. Sports in the Olympics should be let in on these standards, not just because they're popular all over the world. Who cares if there are one million registered Canadians who play Curling? Americans are vying for football to get into the summer games but have been told it's not popular enough. But, it's a demanding physical sport and should be put in as soon as enough nations can qualify. Chess should not.

That's my take on today's events. Let me know if you agree. Also, I'd love to hear what your favorite winter sports are!


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