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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl Sunday!!!

While European embassies are burned all over the Muslim world, and muslims are calling for the "Behead those who believe Islam is VIOLENT!", and the free world is apologizing for free speech and almost begging for dhimmi laws to be enforced, the greatest day of the year is occuring today. SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!!!

All the hoopla is going on in my old home-town of Detroit, and I'm kind of sad that I'm not there. But, it's good for the city, which is in a world of economic trouble. From what I've read and heard from family friends, Detroit has been an excellent and exciting host city. Good for them. But, down to business:

Pittsburgh Steelers Vs Seattle Seahawks

Blue Collar Vs White Collar

Steel Workers Vs Starbucks

Does it get any better than this?!? The "Bus", Jerome Bettis will likely be playing the last game of his career in his home-town. JB has always loved, respected, and give props back to where he's come from. He's a hard worker, which is what Detroit is all about. But, enough of emotional recaps. Y'all want predictions, and here it is:

The Steel Curtain is crashing down on the Seahawks. It's their time. I know the Seahawks have, probably, the best offense in the NFl this season, and Hasselbeck has been outstanding, but... I believe the Steelers just want it more. I believe that they're hungrier. I believe they're nastier. That's why they're going to win even-though there are a lot of people not giving them much of a shot. They're the first #6 seed to make it to the Super Bowl. That should have already been a hint to everybody on where this team is. Roethlisberger is so agile for a 10 foot bull. It's that simple. The Steelers just want it more. You can see it in their eyes and in the way they play. JB is going to play the best game of his life in front of the home crowd, and it's going to be scary awesome to see him play even better than he already does.

27-20, Steelers!!!


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