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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Walk Through the Looking Glass and to the new Tea Party

Allies. What exactly does that mean? Every country says that they have allies, whether they be for economics or military purposes or miscelaneous. These are countries that a given country say that they have a relationship with and can count on to, basically, "have their back" in times of need. To say the least, allies are NOT friends. These are people who make alliances based on their mutual interests, so getting "stabbed in the back" should, to some degree, be expected. So, when certain allies of the United States and/or Israel say that they are willing and are planning to meet with the newly "democratically" elected terrorist group, Hamas, for the Palestinian people, why should we be surprised? For these countries, an alliance with the likes of Hamas and Iran may seem more advantageous to them than their current agreements with other countries. Let's take a look at one of the countries who are willing to sell their souls to the devil for some foreseen long-term gains:

Russia: Ah, Mother Russia. Does she long for the great days of old? When countries cowered and trembled before her mighty power. When her people did not dare to speak out against the people who protected her honor. When no outsider dared and could succeed in getting behind her Iron Curtain. The days when mighty Mother Russia and her communist children were in a fierce battle to rule the world. A battle in which she almost won. Alas, you know what they say. "Second place is first place loser." Mother Russia lost her battle, and the Iron Curtain came crashing down. But, one of her soldiers is still fighting for her ressurection. President Vladimir Putin seems to be attempting to re-establish Russia's old power; trying to create Russia as a country who is once again a world super-power. A country to be reckoned with and no longer cower to the will of the capitalist regimes.

First, they entered into a contract with Iran to give them technology and know-how to create nuclear power. Now, Putin is NOT a stupid man. He knows that the rest of the Western World cannot and will not allow for Iran to become a nuclear power. But, this alliance, according to Putin's patterns, can give Russia more long-term advantageous results than their current status with countries of the likes of the US, Britain, and Israel. Russia has become an ally of China; a country quickly and quietly becoming a huge international force. They both had alliances and economic agreements with Iran. If Iran were to succeed in becoming a nuclear power, they would become the regional power in the Middle East, controlling its resources, and forcing the rest of the world to bow to its will. This could prove to be extremely advantageous for its allies. Oil at extremely low prices. Ah, that precious black gold would cost pittance for Russia and China, yet it would cost a gold mine for the rest of the world. An excellent position to be in. Russia and China knows this, which is why it would not be at all surprising that if the possibility of sanctions came before the UN Security Council, China and Russia would use its veto powers to block any such motion.

Next, Russia has recently agreed to meet with Hamas. They believe that talks could help spur Hamas to become "peaceful" and create a positive and successful government for the Palestinians. This same back-wards logic is being used in Putin rationalizing that he will not terminate his nuclear contract with Iran because they believe that by keeping the contract, they can closely monitor Iran for any wrong doing, and will continue to offer Iran the ability to produce nuclear power for them. I believe Putin is just trying to ingratiate himself with the "right" crowd and re-establish Russian superiority. Of course, Russia could never truely return to its old form, but re-establishing some of its old power amongst the top four nations of the world is not completely outside the realms of possibility. Putin believes that Hamas is not really a terrorist group and much good can come out of meeting with them. Mind you, Russia's policy on defining terrorists is anyone who fights Russia. There is no distinction between political party and militint wings. If your group, like the Chechen Rebels, is fighting against Russia, you are classified as a terrorist. Outside groups do not get such honors. Russia does NOT classify Hamas or other groups like Hezbollah as terrorist groups. As Media Backspinrightly points out, Putin gets extremely upset when any other country meets with any member of the political wing of the Chechen fighters. They also rightly point out that Putin seems to forget that Hamas and the Chechen rebels have ties. There are are also ties between Hamas and the butchers of the Breslen school massacre. However, for some reason, Putin sees a difference between Hamas and the terrorists fighting against Russia. Again, I believe that this is a ploy, by Putin, to ingratiate himself more with Iran and the rest of the Muslim world in order to accrue long-term benefits. If he believes that it's worth it, he's more than willing to sacrifice any relationship he has with Israel.


At 11:26 PM, Blogger SnoopyTheGoon said...

"He knows that the rest of the Western World cannot and will not allow for Iran to become a nuclear power."

That is surely an exaggeration, OH?

Who of the Western World (and how) is going to prevent Iran to become a nuclear power?

At 2:02 PM, Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

Well, Israel for starters. I believe that they will have no choice. If you look in the "All Things Politics" archives, I've written another article concerning this, called "Countdown to Zero Hour". Do I believe that the US will come to Israel's aid if and when they have to attack? I'm riding toward yes, and their position in Iraq gives them that extra maneuvering room. But, the bottom line is that Russia is vying to reassert itself amongst the World Powers, and this is the way that they see themselves accomplshing that goal.


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