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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Not really my field but....

OK, so what I'm about to write about is more my husband's field. But, I also am a gadget geak, so I figure that I can write about computers and stuff a little bit. My husband has gotten me into being a huge Microsoft Alternative fan. Meaning, always being on the look out for bigger and better things than the "evil" Bill Gates offers us. For example, using Firefox over IE, using Gmail over hotmail (I'm still working on the change-over, so I haven't completely left hotmail yet.), finding open-source software, etc. Basically, breaking out of the bondage that Microsoft has created us to be slaves to.

Over the past year, as Firefox as become the most popular alternative to Explorer, and its user numbers increasing by the hundreds and thousands every day, Microsoft has finally gotten scared. It realizes that its Electronic monopoly is extremely in jeopardy. First, it announced a new version of IE that came with the Firefox tabs that we all love. Now, Microsoft has announced that it will be releasing a new search engine that will rival Google's.
Microsoft Revs Up New Search Engine
The beta version debuts at Microsoft's www.Live.com on March 8. The beta, and a revision expected in a few months, will challenge market leader Google, said Microsoft Search Senior Product Manager Justin Osmer.

The Live.com search engine has high expectations, and arrives at a time when search market leader Google appears to be vulnerable to challenges after several financial hiccups as the Internet search market continues to grow rapidly.

Most noteworthy of the changes is the addition of Microsoft's own picture and video search technology. The new search engine also scours more stuff, including search, news search, RSS feeds, e-mail search, local search and searching of MSN Shopping and MSN Spaces.

I'm looking forward to the next generation of electronic gurues living in a world that is NOT a slave to the Microsoft machine. But, I still love them since they do a lot of business in Israel. I'm waiting for Apple to get their butts over here. Then, I can say good-bye to Microsoft forever.


At 3:15 PM, Blogger amechad said...

Firefox will still be better than IE.

Google is still going to be better.

But I like MS Office much better than WordPerfect Office or OpenOffice. For that, I'm going to have to stick with Microsoft.

But, Microsoft isn't evil nor a total monopoly, as these competitors show. Of course, that means that if they are better than MS, use them.

At 10:29 PM, Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

Am, I'm kidding. You should know my sarcasm by now.


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