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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

So Tired Of...

I'm so tired of:
-Having to defend the reason of why I made Aliyah.
-Of having to explain to people that I don't feel like I "gave up" American luxuries in exchange for living in Israel.

I'm so tired of:
-Being called a coloniolist and having to defend my right to live in my home-land.
-Of seeing the holocaust consistently come under scrutiny while no other major event is. For agument's sake, when black history month falls out each year, why isn't there a "both points of view" debate by a person discussing slavery and the other side attempting to show that slavery never existed? Why is it that people are more open to accept something that happened over 200 years ago than something that happened only 60 years ago?

I'm so tired of:
-Being called a Nazi for alleged "atrocities" being committed against the Palestinian people by the Israelis.
-Getting upset by anti-semites who feel that they have a right to judge me or call me names while no other country is chastized as much as the one I live in.

I'm so tired of:
-Having to defend myself or even my very existence.
-Having the role of educating the masses and the ignorant.

I'm so tired of:
-Having to live with and tolerate every double-standard that is applied to the Jewish people and Israel.
-Seeing fanatical Islam being placated to and watching the rest of the world bend over back-wards to please them because of their warped PC notion that "we just don't understand them. If we did, everything would be OK". Why don't they say that to me? Just because they know a few Yiddish catch phrases and some Jew from Hollywood doesn't mean that they understand Judaism and where I'm coming from.

I'm just so damn tired of the rest of the world sometimes. When will the anti-semetism end? When will the Jews get to just live in peace and quiet? When will the rest of the world wake up and open their eyes to what's really going on? Reading and listening to the words of Purim makes me realize more and more of how G-d hides behind the trees and makes the wind blow without us realizing it. It makes me proud to have such a heroine like Esther who came through in the clutch. It makes me realize that the world is once again playing Russian Roullette with out lives, and it's once again up to the Jewish people to save themselves... the hard way and with a little of G-d's help on the sides and in the background. I am believing more and more that it's once again... GO TIME!!!


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