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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Trouble in Paradise

With civil war erupting in Gaza, and gun fights breaking out all over between Hamas anf Fatah, I just want to make a quick observation about the TV coverage. Second Draft has done an excellent job of pointing out the numerous discrepencies in the TV coverage of various Palestinian "confrontations" with Israeli soldiers. It has become the phenomenon that has been dubbed as Pallywood. Staged events, injuries, and deaths in order to illicit world sympathy in the ever important PR war that they are winning. With all this, I noticed something very interesting in the coverage of the gun fights yesterday.

In several bits of footage that Second Draft shows, there are numerous times that we see kids standing around with no care or fear in the world of being shot while supposedly chaos and gun fire is going on all around them. As Second Draft unleashes the rest of the footage that the world never gets to see, we are exposed to the reality that those who were standing around footloose and fancy free was because they were in no real danger. Not so in yesterday's coverage. If you have seen the aforementioned footage, you can notice the vast difference between that and what we saw yesterday. Those kids were in real danger. Their body language, reactions, and movements were in vast contrast to the staged scenes being performed in Pallywood footage cast around the world. These kids were truly and honestly frightened for their lives. Rightfully so, as many kids were severely wounded. Wounded by the very same groups who proclaim that they are wielding guns and rockets in order to improve the lives of their fellow Palestinians.

Of course, they are only trying to gain power, money, and prestige for themselves at the expense of their fellow Palestinians. Something that was extremely under-reported, naturally, was an attempted attack to blow up the Karni Crossing a few weeks ago. Backspin reported that it was discovered that it was Hamas funds and manpower that trained the PRC members in preparation of this attack. It was only after all major Israel newspapers confirmed these facts that any international papers picked up on it. The irony here is priceless and oh so typical. Hamas has been screaming, hewing, and hawing about how Israeli occupation and oppression is causing food supplies for Palestinians to dangerously dwindle, putting thousands of Palestinians in danger of starving. Let's put aside arguments of whether it's the Palestinians' responsibility to provide food for themselves, especially in light of the fact that they destroyed millions of dollars worth of equipment and green houses that could have been used to produce food after this past summer's Disengagement. Let's forget about that. Let's assume, for all intents and purposes, that Hamas has a point. They were really just trying to get international aid to bring food in. They wanted to be the good government, a government for the people without corruption is what they ran on, and they wanted to provide food for their people. So, they cry out to the international community for help. When Israel facilitates that aid by opening the Karni crossing in order to provide food, what does Hamas do? Why, they attempt to blow up that crossing? Why would they do such a stupid thing? Well, easy. When the Karni Crossing is closed again in light of this attack, Hamas can go back to screaming about Israeli oppression to their people. The people buy into this (for a good example of this, see this blog written by a woman who lived in Gaza), and then completely forgot or ignore the fact that it was Hamas that was directly involved for causing the Crossing to be closed.

This way, Hamas is not held responsible for anything. They remain the group that is stands for purity, good, and non-corruption, who only wants to protect and do good for the Palestiniians. Same with yesterday's attacks. Hamas is involved in killing their own children, but it's not their fault. Fatah is trying to regain control and power within the Palestinian communities. Hamas has to protect and defend the people from their corruption. And, if some of their own citizens and children have to get killed in the process... Well, it's for their own good.

Now, I didn't see much of this footage shown yesterday on international news, but I wasn't watching every channel every second of the day, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. However, it's just very interesting and very telling that it seems that a lot of the MSM are going out of their way to not discuss and report the civil war developing in Gaza, and the fact that Fatah and Hamas are engaging in gun fights that are resulting in the deaths of their own people. Again, I feel that it's because the MSM is rooting for Hamas as a legitimate group so much that they're willing to destroy all credibility and journalistic integrity (whatever's left of it, that is) in order to frame the news around their own agenda. There are no problems in Gaza. Hamas is doing marvelously. Give them the West Bank now. Declare independence for them now! If there's any trouble in paradise, it is only due to Israeli occupation, Israeli oppression, and Israeli shellings.


At 10:34 PM, Blogger Irina Tsukerman said...

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like many people WANT to see through propaganda. That's why it persists so successfully, despite its obvious fakeness.

At 1:13 PM, Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

You are absolutely correct in that assessment. Like I said, the media has decided that the Palestinians are the under-dog, and the Israelis are the bad guys. Therefore, they show footage that is staged without verifying it. I mean, it must be real. Those Israeli soldiers are evil. Then, they don't show Gazan in-fighting. The Palestinians are the good guys. They wouldn't be fighting each-other. They just want peace! Absolutely ridiculous.


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