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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Bzzzz.... Damn Mosquitoes!!

Well, I thought that we had those damn mosquitoes beaten. We bought an indoor bug zapper, but last night was an absolute invasion. Before bed, we had killed about 15 mosquitoes with two more popping in with every kill. I'm being discombobulated here, but it makes sense. The bug zapper had been working pretty good, but these blood suckers seem to love me. When they do attack, they always come for me, never the husband. With last night's invasion, I figured that if we closed the bed-room door, turn on the fan, I would be safe. I didn't care about my husband's safety. He had nothing to worry about. Well, even-though I was hot, I pulled the cover up to my neck to reduce the chances of body bites. I felt the wind from the fan on my face and thought I had all my bases covered. Not so as it happened to be.

I woke up suddenly at about 5:30 AM feeling very weird and throbbing sensations on my face. I started feeling around and one by one, I started feeling the bites all over my face: 10 in all. The worst one came right below my bottom lip. My lip is now completely swollen as if I'd been punched in the face. I can't move it. It hurts to talk, and I've been spilling drinks out of my lip. Let's just say it hasn't been pleasant.

Speaking of blood suckers, it seems we have experienced the latest Jenin "massacre". Americans seeking truth in media would call this the next Haditha "massacre". Without seeking facts and waiting for an investigation to even begin, the MSM, including Israel's, condemned Israel for the guilt of the death of a Gazan family picnicking on the beach. First, it was Israeli Navy fire and then it was Artillery fire. As the facts have come to light, and it appears that Israel was not responsible for their deaths, and that they most likely perished at the hands of HAMAS mines and bombs placed on the beach designed to "prevent" Israeli Naval Commandos from breaching the shore, the noise from the news has been "surprisingly" mute.

This is just another example of the media manipulating the news in order to fit it to their agenda. The MSM is against the war in Iraq, so when an alleged massacre has been committed, they report it as fact before any investigation has even been started. When it turns out that the "source" Time magazine touted in order to confirm the legitimacy of the massacre claims is a fraud, it ends up in the middle of the newspaper instead of front page headlines. The MSM believes the Palestinians are an aggrieved and horrifically oppressed people at the hands of the barbaric Israeli Army, so when a supposed atrocity is committed, it must be at the hands of the even Israeli Army. It doesn't matter that they reported this before any investigation had started, or that suspicions surrounding the event surfaced almost immediately after its occurrance. The MSM has its truth, and they don't care how many lies and subterfuges they have to report to fit that truth.


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