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Sunday, June 25, 2006

The only Answer - WAR

Up to now we were able to scream Kassam Shmassam over the acts that took place in the last months. Today we saw the answer to the Shmassam. 2 soldiers killed, and one kidnapped, and other injured, after a group of Palestinians entered Israel in a tunnel and Attacked a tank and an Army position.

This is not terrorism. The people who did this are the same ones who are in control of the PA - It's an act of War. The answer to it should be nothing short of it. WE should not be looking in to what the correct response to this act is. That would be the biggest mistake we can make. This attack, does not a response, all that will do is show them what the cost of attacking Israel is. We have to plan and execute a full attack on the PA until it surrenders, and force it into a cease Fire under OUR terms.

This is not someting that will be done in a Day or two. This is something that should be a long term Answer. Failure to do that will lead to many more mornings of Attacks. And if anyone thinks that they are not planning the next attack already (or the next 60) they are kidding themselves!

The only Language Hamas Speaks in the Military one - they have proven this time and time again. It is time we started speaking their language.
My biggest fear today comes from those who are "running" this country - "I'm Tired of Winning" Olmert, - "Peace and Love" Peretz, and "shmassam" Peres - This Trio, has to WAKE UP and smell what the rest of us have known for a long time - They don't like us, and they will not stop until we are all dead!

Just to be clear - I don't think the answer is to take over Gaza again - it is in an ongoing Attack on Gaza, that does not stop - keeping the pressure on them like we know how to do well.
At this point I would like to wish a רפואה שלמה to those who are in the hospital, and I hope and pray that the Kidnapped Soldier Returns home Safely.

Oh Ya... Just in case anyone dares to Say those Stupid words "cycle of Violance" and "this is a response to..." (as Hamas Already said this morning) - An operation like this is something that takes months to plan and execute the way they did it - Including Digging a tunnel under the Fence and working on 3 different Attacks at the same time.


At 11:10 PM, Blogger Greg said...

Oleh: what the response should be and what we all know it will really be are two completely different things. Olmert will not order a full scale attack on Gaza or the P.A.--occupied West Bank. He will sit in his multi-million dollar house and moan and groan about how bad things are. This person is boneless. As much as I hated Sharon, I now see Sharon was by far better than Olmert is.

At 12:34 AM, Blogger Oleh Yahshan said...

Yes well,
If olmert doesn't wake up soon and relize the state his country is in he is not going to be PM for much longer.

There is no way even he can sit back and not respond to this. My issue is not with that but with the face that we are calling it a response. A response by definition has to have certian laws, and is always dependant on the other Side. That has got to stop or we will find our selves listening to reports like the ones we saw today over and over... The answer has to be a long and fierce attack on the source - Be it Hamas, Fatah, El Aksa and the 1000 Other "groups" that are trying to kill us.. it will also in the long run stop these stupid (and useless) attacks on open spaces that end up killing innocent people on the Palestinian Side (see again the Example of the Yehuda and Shomron)

At 9:08 AM, Blogger westbankmama said...

It will be war now, or war later. The only question is how long it takes for the people in power to wake up and realize it.

At 2:49 PM, Blogger Oleh Yahshan said...

I fear for the Later... If I thought for one second that this was the worst the Pals. Can do, But I am sure they are planing the next attack(s), and it's only a matter of time. If we don't Start fighting this (as aposed to what we have been doing so far) it will just get worse...

At 8:50 PM, Blogger Greg said...

wbm: we've disagreed in the past, but I must say, I agree completely with your last comment.

יהי ארץ ישראל השלמה

At 8:30 PM, Blogger Osaid Rasheed said...

" The only Language Hamas Speaks in the Military one - they have proven this time and time again. It is time we started speaking their language."
Unfortunately, long before Hamas was elected, or even before it exixted, Israel has been using this language with the palestinian civilians for long.
see for example :
1. land confiscations for building settlements ( military evacuation orders and confiscations)
2. using military power to shut down and close wells and cisterns in the west bank and gaza, since they are 'illegal' !
and so many other things ! Not to forget the separation wall, which is FORCED through military power.

Hamas has just learned from you. Both your government policy and hamas's are SHAME on humanity.
good day

At 4:09 PM, Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

osaid, you really have been reading the HAMAS training manual on what to propaganda to use to make moral relative comparisons and legitimize their actions. How can I get myself one of those? Do they have website?

Anyways, enough sarcasm, to answer your rediculous and completely untruthful claims... All settelements that have been built in the West Bank or Gaza have been constructed on vacant land. Have you ever actually been to any of the settlements? I have. Many of them are in the middle of no-where with not a Palestinian or Palestinian town in site for many many miles in any direction. Unless, of course, you're referring to the "fact" that all of the West Bank and Gaza is Palestinian land. Therefore, even if a settlement is built where no Palestinian is or ever has lived, it's still considered confiscation. The settlers built their town on their own, with no help from the military, except for protection against Palestinian terrorists. The settlements are built on land owned by the government. Being that there wasn't and still isn't an internationally recognized sovereign nation residing in either of those territories, Israel is the temporary government until otherwise noted. None of them are or have ever been built of land EVER OWNED by Palestinians at any point in time. During the rare times that settlers tried to build on privately owned land, the Israeli Supreme Court quickly put a stop to it, and no settlements exist on privately owned land. The only land that has been confiscated for settlements are small narrow patches needed to build roads to get to these towns. But, again, the law of emminent domain applies, and these tiny bits of land are legally able to be used.

Any military evacuation orders that have been given has mostly been against JEWS! Otherwise, they were done because of Palestinian squatters living in homes that they neither own or belong to them, or building houses or agricultural fields without the proper permits or in contradiction of zoning laws. Yes, Palestinians are supposed to obey the law also. You know, like grown ups and civil human beings do. If you're referring to land taken in order for fence building, then you would do well do read International Law, which states that a country can build a Fence or wall and confiscate property as a means of self-defense. Especially, when that land is on disputed territory, as applies to the West Bank and Gaza. It's an international variation of the US' law of emminent domain, which states that the government has the right to seize and/or buy property for the purposes of civic projects, etc. But, then again, you would say the Fence is not for self-defense, so the law wouldn't apply. Well, then, I can't argue with irrationality.

The wells and cisterns that you mentioned actually SAVED the Palestinian water supply from drying up. Palestinian farmers and war lords were ILLEGALLY ciphening off water from the rest of their brethren by diverting the general water supplies to their private wells and cisterns. Israel actually SAVED those Palestinians communities from running out of water because of the greed of members from their own community. Yes, you're right. The Israeli government and military should not have intervened. Instead, they should just have let thousands of Palestinians die from dehydration. Maybe, that was the plan. What a human rights fiasco that would have been. I can see the head-lines now: "Thousands of Palestinians hospitilized for dehydration because Israel would not intervene after Palestinian farmers and land owners ciphen water from general supply." OK, that's a pretty long headline, but you get the gist.

If you want to then start talking about how Israel has forced HAMAS to start using their heinous tactics, that's fine. You will just be showing the world your true colors. So, please, keep telling us how you really feel. It's educational to see how much some-one actually reads from the HAMAS Protocols of Zion Anti-Israel hand-book. It's absolutely fascinating.


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