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Sunday, July 23, 2006

New Updates: 7/23/06, Day 12

5:33 PM: Channel 10 is reporting that there is a fear that there are people trapped in a building hit by a Katyusha rocket. We'll keep you updated as news comes in.

6 people have been lightly injured after a rocket hit another building in Haifa.

More rockets fell in the Tiberias area. No reported injuries.

The IDF called up special units that specialize in setting up military governments in the areas that the IDF has taken over in southern Lebanon.

More kassams were launched into the Western Negev. No reported injuries.

There were dozens wounded in the attack on Acco, one person is still in critical condition.

The name of the 5th soldier killed in Thursday's fighting has been released: Yehonatan Welsiok, 21, was from kibbutz Lahav

As of now, at least 63 people have been wounded since this morning's attacks began. Amongst them, at least 2 people are in critical condition in addition to the 2 people that died.

4:03 PM: 3 people were injured when a Katyusha hit Kiryat Shmona a short time ago.

In Haifa, the sirens are going off for the 3rd time in the past hour. More reports to come as they happen.

3:45 PM: At least one person was seriously injured when a Katyusha hit Aco just minutes ago.

A UN official is stated that a UN observer was shot by Hezbollah terrorists during the fight between Hezbollah and IDF forces.

3:29 PM: *What many people don't understand is because Hezbollah, like Al-Queda, is not an Army with marked uniforms, in the war against the terrorist organization, it's a matter of combatants and non-combatants, not soldiers and civilians. As the international media has reported the casualty numbers of the Lebanese, there has been no attempt to distinguish between Hezbollah casualities and Lebanese non-combatants. The death toll has simply stated, "Lebanses citizens". Therefore, it gives the world the inference that all the dead are simply innocent Lebanese civilians bombed and killed by Israel. This has also been the case in Gaza and the territories also, where there is no difference made, in reports, between terrorists killed and non-combatants accidently killed in the cross-fire. But, there seems to be some light at the end of this biased tunnel, and it's coming from BBC of all places. Hopefully, in light of this report, more of the international press will issue a disclaimer when quoting the number of Lebanese casualties, especially when it comes to the casualties in the south. Any-one who knows about Hezbollah knows that southern Lebanon is their state within a state. It is populated by, either, Hezbollah members or their supporters and sympathizers. One does NOT live long in the south if you are not committed to Hezbollah and its cause. As Jennifer Griffin FINALLY mentioned on Fox News, Hezbollah IS the population of southern Lebanon. Despite this fact, the IDF has dropped hundreds of thousands of fliers and called up house by house to tell all citizens of southern Beirut to flee to the north. Therefore, it can be completely assumed that the majority of all citizens who decide to remain in the south are, either, members of Hezbollah, supports of them, or actively helping the cause. Therefore, they are NOT classified as non-combatants.*
As Arutz 7 is reporting, the BBC has admitted that the majority of the victims killed by the IDF are Hezbollah terrorists, and not mere Lebanese civilians. "A BBC reporter said he saw Hizbullah terrorists using a private home and added, 'It is difficult to quantify who is a terrorist and who is a civilian.'

Media reports have emphasized that Israeli air strikes have killed more than 350 Lebanese civilians, prompting accusations that the IDF is carrying out "collective punishment" on the country."

3:11 PM: IDF intelligence has uncovered that HAMAS has developed Katyusha rockets that can fly over 13 miles. This comes after HAMAS launched a Katyusha rocket last week that landed in the Lachish region, north-east of Sderot. In light of false reports that HAMAS was trying to broker a cease-fire, the IDF is afraid that HAMAS will attempt to start launching these long-range rockets.

Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Peres met with German representatives today and voiced his doubts about the effectiveness of another international peace-keeping patrolling the Lebanese southern border.

As fighting intensifies in the north between the IDF and Hezbollah, the IAF took out radio and TV antennas.

2:02 PM: Despite statements made by Syria and Iran that they have no intention of getting involved in the war between Hezbollah and Israel, the IDF has found substantial evidence that Iran and Syria are attempting to smuggle weapons and munitions to Hezbollah. Regardless of this evidence, Israel is doing everything in its power to stave off a simultaneous conflict with Syria and Hezbollah, and by proxy Iran.

So far, at least 2,200 Katyusha rockets have been fired into northern Israel. Israeli Defense Minister Peretz has stated that along with the IDF's destruction of weapons stock-piles, this counts for about 20% of Hezbollah's aresenal. Peretz has also stated that Hezbollah is the only terrorist organization in the world with ground to ground missiles, and they have not yet fired the longer range rockets.

An Arab Knesset interviewed on the Voice of Israel government's radio station stated that Hezbollah is nothing more than one of many political organizations in Lebanon, and Israel is guilty of not agreeing to a cease-fire and negotiations. He would not denounce Hezbollah or its actions against Israel. This interview came after Aryeh Eldad (National Union) stated that some of the country's Arab Knesset members are enemies of the country.

12:44 PM: Channel 2: The IDF has hit at least one weapons depot, several Hizbollah targets, and trucks carrying Hezbollah terrorists.

Despite the ongoing attacks, train service has restarted in the Carmel region. North of there is still closed, and intra-city bus service to the north is still closed until further notice.

One of the people killed today in a rocket attack was killed when a rocket struck his car while driving in Kiryat Atta. The rocket threw his car to the side of the road, and he died from shrapnel to his upper body.

Over 13 Katyusha rockets have hit Haifa and the immediate area in the past few hours.

Kassam attacks continue in the Western Negev today, as at least 7 rockets were launched from Gaza. No reported injuries.

The sirens that went off in Zichron Yaakov and Binyamina were false alarms. Katyusha ended up falling farther away.

At least 3 rockets landed in Carmiel a couple of hours ago, injuring one child.

More rockets landed in Haifa immediately following the departure of the French Foreign Minister from the area. The FM is demanding an immdiate cease-fire, an exchange of Arab prisoners for the soldiers, and the deployment of Lebanese forces along southern Lebanon. At the same time that he condemned the kidnapping of Israeli soldiers, he also condemned Israel's retaliation, calling it "disproportional" and "indiscriminate". (*Those French...*)

Israeli Defense Minister Peretz has stated that he is open to the possibility of NATO forces patrolling southern Lebanon. Israel does not another UN peace-keeping force to patrol the border area as they see the force has having been completely useless the past 6 years. Israel also became disenchanted with the force when it was discovered that the UN force taped and stood by and watched as Hezbollah forces kidnapped 3 Israeli soldiers. Israeli soldiers have also reported seeing Hezbollah terrorists drinking tea and socializing with UN forces. Peretz says that having Lebanese troops patrolling the border, at this time, would be pointless because they are not strong enough to hold off Hezbollah forces.

11:49 AM: More than 10 people have been wounded, one is in critical condition, as a result of Katyusha attacks this morning.

11:17 AM: Channel 2 is reporting that 2 people were killed, just now, from a Katyusha that hit Haifa.

Katyusha have also hit amongst others, Carmiel, Tzfat, and sirens went off in Zichron Yaakov. No reports of injuries as of now.

The Foreign Ministers of France, Germany, and Britain are either here or on their way to Israel.

US Secretary of State Rice will be here tomorrow.

More reservists are being called up.

The IDF is taking over Hezbollah outposts parallel to Bayit Chanita, which is by Shlomi, a settlement on the western side of the border.


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