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Monday, July 31, 2006

New Updates: Day 20

6:57 PM: More Kassams have falled in the western Negev. No reports of injuries.

The IDF has decided to close down the Palestinian areas in Judea and Samaria due to all the security and terrorists threats that have come out of the area in the past 2 weeks. Residents and transports will be allowed in and out for humanitarian purposes. This closure has not, as of yet, been given a time-line.

Israeli Prime Minister Olmert will be giving a speech to the Knesset at 7:30. We will do a highlight of his speech.

The IAF just hit a car crossing the Syrian-Lebanese border. 4 people were injured in the attack.

The IDF is continued its operations in southern Lebanon in an attempt to create a new buffer zone between Israel and Hezbollah rockets.

Though Katyushas fell this afternoon, it is has been a relatively quite day up north. There were no reports of injuries from the rocket attacks today.

In an internview with a senior head of Hezbollah, he said that Hezbollah can honestly say that they've won, and all they have to do now is complete the victory, and use this victory to achieve political ends.

4:59 PM: 2 Palestinians were caught and arrested after trying to infiltrate the Israeli border near the Kissufim area in Gaza.

A container at the port of Ashdod apparently began leaking toxic material. Hazmat personnel were called to the scene to handle the situation.

The International Red Cross is reporting that they've found 25 bodies buried under rubble of destroyed buildings throughout 3 villages in southern Lebanon since the start of fighting. There has been no identification of these bodies, and it is currently unknown whether they are Hezbollah terrorists or non-combatants.

3:45 PM: Released for publication: Likud member Yitzhaki is being investigated for tax fraud.

As part of the conditions of the halt of aerial activity, the IAF is allowed to engage in air strikes if they see the Hezbollah is about to carry out an impending strike against Israel or IDF forces. The IAF struck a car that was suspected to be carrying a senior member of Hezbollah, who has been responsible for numerous terrorist attacks. However, he was not in the car, and they accidentally injured members of the Lebanese Army.

The Lebanese President has come out and officially rejected the proposal of a multi-national force taking over UNIFIL's position in southern Lebanon. He said that Lebanon wants UNIFIL forces to be increased and not replaced. This come several days after the President pledged his support to Hezbollah.

Belgian police are investigating a letter that was found at the Belgian International Airport, which threatens attacks against El-Al Airlines.

A 17 year-old Palestinian was killed in northern Gaza. He died from wounds suffered from mortar shells from IDF artillery. The IDF was firing at terrorists that were firing Kassam rockets into Israel.

The relative quiet of the morning has ended as new Katyusha rocket barrages have been fired into northern Israel throughout the after-noon. So far, no injuries above shock and hysteria have been reported.

The IAF fighter jets are also providing cover for ground troops operating in southern Lebanon.

1:35 PM: 2 people have been arrested in Haifa on suspicion that they were planning on carrying out a terrorist attack in the city.

Maariv On-line is reporting that the Lebanese media is reporting that 2 IDF tanks have been destroyed. This is an unconfirmed report, and we will get you more information when we have it.

12:22 PM: What has happened so far today:
US Secretary of Rice has stated that she will be putting together a cease-fire package and plan for an international peace-keeping force this week. This comes after Israel agreed to temporarily suspend its air attacks for 48 hours in order for an investigation into Kfar Qana to take place. This also takes place after military officials said that they needed at least 2 more weeks to achieve their military goals. Secretary Rice's speech also made no mention of the 2 kidnapped soldiers being a condition for cease-fire, which has always been the case.

In response to her statement, several Knesset members went on Israeli Public Radio and stated that the possibility of a secure cease-fire being reached by the planned Friday dead-line is more academic than practical. They say if one is put into place now, it will not last, and Rice and the United States has repeatedly stated that they want a cease-fire that will last and be secure.

During this morning's full meeting of the Knesset, leader of the Opposition Benajamin Netanyahu responded to Rice's statements and to the 48 halt of aerial attacks by looking right at the Defense Minister Peretz, reiterating the conditions and goald set by him and the Prime Minister for the fight with Hezbollah, and said that they "cannot quit the mission. We have to finish the job." (*He basically said "Don't you dare stop this war until you do everything you promised to do.*).

Hezbollah and other members of the Lebanese parliament, including the Foreign Minister, also denounced Secretary Rice's statements.

More Kassam rockets have been fired into Western Negev this morning. No injuries were reported though the rockets fell close to homes, but they did cause some property damage.

Severl Knesset members have come out against Israel's decision to halt aerial attacks. One, Likud member Yuval Shteinitz said that agreeing to this shows that Israel is guilty of killing civilians [when initial investigation reports are showing that that may very well may not be true], "citing American attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq and Russian strikes in Chechnya, the Knesset Member said, "Israel should not accept general principles different from" others and restrict the IDF's action against terrorists."

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At 3:21 PM, Blogger Shirley said...

Found this response on a site my friend frequents:


The administrator of the site is closing it to all Israeli citizens. I find it extremely hypocritical-I don't seem him closing his site to British and American citizens too for Iraq.

At 5:12 PM, Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

Doesn't sound too surprising. Liberals are only open-minded to people who think the same way they do. Any-one with opposing views are not welcome. Good, right?

At 3:00 AM, Blogger Osaid Rasheed said...

Oleh :
/The International Red Cross is reporting that they've found 25 bodies buried under rubble of destroyed buildings throughout 3 villages in southern Lebanon since the start of fighting. There has been no identification of these bodies, and it is currently unknown whether they are Hezbollah terrorists or non-combatants.../

I guess the IAF stories will follwo soon after identification of the bodies !! If the bodies were for Hizbollah resistants this would be an achievement for IAF, if they were for civilians ( which I believe this is the case here , but we will see soon )- then we are infront of 2 possibilities :
Thes civilians were killed by Hizb explosions hidden in a house being used by Hizb fighters
The hizb was firing rockets from a place near this house. After all all civilians there were warned, by leaflets , to leave, and its no longer the responsibility of the super morality army ! It is their fault. And surely some other liars would say that 'some reports were saying that Hizb stopped these civilians from leaving their villages ' so as to 'use them' in his propaganda...

I will follow on with this part of your post to see wt develops.

BUT dont worry... its not a problem at all.. These poor people do not have anyone to defend their rights ... They surely died in peace...

At 12:23 PM, Blogger Oleh Yahshan said...

Maybe you didn't relize - but there is a war going on. And in war Terrible things happen - such as inocent people getting hurt.

The only thing that I don't get is why there are so many people on your side happy about people dying - you party in the streets when Isralis die - but you are also quite happy when Labonies die... I don't get it - Why do you like seeing people die so much???

At 1:13 PM, Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

Osaid, you have your words mixed. Do you know how to speak English?


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