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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

News Updates: 7/19/06- Nightly Edition

11:55 PM: Arutz 7 has reported that at least 76 were injured in a katyusha rocket that landed in Emakim. 26 of those wounded were treated for shock.

10:24 PM: Arutz 7 is reporting that 8 armed terrorists were killed by IDF forces in Gaza earlier tonight.

The soldier who was allegedly kidnapped this morning was arrested for fabricating the story. This morning, he put out the rumor that he was kidnapped by armed terrorists in Hertylia.

Again, on a some-what lighter note, Bank Hapoalim is distributing at least 1,000 emergency packs to residents in the north and the south, stuck in safe rooms and shelters as Katyushas and Kassams fall in the areas. The kits includes DVD players, writing materials, a fan, and other items meant to reduce stress for the residents suffering through the attacks.

9:29 PM: Arutz 7 is reporting that the Hezbollah terrorists that had attempted to infilitrate the northern border have been shot and killed by IDF forces.

Israeli Prime Minister Olmert met with former Foreign Minister Shalom to discuss ways to pressure Lebanon to enforce UN Security Resolution 1559. They also discussed ways to force Lebanon to disarm Hezbollah.

Galei Tzahal Radio (Israel Army Radio) just released the name of the other soldier killed in clashes between IDF and Hezbollah forces. His name is Yotam Gilboah.

Another Katyusha was launched from Gaza earlier today. It fell in Ashkelon. There were no reported injuries.

Israeli Defense Minister Peretz has issued a general closure on the West Bank and Gaza in light of intelligence that several suicide and terrorist attacks were being planned for execution this week. This also comes in light of the violence that has erupted in the West Bank over the course of the past week. The closure is in effect until Saturday night.

8:58 PM: Channel 2 is reporting that the IDF is preparing to call up 2 more reserve battalions.

More violence in the West Bank as Arabs throw at least 6 fire-bombs at IDF troops, just east of Tulkerem (Arutz 7)

More katyushas fell in Haifa this evening. No reported injuries.

Lebanese residents south of the Litani River have been asked to evacuate to, at least, the north side of the river. Analysts have said that this could be a signal that the IDF is preparing to escalate its offensive in the south, whether by ground troops or bomb raids, it's unknown at this time.

8:12 PM: Jpost is reporting that more Kassams fell in the Western Negev. No reported injuries.

More Katyushas fell in Haifa. No reported injuries.

The IAF killed two gun-men in Gaza late this after-noon.

Arutz 7 is reporting sources that say that there might have been a possible terrorist infiltration at the northern border, in the Metulla area. No more information has been given at this time.

The Prime Minister of Lebanon is once again petitioning the international community to intervene to stop in and force an end to the violence that has over-taken his country.

Just a short while ago, Gaza terrorists fired an RPG at at IDF forces. There are no reported injuries.


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