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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

News Updates and More: Day 15

6:55 PM: Of the 22 soldiers who were evacuated to hospital today, 3 of them are in critical condition, and 2 are in moderate condition.

6:14 PM: MDA is reporting that a total of 55 people have been wounded in more than 35 locations throughout the north that have been hit by rockets today.

Amnesty International is calling on the UN to initiate an immediate Arms emargo on Israel and Hezbollah. They said, "intentionally directing attacks against civilians and civilian objects and launching indiscriminate and disproportionate attacks are war crimes". (*Of course, there's 2 main things wrong with this. One, Hezbollah gets their weapons from Iran and Syria; 2 nations that don't give a damn about any Security Council Resolution. Two, they make a moral equivilance between Hezbollah's attacks and Israel's self-defense. I guess they couldn't stay away from going after Israel for very long. So sayith George Soros.*)

5:18 PM: The heightened security that was activated for the central region has been concentrated to the Samaria and Sharon regions. There are fears of a terrorist in the area. Traffic has been slowed down as roadblocks are set up in the area in search of the suspect.

A report has come out that Lebanese security forces have arrested 36 people on the suspicion that they are Israeli operatives. The security forces are formed south Lebanese Army soldiers (*This most likely means that they are connected to Hezbollah in some way.*)

The IAF hit 3 structures that Hezbollah uses to launch rockets. So far, the IAF has hit 20 launching sites today.

Today, in operations in northern Gaza, the IAF and IDF have killed 60 armed terrorists.

4:36 PM: Since the start of the conflict, Maariv On-line is reporting that 19 civilians have been killed and 1,262 people have been wounded.

The UN's initial report in regards to the deaths of 4 UN oberservers last night at the hands of the IAF says that UNIFIL asked the IDF 10 times, in about 6 hours, to stop shooting in their immediate area and that each time, the IDF promised that the shooting would eventually stopped, but it never did. One of the diplomats who read the report said, "If the Israelis would have just responded to the repeated calls and didn't ignore them in a deliberate way, the observers would still be alive now." (*Of course, this report completely ignores the fact that Hezbollah was firing at the IDF and at Israel in the UNIFIL's immediate area. There is no mention of Hezbollah's positions, relative to the outpost, in the report.*)

There is a high security alert going out out of fear that there has been terrorist penetration into the center of the country.

The IDF has finally been able to evacuate all wounded soldiers from the battle-field.

The Defense Minister from the Iranian government said that Iran will make Israel sorry for even thinking about attacking them.

The IAF targeted Hezbollah launching sites in southern Lebanon. The terrorists attempted to run away and hide from the site, but the IAF spotted them and opened fire on them.

MK Eldad stated that if Nasrallah is hiding in the Iranian Embassy in Lebanon, where it has been reported that the 2 kidnapped soldiers are being held, then Israel should attack it. Reports and intelligence have come out that he is hiding in the Embassy. He also stated that since Nasrallah is controlled by Iran, as well as Syria, the war is also between Israel and Iran.

MK Livnat (likud) has called on PM Olmert to appear before the public and explain to them the situation. He said that it was all well and good that senior military advisors and officials are speaking, but it's most important for the Prime Minister to make his stand before the public.

4:00 PM: There is a live conference going on in Rome right now, where UN Secretary General Anan is meeting with US Secretary of State Rice and several other countries. Kofi Anan has stated that he accepts Olmert's apology (for the death of 4 UN observers late last night). He has also stated that the UN needs to decide on immediate actions in order to solve the current crisis.
In response to this, Secretary Rice said that a long term sollution has to be made, not a short-term one. She said that there's no logical reason to think that returning to the status quo that existed 2 weeks ago ago will work. "The time has come that every-one involved made their choice. The world requires a free and democratic Lebanon that lives in peace..."

Hezbollah has announced that their new main target is Netanya.

Over 70 Katyusha rockets have been fired into northern Israeli today.

Over a dozen have been fired into the Kiryat Shmona area.

3:49 PM: In an interview released just now, the President of Lebanon said, "I support Hezbollah becasue they freed our land".

A Katyusha just landed near a bomb shelter in Kiryat Shmona. There is a fear that there might be trapped and injured people.

A Canadian-Arab Israeli Professor was arrested earlier today on suspicion of collaborating with Hezbollah. He was caught taking pictures of IDF positions and troops movements along the northern border. In his arraignment, the court decided that he will be held for 4 days without bail, so that the Sin-Bet and Galilee police can investigate the matter further.

3:01 PM: Speaking to reporters in Haifa, Israeli FM Tzippy Livni said that UN Secretary General Kofi Anan were "more than dissapointing". She said, "The very thought that Israel would deliberately harm the United Nations is mistaken... The UN Secretary General knows better than this, and his accusation of guilt is unfounded and baseless."

2:11 PM: At least 7 IDF soldiers have been injured and were immediately air-lifted to the hospital in Haifa. In total, so far, today's heavy fighting between the IDF and Hezbollah in Bint Jbeil have resulted in at least 20 soldiers wounded and 13 dead.

Currently, the IDF has stated that they are fighting at least 200 Hezbollah terrorists that are hiding and fighting from within a mosque in the town of Bint Jbeil.

Doctors are reporting that former PM Ariel Sharon's condition has stabalized some-what. Doctors will attempt to drain excess fluid that has built up in his body over the course of the next few days.

Police in Hadera and Zichron Yaakov have begun to prepare the area for the possibility of incoming Katyushas and missiles after Nasrallah threatened Israel last night that Hezbollah will begin launching rockets at cities south of Haifa.

At least 2 Katyushas have landed in Tiberias. No reported injuries.

French President Chirac has stated that it is France's position that no NATO forces are necessary to patrol southern Lebanon. France joins Germany and the US in stating that they, either, will not support or actively participate in a NATO force if placed in southern Lebanon.

In the souther front, at least 15 terrorists were killed and 40 wounded in Gaza by IDF forces as the fighting intensifies in the Strip.

Israeli PM Olmert has stated that, despite claims by Nasrallah of Hezbollah "surprises", Israel and the IDF are not at all surprised by what Hezbollah has done and is further capable of doing. He also said that Israel will not stop until Hezbollah is not longer a threat to Israel. “The Israeli people have faced very difficult days up to now,” he said. “We must prepare them for the even more difficult days ahead.”

1:54 PM: The IDF is confirming that all 13 soldiers that were injured this morning in fighting with Hezbollah have been killed.

*No Bias at the UN? Around midnight, the IAF accidentally struck a UN oberserver post in southern Lebanon. 4 UN "peace-keepers" were killed. Were these UNIFIL employees? Nope. They were stationed in southern Lebanon to observe that the 1948 border was intact. Very useful, I'm sure. It very much reminds me of my neighborhood. Israel and Jordan made peace in 1993. However, I constantly see UN cars driving the same route several times a day, every day. What are they doing? Oh, they have a very important job. They make sure that the 1949 Armistice line is not breached. Need I say more?

Any-way, UN Secretary General Kofi Anan is calling for a full investigation of the incident. He's calling for a full investigation AFTER HE ALREADY SAID HE BELIEVES THAT ISRAEL DELIBERATELY TARGETED THE UN POST. So, basically Israel is guilty until proven well.... more guilty. When the Secretary General has already convicted the accused, what's the point of an investigation? I'm sure it will be objective and fair...*

The fighting heated up this morning in Bint Jbeil between IDF and Hezbollah. 10 soldiers have been injured. Over 40 Hezbollah terrorists have also been killed.

Over 20 rockets have been fired into northern Israel since the renewal of attacks a couple of hours ago. So far, 15 people have been injured. At least one person has been critically wounded when a rocket hit right next to his car. At least 2 others were moderately injured.

Those that have been hit include, Haifa, the Krayot, Kiryat Shmona, Carmiel, and Tzfat.

A rocket barrage just hit Carmiel. No injuries reported.

Nasrallah announced late last night, "We have reached a new stage in fighting. We will hit what is south of Haifa and what is beyond what is south of Haifa".

10 Palestinians were killed during IDF operations in Gaza.

In a report that is gaining more and more attention around the world, Nasrallah continues to claim that the Lebanese government was informed that Hezbollah planned to kidnapp Israeli soldiers. In the translated interview, Nasrallah said, "I told them on more than one occasion that we are taking the issue of the prisoners seriously, and that abducting Israeli soldiers is the only way to resolve it."

He added, "Nobody said to me: 'No, you are not allowed to abduct Israeli soldiers.' I said that we would abduct Israeli soldiers, in meetings with some of the main political leaders in the country. I don't want to mention names now, but when the time comes to settle accounts, I will."

(*As of yet, no statements have come out from the Lebanese government in response to this. This has stayed under the radar for several days, and this is the second time Nasrallah has made this statement. We wants the world to hear about this, that is obvious. The question now is whether the international MSM will choose to run this story. They have already potrayed the Lebanese government as being a weak victim in all of this; a government hijacked along by Hezbollah. They may think this accusation will taint that image. However, even IF this accusation is true, that image won't necessarily be harmed. The government would not have been in a position to tell Nasrallah not to do what he planned. It's not like the Lebanese Army could have stopped Hezbollah had Seniora wanted to. Hezbollah is/was too strong to care even if the Lebanese government said no. However, this needs to be reported.*)

The IAF just killed a terrorist in Gaza that was identified by ground forces.

On a lighter news, despite the renewed fighting, HP - Hewlett Packard - has agreed to buy the Israeli company, Mercury Interactive Corporation for a reported $4.5 billion. This is a new record for the amount of money spent to purchase an Israeli company.

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