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Friday, July 21, 2006

News Updates: Day 10

7:02 PM: We're going off the air for Shabbat. We'll be back to report to you tomorrow night, after Shabbat is over. May you all have a peaceful and restful Shabbat. Please keep Israel and her brave soldiers and citizens in your thoughts and prayers this Shabbat.

6:44 PM: As the riots and arrests intensify in Nablus, one armed terrorist was shot dead. No reports of IDF injuries.

Also in the Shomron, a woman was lightly injured when she was hit with a rock while driving near the Arab town of Azzoun.

3 Katyushas hit homes in Nahariya. There was no injuries despite this. Police say their lives were saved because, even-though they were in the homes at the time, they were in the safe rooms of their houses.

The injury total from today's attacks has risen to at least 30.

6:33 PM: At least 10 Katyushas have fallen in Kiryat Shmona in the last hour. No reports of injury

At least 10 Katyushas have fallen in the upper Galilee in the past hour. No reports of injury.

Sirens going off in Haifa.

5:33 PM: At least 15 Katyushas have hit Kiryat Shmona in the past hour. Fuzzy news on the injury report. Will get back to that when it's clearer.

More Katyushas fell in Nahariya. No reports of injuries. It's reported that more Katyushas have fallen in Nahariya than any-where else, with Tzfat a close second.

US Secretary of State Rice is currently meeting with members of the UN in New York. After the briefings, she will be flying to the Middle East.

Katyusha rockets also landed near Tzomet Golani. No reported injuries.

Arutz 7 is reporting that at least 2,000 Jordanians gathered in Amman to protest Israel's military actions in Lebanon and Gaza. Among the slogans chanted, "the protestors called on Hizbullah to “burn Israel” while condemning regional leaders for their silence in the face the “crimes of the Zionists”." (*Hmmm... wonder how many of those protesting were also Palestinian?*)

Maariv On-line is reporting that the French FM has told Israel that he will be visiting the country some times next week.

At least 3 Katyusha rockets hit Haifa after the lates sirens sounded. No reports of injuries.

5:10 PM: Warning sirens are going off again in Haifa. At least one Katyusha has hit the city.

More Katyusha rockets hit the Eastern and finger of the Galilee. Cities hit include Tzfat, Tiberias, and Kiryat Shmona.

4:11 PM: At least 30 Katyushas have fallen all over the north this afternoon.

At least 25 Hezbollah terrorists have been killed, so far today, in ongoing fighting with the IDF along the northern border.

At least one Katyusha has fallen in the Golan this afternoon. No reported injuries.

The French FM stated that France will be donating humanitarian aid to Lebanese residents. The French official said, “The situation in Lebanon has deteriorated significantly and the cycle of violence is likely to lead to catastrophe.” (*CYCLE OF VIOLENCE???*)

Maariv On-line is reporting that the rocket attacks in Rosh Pina has caused one injury, and one person was injured in attacks in Yisod-Hamaalah, bringing the day's total injury along with Haifa to 23.

3:00 PM: Channel 2 is reporting that the IAF has taken out 2 Hezbollah units that were about to fire Katyushas.

The injuries in Haifa have increased to 20 as a resulted of the 5-6 rockets that have hit the city in just the past hour.

2:43 PM: More Katyushas have hit Haifa, along with numerous other cities in the Galil. As a result of the hits on Haifa, there are now 19 injured; with at least one still in critical condition. Home-Front Command is asking people in the north to stay in shelters or safe rooms until further notice.

Today's reserve call-up has resulted in at least 5,000 reservists being called up for duty.

In the Shomron area, Arutz 7 has reported that sapper are working to disengage a bomb that was found near Yitzhar.

More and more of the Katyusha rockets that have been hitting Haifa are the Syrian made rockets that were first seen last week. These missiles have far more shrapnel and firing power than Hezbollah's old Katyushas.

5 Katyusha rockets have hit Maalot. As of yet, no reports of injuries.

1:37 PM: A Katyusha hit directly into an apartment building in Haifa. 7 are reported injured, 2 of them in critical condition. At least 4 Katyushas hit Haifa in rapid succession.

On a local note, some-one or some-ones spray painted grafitti in our central shopping area. Some of the slogans were, "The French Hill is occupied Palestine", "Stop the war crimes in Lebanon", and "Rockets don't bring back the kidnapped". (*I will state, personally, that it was probably some teen-age punks that did this. The French Hill is a very nicely mixed Arab-Jewish community. We all get along fine, and there have never really been any problems. This is with the exception of the teen-agers that are out at all hours of the night, make loud noises and play loud music at all hours of the night, but nothing serious. However, this is pretty sickening, and I hope that who-ever did this is caught. I am also hoping that this isn't a precursor of something worse to come.*)

12:54 PM: A recap of the morning's events:
Fox News has said that they heard from sources that the IDF is preparing for a more intensive ground operation in southern Lebanon some time soon.

Yesterday's fighting resulted in 4 soldiers killed; one of them being the pilot from the one of the Apache helicopters that crashed last night. It is now confirmed that the 2 Apache helicopters crashed into each-other. Besides the pilot that was killed, 3 other soldiers were wounded in the crash. 3 of the 4 dead soldiers' names have been released: Maj. Binyamin Hillman, 27, from Maccabim-Reut, Sergeant Muskal Refanael, 21, from Mazkeret Batya, 21-year-old First Sergeant Nadav Baeloha. (Baruch Dayin Ha'Emet)

Also as a result of yesterday's heavy fighting, 30-40 Hezbollah terrorists were killed.

Additional reserve units have been called up today.

A couple of days after the Karni Crossing was reopened for humanitarian goods, Palestinian terrorists have "taken advantage" of the situation by attempting to fire a missile at IDF troops stations at the Crossing this morning. One of the terrorists were wounded when the troops fired back. None of the troops were reported wounded.

Also in the south this morning, several kassams were fired into the Western Negev this morning. No reported injuries.

In his speech yesterday, Nasrallah again referred to "surprises", saying that more "surprises" were in store for Israel. (*Maybe, he's talking about a party? I mean, he's mentioned "surprises" so many times now, I wonder if he's trying to hint something...*)Also, during his speech, Nasrallah called the 2 Arab children that died in the Nezareth Katyusha attack, martyrs. (*Trying not to piss off the Arab brethren he says he's fighting for, right? This is the first time he referred to the Arabs hit by Katyusha rockets in Israel. Besides Nezareth, several other Arab and Druze cities and villages have been hit by Katyusha rockets.)

Continuing their operation in the West Bank, IDF troops continue to arrest terrorists. They arrested 6 wanted terrorists this morning, as well 1 Fatah member and 3 members of Islamic Jihad.

Hezbollah hit a UNIFIL post on the Lebanese border earlier today. They seemed to be aiming for IDF troops. Hezbollah is claiming that the post was fired on by IDF artillery. (*UN must be pissed. Hezbollah and UNIFIL have been pretty chummy the past 6 years.*)

Israeli ecnonomists have estimated that Israel has lost about 2 billion shekels since the war started last week. At least 1/3 of businesses up north have had to be shut down or limited during the crisis.

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