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Friday, July 28, 2006

News Updates: Day 17

6:53 PM: We are going off-line for the Holy Sabbath. We will back after Shabbat is over. Be safe!!!

6:32 PM: Contrary to earlier [unpublished/censored] reports, the Katyushas that hit Afula a couple of hours ago were "regular" Katyusha and not longer range missiles that would be feared to be aimed at cities south of Haifa and Tel-Aviv. The IAF destroyed the launchers from which the rockets were fired.

1 person was seriously injured and 9 others were lightly wounded from Katyushas that landed in Tzfat just a short time ago.

A senior member of Hezbollah was killed by an IAF attack. He and other terrorists were attempting to smuggle weapons from Syria. His car was hit, and he and the other terrorists riding with him were killed also.

The latest Katyusha barrage to hit Maalot resulted in 2 people being lightly injured after rockets hit near and on a safe house. Several other people were treated for shock. The rocket barrage also caused serious damage to one of the school's in the city.

One man has been seriously injured after a Katyusha hit the protected room of his house in Kibbutz Amir.

4:10 PM: Maariv is reporting that the latest barrage of Katyushas to hit Naharyia have resulted in injuries, but there is no further information at this time. Update: One of the Katyushas hit a parked car, and it turns out that no-one was injured.

The Lebanese President is accusing the United Stated of exerting pressures in order to prevent a cease-fire from being reached. This accusation come after the President stated in another interview that he supports Hezbollah. He stated that many European countries have been trying to get a cease-fire together, but the US has been forcing them to renig their support for an immediate cease-fire.

A fire-fighter was lightly injured in Tzfat as he was attempting to put out a fire from a Katyusha that had landed in an open area.

3:09 PM: (*Oh, those echos...*) The echos coming off the valleys made me think that the Katyushas that I heard falling were to the north of my location. In actuality, Maariv On-line is reporting that the latest barrage landed north and south of my location.

A Katyusha barrage landed in the area of Tzomet Meron and Tzomet Chanania. No reported injuries.

Katyushas also landed in the Nazareth area. No reports of injuries.

Fire-fighters continue to work hard to put out fires caused by Katyushas landing in open areas.

2:59 PM: Sirens just went off in Carmiel and surrounding areas. (*From here, you can hear the sirens going on in Haifa, so its very hard to tell from where they're coming from.*) Heard Katyushas landing in Tzfat area. Will check news to see where was hit.

2:36 PM: More Katyushas rain down on the north. At least a couple have hit near the Carmiel area. (*We heard the siren but didn't see or hear any rockets.*) Still no reported injuries other than shock (*Thank G-d*).

IDF troops pulled out of northern Gaza after several days of heavy operations in the area.

Despite reports that US Secretary of State Rice was returning to the Middle East this week-end, she said that she has no set time-table for returning to the region and will not be coming at this time.

French President Chirac is calling on the UN Security Council to come up with an immediate sollution/cease-fire in order to stop the fighting between Lebanon and Israel.

So far today:
In direct contrast to international MSM reports stating that they were considering a "cease-fire", HAMAS has been sending messages to thei counter-parts in the West Bank to start committing terrorist attacks in that area in order to open a third front in the war (*I've been saying this for over a week*). Last night, 2 border guards and a Samarian resident were murdered last night by terrorists. The resident of Yakir's burnt body was discovered in the trunk of his burnt car late last night. Initial investigations have concluded that he was kidnapped and then murdered. His name was Dr. Dani Yaakovi zt"l.

Over 80 Katyushas have already been launched this morning in places, like Carmiel, Tzfat, Haifa, Acco, Nahariya, Maalot, and Rosh Pina. So dar, no major injuries have been reported.

The IDF, IAF, and Israeli Navy have been increasing their offensive in southern Lebanon and Beirut over the course of the night and morning, killing terrorists, destroying launching sites, and destroying Hezbollah buildings. At least 130 terrorist sites were destroyed since last night.

A Kassam launched this morning from Gaza landed near a kindergarten in a Western Negev Kibbutz. 2 children were lightly wounded and 21 others were treated for shock.

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