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Sunday, July 30, 2006

News Updates: Day 19

6:42 PM: The UN Security Council meeting is taking place now. Sorry for the mistake. It started at 6:00 PM, Israeli time, so 11:00 AM, EST. I will be updating on his remarks shortly.

6:10 PM: The Prime Minister of Lebanon came out earlier today and thanked Hezbollah for their "sacrifices" for the sake of Lebanon. (*Is the government of Lebanon as innocent or as powerless as we would like to believe? Or, with this and statements made in support of Hezbollah by Lebanon's President showing us that the government of Lebanon have no problem with what they're doing and are even supporting their cause? If this is true, who is the world going to speak with about a cease-fire???*)

A new "record" has been reached in this day of fighting. Until now, at least 140 Katyusha rockets have been fired into northern Israel. The previous highest amount was 133 on Day 13 of fighting.

5:35 PM: The official statement from the White House in regards to this morning's attack in Kafr Qana expressed sorrow for the "tragedy" and calls for an Israeli committment to show restraint.

At least 4 Kassam rockets have fallen in the Western Negev in the past few hours. No reports of injury, but there were reports of damage to some property.

In a meeting between Israeli FM Livni and the Italian FM, Livni said that Israel regretted what happened in Kafr Qana, but it should deter the world from what's really happening and the goal of the Israeli Army and from the right direction. "It's important to remember that the ultimate goal is to bring about a real and long lasting change in the strategic reality in Lebanon".

The UN Security Council is expected to convene at 6:00 PM (EST) to discuss the events in Kfar Qana. Most countries are expected to condemn and denounce Israel and her actions.

4:53 PM: Upon requests from UN Secretary General Ana, the Security Council will have a session tonight to discuss and perhaps decide on a resolution in response to the incident in Kafr Qana this morning.

IDF troops and members of Shabak arrested two terrorists at a road-block near Nablus. The two terrorists were also caught with explosive belts, normally used for suicide bombings. Sappers exploded the belts, and the two suspects were taken into custody for further interrogations. According to security sources, at least 5 suicide bombing attacks have been prevented in the past 10 days.

The fatality count for this morning's attack on Kafr Qana has risen 56. More than half of the victims are children.

Israeli PM Olmert has informed US Secretary of State Rice that Israel needs at least 10 days to 2 weeks more to operate in Lebanon in order to sufficiently stop Hezbollah from launching attacks on Israel. Olmert said this because he feels that Israel is being pressured to conduct its military operations within a certain time before the international community steps in and stops them.

3:55 PM: The Foreign Minister for the European Union has officially stated that there is no justification for what happened in Kfar Qana this morning. He said he spoke with the PM of Lebanon and expressed his sorrow for the death of the innocent civilians in the village and stated that the EU is working without stop to bring an immediate cease-fire. (*For a great article on why a cease-fire is a victory for the terrorists, read Why Israel's Response Is Right*)

In response to this and the UN's response Israeli Defense Minister Peretz said that what happened in Kfar Qana happened because Hezbollah is fighting against Israel and firing Katyushas into Israel from within the midst of population centers.

President of Syria Assad called this morning's attack in Kafr Qana "state-sponsored terrorism". (*Yeah, he should know, right?*)

2:57 PM: Already beating yesterday's total amount, by 3:24 PM, more than 100 Katyusha rockets have fallen in northern Israel today.

An Israeli Knesset member has filed police charges against the Arab Knesset member who called for a UN investigation into the "massacre" at Kfar Qana. this Knesset member also stated, "Every government has its massacre, and this government decided in its onset to carry out a number of massacres in Gaza and Lebanon, with American approval". The Israeli Knesset member are calling these statements as violating the laws of incitement.

A reporter has been moderately injured from the lates Katyusha attack in Kiryat Shmona.

A Hezbollah representative said that they are calling on their brothers in Gaza and the West Bank to take revenge on Israel for the murders this morning in Kfar Qana. He said, "We have surprises against the occupiers, and they will be seen in the field at the right time and place."

Maariv On-line has been informed that UN Secretary General Kofi Anan will soon be making an official statement in regards to the bombing of a building in Kfar Qana this morning that resulted in the deaths of at least 40 non-combatants, including 20 children. The response will include a severe condemnation of the IAF and Israel's actions. He will also express sorrow that a cease-fire was not honored, and he will again call for an immediate cease-fire.

Israeli Minister of Law Ramon said that while Israel mourns of the loss of the children who were killed this morning, they are not responsible for their deaths. He said the blood belongs to Hezbollah, who shoots into "Israeli kindergartens from within Lebanese kindergartens".

One person was lightly injured in the Katyusha attack in Hatzu Glalit.

An officer from the IDF, who has been fighting in southern Lebanon, said that Hezbollah is shooting rockets and firing at the IDF from within civilian populations, from within houses, and are also wearing civilian clothing; not uniforms designating them as separate from the non-cobatant population.

An Arab member of Knesset has called on the UN to hold an official hearing at the Hague, International Court of Justice, on the "slaughter" Kfar Qana this morning.

Speaking earlier this afternoon, Israeli PM Olmert stated that an international force would have to be more than 10,000 strong in order to effectively protect southern Lebanon from Hezbollah forces.

At least 6 terrorists have been killed by Nahal forces fighting in southern Lebanon.

A Katyusha that landed in Metulla has caused a large fire to break out. Fire-fighters are working to put it out.

1:01 PM: Channel 2 is reporting that it has been confirmed that the building that the IAF bombed this morning, which included 40 non-combatants had Hezbollah terrorists hiding in in, and that is why it was bombed. The Hezbollah terrorists had been firing Katyushas, and as is routine, went to hide after firing them. They chose this building as a hiding place. Therefore, the IAF fired on the building. The IAF said that had it known there were non-combatants in the building, they would never have fired on it, regardless of the fact that Hezbollah terrorists were hiding in there.

We are also seeing a live broadcast of hundreds of Lebanese protesters standing outside the UN building in Beirut. They are planning to break into it and destroy it. They've been trying for the past hour.

One woman was moderately wounded after a Kassam hit a factory in the industrial area of Sha'at Ha'Negev.

The Lebanese Defense Minister is denying the accuracy of the IDF's report on its bombing in Kfar Qana, where 40 non-combatants were killed. Despite the IDF's report that they had warned and urged residents to evacuate the area and that Hezbollah was shooting Katyushas into Israel from the area, the Lebanese Defense Minister is stating the IDF is simply stating lie in order to cover up the fact that they murdered innocent women and children.

At least 7 Katyushas have landed in Kiryat Shmona in the past hour. No injuries reported.

Top story on this Sunday morning is about an Israeli air strike that hit a building in Kfar Kana, killing at least 40 people, 20 of them children. The IAF admits it has been firing there, in response to ongoing Katyusha attacks onto Israel. The IAF has also warned the residents of the town that they have to clear out. The IAF has been firing at this town for at least 3 days now, always in response to Katyusha fire from Hezbollah.

In response Condoleeza Rice, has cancelled her trip to Lebanon this morning, after the President of Lebanon stated that he will not negotiate any more.

40 more Katyushas hit the north as of this morning, this is after another 100 hit yesterday. On the other hand, it seems now that the accuracy of the Katyushas are lessening, and it also now seems that they are being forced to fire from further north in Lebanon.

100s of reservists are being called up today, as Israel continues it’s biggest call up since operation “Defensive Shield” after the Passover Attack in 2002. Over 30,000 Reservists will be called up in this round, although they will need to get permission from the Govt. before they are put into action.

More updates to come.

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