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Thursday, July 20, 2006

News Updates: Day 9, Nightly News

1:35 AM: (Last one for night) Earlier tonight, Lebanese police released the two foreign journalists that had been kidnapped by Hezbollah.

It appears Nasrallah is alive and well. A recorded taping of him speaking was shown on Al-Manar, but his references to the bombing of the bunker in southern Lebanon proved that it was made some-time today. He claims that none of high ranking operatives were in the bunker.

IDF forces discovered that several of the terrorists they arrested in Nablus are actually Hezbollah operatives. These members are Palestinians, who associate themselves with the Hezbollah organizations, and were wanted for the murder of Israeli citizens.

A short time ago, 2 IAF helicopters crashed near the Lebanese border. There has been no information given as to casualities or the cause of crash. When more information is given, we'll let you know.

Maj-General (res.) Gabi Ashkenazi has been appointed the new director-general of the Defense Ministry, by Minister of Defense Peretz.

9:37 PM: UN officials have stated that the UN Commissioner for Humand Rights is considering filing criminal charges against Israel for their attacks in Lebanon. The Commissioner was quoted as stating, "Israeli actions could engage the personal criminal responsibility of those involved, particularly those in a position of command and control."

It appears that the IAF is resuming its attacks on southern Beirut tonight, targeting Hezbollah strong holds.

9:07 PM: It's currently being reported that at least 2 foreign journalists have been kidnapped by Hezbollah terrorists, in Beirut, earlier today. When we get more information, we'll let you know.

Ynet is reporting that fighting in Gaza between terrorists and IDF forces have resulted in at least one PA member dead and 4 wounded. This clash occurred in central Gaza, and according to sources, the IDF is beginning to reduce its troop numbers in the area.

As the battle on the northern border continues to rage between Hezbollah and the IDF, 9 soldiers were rescued after they were injured during the fight. At least one is in critical condition. Hezbollah militants have been engaging the IDF with heavy mortar and artillery fire. IDF helicopters are still assisting by combing the area for hidden terrorist. They also managed to destroy several bunkers used as hiding places by Hezbollah.

Israeli PM Olmert, Foreign Minister Livni, and Defense Minister Peretz have decided to allow a humanitarian "corridor" between Lebanon and Cyprus to allow Lebanese citizens to flee from the fighting.

8:17 PM: In response to Kofi Anan's speech earlier this evening, the US Ambassador and Israeli Ambassador to the UN criticized his words. Israeli Ambassador Dan Gillerman criticized Secretary Anan for not mention the continuous Hezbollat rocket attacks on Israel for which Israel is taking military measures to stop. US Ambassador John Bolton did not understand how Secretary Anan could call for a cease-fire with terrorists. He said that in the known history, a cease-fire between a state and terrorist organization has never succeeded.

As the intense fighting between Hezbollah and IDF troops continue along the northern border, it is being reported that 2 Israeli tanks have been disable by enemy fire. Along with this, Israeli helicopters are combing the area in an attempt to weed out terrorists from their hiding areas.

7:42 PM: Arutz 7 is reporting that just a short while ago, UN Secretary General Kofi Anan condemned Israel's attacks in Lebanon, calling them "collective punishment". He also stated that Israel must immediately stop her retaliation against Hezbollah. He did admit that Hezbollah was to blame for starting the fight with the kidnapping of the 2 Israeli soldiers, but in his speech, he did not mention or condemn the more than 1,400 Katyusha rockets and missiles that have been fired into Israel since Wednesday of last week, by Hezbollah terrorists.

IDF troops have killed at least 3 Hezbollah terrorists in the fire-fight near Avivim. Also injured that fight was a Israeli soldier whose condition is now critical after he was hit by an anti-tank missile.


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