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Saturday, July 15, 2006

News Updates: Shabbat Recap

Watching channel 2 throughout Shabbat:

Friday Night: Right as Shabbat began, a Katyusha rocket hit a house in Meron, killing a grand-mother and her 4 year-old grand-child. The child and his family had come to Meron to their grand-parents' house after fleeing the rockets of Nahariya.

The IAF hit the Hezbollah head-quarters in Southern Beirut. For about a half an hour, it was rumored that Nasrallah was hit as the IAF hit his offices and personal house. However, he and his family had already left to an undisclosed location, and he is still alive.

It is now confirmed that with the help of the Lebanese Army, Hezbollah launched an IRANIAN missile at an Israeli Navy ship, slightly damaging it.

4 soldiers dissapeared after the incident. One of the soldier's body was found early Saturday afternoon.

Hezbollah terrorists attempted to shoot another missile at an Israeli Navy ship and ended up hitting an Egyptian Navy ship, sinking it.

Saturday: The first Kayusha rocket hit Tiberias (T'veria). Throughout the day, several more Katyusha rockets would fall in Tiberias and its surrounding area. There are no severe injuries reported.

Over 100 Katyusha rockets fell today, hitting cities such as Nehariya, Carmiel, Migdal, Peki'in, etc.

In the last 20 minutes, at least two more rockets hit Nahariya, with 2 reported serious injuries.

With rockets landing in Haifa and Tiberias, Home-front Command is officially going to declare a State of Emergency for any-one living north of the Haifa-Tiberias line. This means that Home-front Command will take over command of the entire North.

The Army officially stated the new ranges of the missiles capable of hitting into Israel based on what Hezbollah has already launched. The new ranges go as far south as Afula.

The Arab League met today to attempt to come to a concensus on the Israel-Lebanon crisis. No such concensus was reached. However, Saudi Arabia and Egypt offered a resolution to condemn Hezbollah's actions and help in defeating them. Yemen and Syria vetoed it.

The Lebanese Prime Minister announced that he has the intention of declering a cease-fire with the help of the UN and to move Lebanese Army forces into the Southern border area.

Up to this point, over 700 Katyusha rockets have been fired into Israel.


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