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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Nightly News Updates: Day 19

12:49 AM: (last for the night) In today's new "record", a total of 150 Katyusha rockets were fired into northern Israel.

12:46 AM: Israel is clarifying the State Department's statement by stating that while they will temporarily halt air-strikes, they reserve the right to fire back in the event that Hezbollah shoots at Israel.

12:22 AM: According to Maarive On-line, the US is stating that Israel has agreed to a halt on any and all air strikes for a period of 48 hours in order to allow for an investigation into what happened in Kfar Qana. Israel is claiming that it is only 24 hours.

The IDF is again asking that all residents still remaining in towns and areas south of the Litani River evacuate and head north of the river. They are again informing the residents of this via leaflets and phone calls.

11:59 PM: In contrast to Lebanese claims, the International Red Cross is reporting that only 26 people were killed in the Kfar Qana attack, NOT more than the reported 60 dead.

11:16 PM: Maariv On-line is reporting that the Lebanese Army has fired on IDF helicopters as they were trying to land near the Bekkaa. Because of the fire, they were not able to land there.

10:42 PM: At least 2 people were wounded in terrorists' assualt on the UN offices in Gaza a short while ago. The assault on the building was led by Islamic Jihad members. No UN workers were harmed, but the offices were ransacked. 2 people were wounded as terrorists and those helping them threw stones and fired their rifles at the building.

10:08 PM: In response to UN Secretary Anan and several other countries' condemnations of Israel's actions in Kfar Qana, US Ambassador John Bolton said that "Hezbollah immorally uses civilians as shields but that Israel is forced to take into 'this barbaric practice' while exercising its right to self-defense." Amongst Anan's words of condemnation, he said that "Israel is carrying out its self-defense in a way that is 'causing, death and suffering on a wholly unacceptable scale'."

The United States also said that it would veto any attempt from the UN Security Council to pass a resolution officialli condemning Israel's attack on Kfar Qana. This also comes in light of new evidence that Israel may not have been responsible for the deaths from this morning.

9:58 PM: According to eye wittnesses, armed Palestinians have stormed the United Nations building in Gaza.

8:59 PM: In light of the IAF Commander's comments that there is a discrepency between the timing of the IAF attacks and when it was reported that the house exploded (7-8 hours), an investigation is being opened up to determine whether Israel is even responsible for the deaths in Kfar Qana this morning. The death toll has risen to 60. The Commander's comments have raised the possibility that Hezbollah themselves may have blown up the building, or that explosives that were hiden in the building may have gone off. These possibilities were raised because the IDF have found neighboring houses to be rigged with explosives, and that many houses have been used as storage sheds for rockets and other munitions. IDF aerial footage also showed that the IAF attack also didn't directly hit the building, and the building did NOT collapse after the IAF strike.

7:55 PM: IDF soldiers prevented a terrorist attacked in Samaria, against the town of Ittamar, about an hour ago. They spotted 3 Arab terrorists laying explosives along the town's security fence. The terrorists managed to escape. When the soldiers came up to the device, they discovered that it was a time bomb, and sappers managed to safely explode the device before it went off.

7:45 PM: The Commander of the IAF is briefing what happened in Kfar Qana today. Highlights:
There is video of Hezbollah members driving up to the house that was attacked and running in to hide there.

There is a wide discrepency of hours between when the IAF attacked the building and when it was destroyed. They attacked the building at approximately 11:30 last night, and it wasn't until 7:30 this morning that the building actually collapsed.

There is substantial amount of video showing Hezbollah firing Katyusha rockets into Israel from amongst houses in the village.

It is extremely difficult to tell citizens from terrorists as Hezbollah fighters are wearing civilian clothes and walking amongst the population.

7:42 PM: UN Security Meeting:
The Syrian Ambassador: "Now is the time for the international community and the Security Council to work in order to stop the Israeli holocaust being committed against the Lebanese and Palestinians."

Kofi Anan: "We are doing everything in our ability to assist the Lebanese People."

He condemned the attacked on Kfar Qana and once again called for an immediate cease-fire on both sides.

"This is a decisive moment for the entire Middle East and for this organization, in particular."

Israeli Ambassador Gillerman: He expressed sorrow for the death of the people in the village but stated that the people had ample time to leave. He said, "We cry together with the people of Lebanon for the deaths of the innocents in Kfar Qana... If there was no Hezbollah, this would not have happened."

The Lebanese Ambassador: He once again called for an immediate cease-fire and for an investigation into the events of Kfar Qana. He accused Israel of committing a war crime and a crime against humanity. He said, "Israel's sollution is intended to break the will of the Lebanese people".

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At 3:06 AM, Blogger Osaid Rasheed said...

/ But, the UN was notified of these warnings. Why didn't they evacuate those who couldn't evacuate themselves?../

You ask VERY intelligent questions as I see !!!!

At 3:08 AM, Blogger Osaid Rasheed said...

/Israeli Ambassador Gillerman: He expressed sorrow for the death of the people in the village but stated that the people had ample time to leave. He said, "We cry together with the people of Lebanon for the deaths of the innocents in Kfar Qana... If there was no Hezbollah, this would not have happened."


If Israel let free all Lebanese and Pal prisoners, and gave up the occupied Lebanese land, Shab3a farms, this wouldnt have happened.

At 1:25 PM, Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

Osaid, you speak of international law and "basic facts", then you go out and make comments like these, and show you know nothing of international law or any facts whatsoever. Let's forget the fact that all ONE (It is debated whether there is another Lebanse prisoner in custody.) Lebanese prisoner and all 9,000 or so of Palestinians prisoners were all arrested LEGALLY and held for LEGAL charges. They all have a right to a fair trial and attorney, something your government does NOT afford to its own prisoners, let alone foreign ones. No, you guys are more into lynching and dismbowelment and beheadings than fair trials. In any case, do you know anything about any of the prisoners being held? OK, scratch that, do you know ANYTHING about the Lebanese prisoner being held. OK, scratch even that, give one good reason why Israel should let these prisoners go, and why prisoners are a "legitimate" reason for kidnapping soldiers and killing civilians. I want to hear just ONE. Is Israel bound by some law that NO OTHER COUNTRY is bound by that says it's not allowed to arrest and imprison foreign nationals or Palestinians who committ crimes on its soil, or even "occupied" land, and against its civilians? You're the expert in international law, please enlighten us.

When Israel left southern Lebanon in 2000, the United Nations officially declared that Israel had left ALL OCCUPIED parts of Lebanon. Furthermore, they stated that Shabbaa Farms is NOT LEBANESE LAND but SYRIAN land, and that its status would be resolved in a future deal between Israel and SYRIA. So, it is NOT "occupied Lebanese land".

Honestly, when you make ignorant statements like these, statements that follow almost verbatim the propoganda being fed to you, it's hard to take anything else you say seriously. Again, you really have no idea what you're talking about. You talk about international law and "facts", yet you know NONE of these things. So, tell me, why should I take anything seriously when it's so obviously you ignorant about all of these subjects, even those subjects that have to do with your own people and history?

I mean, honestly, the things you say are almost laughable and really would be if the same ignorant ideas and thoughts weren't carried by the majority of your people. It's rather sad actually, and this is why you are so easily crushed by other peoples' comments on your very own blog.


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