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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Nightly Updates: Day 14

11:30 PM: Maariv On-line is reporting that a senior Hezbollah member said that the group was not expecting the response that has come from the IDF. He said, "We did not expect Tzahal to go to war over this matter (the kidnapping of 2 soldiers)". These remarks came in an interview earlier today. He also said that Hezbollah expected the "usual limited response".

2 IDF soldiers were lightly wounded on the northern border during fighting with Hezbollah.

The Cyprus government has announced that they cannot receive any more refugees.

10:38 PM: Maariv On-line is reporting that the IDF has surrounded the Mukata in Ramallah because of substantial information that terrorists are hiding out in the building.

3 IDF soldiers were wounded by mortar fire from Hezbollah. They are being treated for moderate to light wounds.

10:15 PM: As more Katyushas rain down on Nahariya, a reported 20 people are injured.

Up until now, at least 100 rockets fell in the north over the course of the day.

9:54 PM: There were no injuries reported after Katyushas fell in Haifa, Nahariya, and the Galiliee.

9:00 PM: Maariv is reporting that 2 people were lightly injured from rocket attacks in Nahariya and Carmiel.

One person was lightly injured after a rocket barrage on Maalot and its surrounding area.

8:26 PM: Maariv is reporting that the IDF has killed 5 Hezbollah terrorists in the southern Lebanese town of Maron A-Ras. Among the killed is a Hezbollah commander. The IDF is reporting that the terrorists are shooting at the IDF from within schools, hospitals, and moques, and amongst civilians' homes.

In another village, Bint J'Beil, where fighting is heavy, the IDF has discovered "electronic surveillance equipment, weapons and communication devices made in Iran".

A fight broke out in Haifa, where about 100 left-wing protestors were staging a protest against the war in Lebanon. A "tussel" broke out between supporters of the offensive and the anti-war protestors, and police had to come in and break it up. There are no reports of any injury.


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