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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Nightly Updates: Day 15

1:03 AM: Arutz 7 is reporting that the immediate family, close relatives, and personal advisor have been called in to Former Prime Minster Ariel Sharon's bed-side. Apparently, doctors are reporting that after stabalizing Sharon earlier in the day, his condition has been rapidly declining over the course of the day. (*Personally, I think that it will be humane if he passes on tonight. No human being should have live out their last days as a vegetable.*)

IDF Intelligence is reporting that the IDF has surrounded the house of a would-be suicide bomber in the village of Kadum near Karnei Shomron. They closed off the main road leading from Kfar Saba to the Samaria region.

IDF troops warned northern Gazan residents to stear clear of the area as the IAF bombed a weapons warehouse in Jabalya.

11:31 PM: It has just been released for publication that one officer was killed in addition to the 3 soldiers wounded in the fighting of Maroun Al-Ras earlier today.

A terrorist shot and wounded a person near the town of Talmon in Samaria a short while ago.

In Hebron, Arabs threw stones at a car driving near the Cave of the Patriarchs. No reported injuries.

In light of accusations that Israel's attack on a UN outpost last night was deliberate, the Canadian Prime Minister has publically come out and said that he highly doubts that the attack was deliberate. "I certainly doubt that to be the case, given that the government of Israel has been cooperating with us in our evacuation efforts, in our efforts to move Canadian citizens out of Lebanon and also trying to keep our own troops that are on the ground involved in the evacuation out of harm's way," he said.
"We want to find out why this United Nations post was attacked and also why it remained manned during what is now, more or less, a war during obvious danger to these individuals."

10:15 PM: The IDF is reporting that they hit 60 Hezbollah targets in southern Lebanon today.

Kassams continued to fall in the Western Negev. One person is reported to be lightly injured.

The IAF bombed the empty Hezbollah headquarters building in Tyre earlier tonight.

9:14 PM: So far today, at least 120 Katyushas fell in northern Israel. Only 4 were injured in the attacks.

IDF special forces are closing in on a home in a Palestinian village in Samaria where they believe a would-be suicide bomber is hiding. Throughout the afternoon, the Sharon and Samaria regions were put on heightened security alert for fear that a terrorist had penetrated into those areas.

2 senior cabinet members are doubting that Israel's attack on the UN outpost last night was an accident. This statement comes after initial reports came out that UN peace-keepers made repeated calls to the IDF about firing in their immediate area. The 2 Ministers do not believe that Israel's account is credible.

Haifa's Mayor joins other cabinet Ministers in demanding that Israel's PM declare a state of war, so that immediate compensation can start coming in to damaged areas.

8:46 PM: Members of the morthern Army Command said that they believe Hezbollah is exploiting Judaism's respect for holy places by hiding out and fighting from within grave yards and mosques, making it more difficult to fight them.

The EU called Israel's attack on a UN outpost "unacceptable" and demanded an "immediate full inquiry" into the incident.

8:22 PM: Contrary to earlier reports, the IDF has just now published that only 8, not 13, soldiers were killed today in the fighting in Bint J'Beil.

8:09 PM: Channel 2's analyst is saying that the IDF is learning from today's intense fighting in Bint J'Beil that they may not be able to handle the Hezbollah forces with relatively small units going in at one time. They may need to send in bigger units to handle the hundreds of Hezbollah fighters they're facing in the town.

The Commander of the North said that these operations will continue for weeks to come.

In the past several hours, Israeli PM Olmert has been making his 3rd trip to the north to visit cities and towns hit by Katyushas.

The Mayor of Kiryat Shmona is asking the PM to help the residents of the city evacuate. Less than 10% of the city's residents remain in the city, and the Mayor wants financial and logistical assistance in order to evacuate the remainder of the city.

As reports become clearer, at least 4 soldiers have been injured in the lates round of intense fighting in Bint J'Beil.

Several soldiers were also wounded in fighting with Hezbollah in the near-by southern Lebanese town of Maroun Al-Ras. At least 3 soldiers were injured, but there is no further information as to the extent of their injuries.

7:02 PM: Channel 2 is reporting that the fighting has intensified between Hezbollah and IDF in Bint J'Beil. There are injuries, but the reports are not clear at this time.

Ambassadors at the Iranian Embassy in Beirut are denying reports that Nasrallah is hiding out in their building. This comes after an Israeli Minister called for attacks on the embassy if it turns out that Nasrallah is hiding there.

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