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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Nightly Updates

12:25 AM: (Last one for the night) The police have stated that based on information from Home-Front Command, they will be ready and expecting to see the possibility of first Katyusha rockets falling south of Haifa.

PA President Abbas stated that Israel must agree to exchange Arab prisoners for Cpl Gilad Shalit. He said that this is the only "reasonable sollution" to the situation.

Terrorists threw a fire bomb at a bus travelling near Nablus earlier tonight. There were no injuries, and IDF troops are looking for the culprits.

At a press conference tonight, Israeli FM Livni stated that the current political talks have nothing to do with the military's operations. She also stated that they also have nothing to do with the amount of time the IDF has to achieve its goals.

Israeli DM Peretz is calling for a meeting with the emergency management team tomorrow morning to brief on the situation in the north.

8:47 PM: Another Katyusha just hit Haifa. 9 people were lightly injured.

The IAF has resumed its strikes against southern Beirut.

Despite blowing up roads leading from Damascus to Beirut, the head of intelligence for the IDF says that Syria is still attempting to ship weapons to Hezbollah. The IAF blew up several trucks attempting to bring Katyushas to Hezbollah. This in light of the fact that Syria has repeatedly stated that they do no want to want to enter into a direct conflict with Israel.

The IAF hit at least 46 launching sites in southern Beirut today.

Syria is telling press officials that they want to enter into negotiations with the US to bring an end to the fighting between Hezbollah and Israel. This comes in light of the fact that the US, Britain, and other countries has placed the blame for the current conflict directly on Syria and Iran.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's health has deteriorated rapidly in the past 2 days. Doctors said that Sharon's kidneys have been failing and there is fluid collecting in his body. There have also been negative changes to his brain membrane. Doctors are unsure as to why his condition has suddenly deteriorated.

At least 94 rockets fell in northern Israel over the course of the day. Most of them fell in Haifa, the Upper Galilee, Carmiel, and the Jezreel Valley.

In the south, at least 11 Kassams were fired from Gaza into the western Negev. There were no reported injuries.

Israeli DM Peretz has called on the IDF to intensify its operations in Gaza in light of the increase of Kassam rocket attacks.

MADA is reporting that since the start of the conflict, 30 Israelis have been killed. Among them, IDF soldiers. A total of 732 people have been injured.

Iranian President Ahmadinejad has come out and condemned Israel's attacks on Hezbollah. He said, “pack up and move out of the region before it’s consumed by the fire it started in Lebanon.” "Ahmadinejad accused Israel of “pressing its button of destruction when it attacked Lebanon.”


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