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Monday, July 03, 2006

"Oh Captain, My Captain..."

This is the second sports post of the day, and there will probably be third. The Detroit Red Wings organization has announced a press conference at 1:00 PM EST. Based on the fact that no firings or signings have been rumored, this can only be one thing. It is reported that The Captain, #19, Stevie, Stevie Y, Steve Yzerman will be announcing his retirement this afternoon.

As I am writing this, there are tears in my eyes. Those of you who are rolling your eyes at that sentence have never seen the man play, have never seen his courage, his guts, his leadership, and, most importantly, his humanity in action. I will not be writing what I think about this right now, because there may still be a chance that this isn't true, but the odds are pointing in the direction that he will be announcing his retirement. It was thought that this decision would come quickly after the Wings' early playoff exit at the beginning of May, but Stevie quickly realized that a decision of this magnitude requires some major thought, so he obviously took the time to come to a decision. He has spoken many times with Holland to see what direction he wants to take the team. As always, he has always put the team and its best interests above his own. I will be watching the live streaming of the press conference. For any of you are interested, here are some links where you can view or hear it also:
WDIV, Channel 4
WDFN, The Fan
1270, The Sports Network


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