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Monday, July 17, 2006

Olmert's Speech to the Nation- 7:03 PM

7:28: Prime Minister Olmert just concluded his speech. Highlights:
"Our enemies have attacked us in sovereign areas."
"We did not ask for these attacks. These attacks were done in our internationally recognized borders."
"We have no intention of getting involved in the internal Lebanese issues."
"We are fighting against terrorist organizations, both in lebanon and gaza, who are being supported by terrorist-suppoting nations that extend from Tehran to Syria."
"They meddle in the internal affairs of both lebanon and gaza and the PA, by using hezbollah and Hamas.
"Iran and Syria continue to control the area of Lebanon of Gaza."
"Terrorist organizations continue to hold the entire area in great danger."
"This is something that even the international community agrees with what we're doing."
"We will continue to work with every strength until the three kidnapped soldiers are returned home."
"We will hit everything and do everything in our hands until they stop attacking Israel and do the things we expect them to do and is expected from any civilized person."
"Israel will no longer tolerate to live under the threat of rockets and missiles."
"Israel will no longer be hostage to terrorist organization or of independent countries."
"We all; Jews, Druzim, Muslims, and Christians, stand as one nation."
"I come here today to announce that we are not looking for war, but we will not be afraid of those trying to harm us."
"only a nation that knows how to fight for its freedom really deserves it."
"I send the deepest thanks to the soldiers of Israel, from the government and all the people of israel."
"I had a conversation with Rudy Giuliani after the World Trade Center attacks, and he told me, "If new yorkers can withstand this the same way Jerusalemites can withstand terror, we'll win."
"There is no struggle more just than the one we are fighting."
"We are fighting for the rights of the citizens, like the 7 year old boy killed, from Naharayia, as he and his grand-mother brought in shabbat in meiron. All they wanted [those killed this past wk] and all we want is the right to live a normal life."
"A battle like that is never easy but, we are not willing to give up on our desire to live, and we don't have to ask any-one's permission to defend ourselves."
"There is barely any-one out there who understands the position that we find ourselves in."
"We will continue without hesitation to achieve our goals."
"We will win."


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