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Friday, July 07, 2006

"That bold act of resistance waged Monday against Israeli terrorism"

No this is not another statement from our dear friends in Hamas. This wasn't said in Iran Either. Nope, It was said in Israel, by an Israeli Member of the Israeli Knesset. Azmi Bashara, has decided that the country that he represents is the source of all evil. But wait it gets better:

"The real infrastructure of terrorism is the Israeli occupation and Israeli occupation policy."

"Neither the pain nor the heroism of the Palestinians should be held in such cheap regard. We must insist on the distinction between the Palestinian resistance and Israeli terrorism in this case."

"Qassam missiles that had been fired from Gaza into south Sedirot and elsewhere, harming no one."(source)
Someone should tell that to Dana Gelkovith's Family. (Dana was killed in her house in Sderot by a direct hit from a Qassam)

I could go on like this for a while but I think the point is clear. In any normal country a man like this would have been declared the Traitor he is, and be thrown into Jail. But not in Israel. In Israel he goes on defending those who kill Israelis while calling the army of the country that HE represents - Terrorists. And why? because they are responding to an attack against them. No wait, a " bold act of resistance."

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At 8:00 PM, Blogger Osaid Rasheed said...

Good day

A UN body has condemned Israeli action in Gaza and called for the release of Palestinians captured during the offensive


At 8:10 PM, Blogger Osaid Rasheed said...

Dont to forget to add the following to your 'traitor list'
Gideon Levy
Peace NOW org
Israel Campaign against home demolitions
Physicians for human right ,Israel
Rabbi for human rights

and many others.
But of course, Palestinians are the genuine terrorists, no competetants.

Try to look at the situation more reasonably, Oleh and Olah

Good day both

At 8:22 PM, Blogger Osaid Rasheed said...

Oleh and Olah..

I look at the PNA and see how many mistakes they do. I also look at the stupidities that happen and understand and recognize that we do mistakes. I sometimes talk and sometimes prefer not to but at least i conscioussly understand the truth.

You, too, should not go on to defend israel BLINDLY. look at the suffering your policy is causing to others, either directly and indirectly.

You are the people who have the power now, do not missuse it. Do not keep repeating the same ideas, the same one sided ideas, look at what others say, understand the situation and try to understand why people are doing what they are doing..and do not just look at things from your 'french hill' site where you surely can see no clear view of the WHOLE situation

good day

Ah, as for how i view things ;
I do not call for the destruction of Israel nor do my fellow pals do.All what you hear in news and what your govt is telling you is lies to justify its criminal acts against the civilians. There are terrorists nd people who have such terrorist thoughts but they are NOT representative nor a majority. Why ppl elected hamas is for so many other reasons that you are surely aware of. They never elected Hamas to fight Israel. We are not fighting israel, Israel is occupying us.

israel should get out of 67 borders, and appologize for all the suffering it caused to us. it should also compensate those who were expeled from their lands and manage proper compensations to them.
We never saw any willingness from your government to do any. They are building more illegal settlements and steal more land.

If you believe israel cannot withdraw now or that the situation and time is not the right time, at least stop pretending the land is yours, stop building settlements and bringing in more settlers, stop the descriminationa and stop collective punishment. Feel some guilt for what you have been doing, this might make it better at least.

good day

At 2:21 AM, Blogger shlemazl said...


I would have believed you had Israel's pullout from Gaza resulted in improvments in Israel's security.

At 5:28 AM, Blogger Evan said...

Hey Rashid,

When people voted for Hamas, that was a DEATH TO ISRAEL vote. What, you think we're stupid or something?

You seem to have more than enough self-pity to compensate for our lack of pity.

At 10:22 PM, Blogger menachem said...

well, you know what they say. people in Syria have as much freedom of speech as the people in Israel. In Israel you can call Israel a dictatorship, a reppressive regime, a terrorist nation, and in Syria... you can say all the exact same things.

Osaid: Israel in the last elections voted in a majority of parties that were for further withdrawals. Many of these withdrawals have already taken place. Palestinians voted into power a party that still calls for Israel's destruction (on both sides of the 67 borders), and has intensified kassam firings AFTER israel's pullout to the 1967 gaza border.

good day

At 11:26 PM, Blogger Oleh Yahshan said...

Can you explain to me why the 1967 borders mean so much to you??
And how will doing that solve the problem? we already saw what heppens when we pulled out of Gaza. I for one do not want to see Kassams falling on my house in Jerusalem. How can you make sure that will never happen??

We never saw any willingness from your government to do any.
Im sorry what were the Oslo Accords?? what were we doing for almost a decade till YOU decided to attack us??

at least stop pretending the land is yours
do you think the land is YOURS in ANY WAY?? once again What have you done with the land we gave you?? Where do you get the Claim that the land is yours in any way?? While I agree that you should have your own country, I do not agree that the Land is YOURS in any way shape or form. At best it is land that you should have that we Gave you in order to be able to run a state - that you have very nicely turned against US. Why should we do any more for you if all we get in return is more killing and more death?
Things were much better off when there was no PA, at least then Niehter side was dying - that is also what I meant in the other comment about "occupying" you and living.

At 4:39 AM, Blogger Osaid Rasheed said...


Allow me to tell you that your last comment lacks reasonability.

The land is yours ? The land in the West Bank is yours ?? Such thoughts that you have will only contribute to violence.

Stop ignoring the facts, the history, the international consensus and be more reasonable.

You have given us nothing more than expelling our parents, killing many of them and turning the rest into refugees.

The kassams and suicide bombing you keep talking about are 10 years old. teh situation before that was what for you ??/ We are rebels and you just want to have an agreement with us ??

I would like to tell you that your presence in the West Abnk is both illegall ( internationally ) and unethical. It is OCCUPATION. You are only occupying the West Bank

If you keep repeating what you are repeating now, without ANY insight into the history you will only be met with the same RACIST and VIOLENT thoughts from the arabs, who -the same as you- are even blinder and ready to believe wtever x, y, z leader will tell them.

I feel very sorry when seeing that educated people like you still have such beliefs.

good day

At 4:45 AM, Blogger Osaid Rasheed said...

Shlemazel ;
One question to you :

Israeli presence in the west bank : is it occupation ?? yes or no ??
if no : what is it ??

And Oleh : u asked me : y the 67 borders ??
because if i dont convince my self that I have to obey the international law and LOGIC ( the logic that tells me that wtever claims do I have, there are facts on the ground NOW which is the already EXISITING state of israel, and th PEOPLE who are living there) and just accept the international solutions.

Even Hamas, which you describe as TERROR has accepted the intrnational law and was willing to acept Israeli withdrawal from 67 land... Looking at your thoughts and ideas about the conflict i honestly put u sde by side with the terrorists like hamas !!! you are not better than them in such beliefs, trust me !!

try to be less emotional and find VIABLE solutions and ideas. Dont convince yourself of STUPID and DREAMY ideas ( that there is no occupation, land is yours, etc..), just like Hamas's or Saddam's ...

At 4:50 AM, Blogger Osaid Rasheed said...

Menachem ;
hello. Israel is only recently moving towards peace. this is unfortunate, after ll the suffering and un-necessary suffering it caused to others.

Palestinians elected hamas NOT because it want to fight Israel. No one here wants to fight israel except the most desparate and exteremists.They are not many I assure you, and YOU ( Israeli oppression and occupation) are making them.

the Wall and the one sided solutions your government has will only be like analgesics : will only cover the disease for a while, not treat it.

You are in a bettr position than us to THINK ...and I honestly dont find any good hope with what i see from your posts.

At 10:10 AM, Blogger Oleh Yahshan said...

"The kassams and suicide bombing you keep talking about are 10 years old."

You mean like the Kassam that hit Sderot this morning??

Osaid, The fact is that Int. Law isn't as simple as you say it is, Trust me I have a test in It in about 2 weeks. What you read that Israel is in violation of Int. law for the most part is a lot of nonsense. Not that I am saying that Israel never did violate but the way you put it is completely wrong.

I don't claim that there is no occupation, But why is my claim to the land any better than your claim to it??

Why do you get so emotional when I say something like that?? could it be that deep down When you sit in the City of Hebron where the JEWISH Fathers are buried, you know just like me that the Jewish claim to this land goes back Years apon years. Could the place being called Judea (like Jew) and Shomron have anything to do with it? do you deny the Jewish connection to the Land of Israel??

You also chose to ignore any mention I made towards Oslo. Why is that??

Oh and please stop saying that Hamas is recognizing Israel, I am so tired of those lies. Hamas is ready to go to War with Israel, like they did last 2 weeks ago.

At 12:09 PM, Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

osaid, by making "this is my land" comments, it seems more like you are the ones with "deamy" aspirations than one who is looking for a realistic sollution rather than a fantasy. You say you are living in Hebron. Hebron has two extremely vital purposes to the Jewish people, yet Israel has already given most of it up, and will probably completely withdraw from it some-time in the future. Hebron is the second holiest city in Judaism. Our fore-fathers are buried there, and our bible outlines the exact purchase of the land, so people like you would never be able to come along later on in life and say that the land actually belongs to you. You wouldn't happen to have a 5,000+ year old deed to the land you're sitting on, would you? Secondly, Hebron has had, besides from 1948-1967 when NO Jews were allowed to live in the land annexed by Jordan (not Palestinians), the longest consistent living Jewish community in Israel since the beginning of Jewish reign in Israel over 4,000 years ago. From then, even through expulsions, Temples being destroyed, etc, there has always been a Jewish community, no matter how small, living in Hebron. That's 4,000 years of a people living in the same place, and, still, Israel has been willing to give it up. The fact that you're even allowed to live there is proof of that. You can't say the same thing about "your" land, can you?

Have you totally been on drugs or away in space your entire life? Were you actually able to say "The Israelis have only wanted to make peace recently" with a straight face, seriously? Because that is the most laughable unrealistic thing I have ever heard. Only one who has ben inundated and believes the ILLEGAL anti-semitic propaganda your PA puts out could say something like that and believe it's true. Otherwise, only if you've on drugs, on another planet, your head stuck in teh sand, or in a coma, could you say something like that and actually believe it's true.

If you represent the "moderate" Palistinians, then we Israelis truly are in deep trouble. You speak about "occupation", yet according to international law, the West Bank (we evacuated Gaza, so it doesn't count anymore) is disputed territory. Second of all, from where do you get, regardless, that the West Bank belongs to you? It's never belonged to a Palestinian people. It's never been ruled by Palestinian people. If anything, the last owners of it are teh Jordanians, and they don't seem to want it or you back. The only reason that the Palestinians will have a State is because us terrible Jews are giving it to you. That's something neither you or your Arab "brethren" can say. Your ancestors refused what was offered in their greedy lust to have it all. The Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza could have very easily negotiated or forced a state upon them like you are attempting to do today, between 1948-1967. Yet, your parents and grand-parents did NOTHING. You could have had the whole of Eastern Jerusalem all to yourselves as a capital, without one word from Israel, before now. But, nope. It was only when Israel was given the control, that's when the evil occupation started. If it didn't cause the death of thousands of Jews and Palestinian children, it'd be laughable.

The kassams and suicide bombing you keep talking about are 10 years old. I mean, did you actually read that over after you read that? Again, did you actually manage to say that with a straight face? Have you been dead in a ditch somewhere for the past decade?!? There's really nothing more to say than that. If you actually believe those words, you're farther gone than any-one can help you. I won't even stoop so low as to bring in the hundreds and thousands of examples of how you're wrong, because that would be demeaning and pointless. It'd be like trying to argue with a 9/11 conspiracy theorist that the US and the Mossad were not behind the World Trade Center attacks. It's futile, and I would be stupid to try to argue with a nut job.

Again, if you represent the "moderate" group of Palestinian people, than the two sides are even farther apart than I realized. As I've said many times before after your comments, keep talking. You only continue to show the world your true colors. It's educational and enlightening. Now, we know who you really are.

At 6:05 AM, Blogger Osaid Rasheed said...


I dont know why you prefer attacking me rather than concentrating on 'showing' the facts you have.Just read the last comment you posted , again, and you will see how 'attacking' you were to me. You might need to have more tolerance.
I never denied the Jewish presence in Hebron. I know that jews are in hebron for thousands of years. didnt say anything that denies that, WHY did u start attacking me ?? Or you assumed that I believed so ?

Starting to say that the land is DISPUTABLE is another new position that you have, which is totally different than the previous' the land is for israel' story. cant you note that ?

I dont know if my comments look very attcking to you Oleh and Olah..i dont see any attacks from me, and this makes me feel wonder why you are so emotional and angry. i am not angry, you shouldnt..we are running a conversation here, arent we ?
unless you would want me to leave and no more add any note.

Oleh and Olah :
I have a request from both of you if you kindly do..
I have been posting notes and comments on culture for all blog.. they ended up accusing me of so many things... I would be thankful if you have the objectivity and neutrality and visited the post at :
And tell me what you think.
If you are not interested or you believe you cant do it, just ignore this comment.


At 2:15 PM, Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

Actually, the land being disuputable under international law is NOT a new thing. It just hasn't, and stupidlly in my opinion, been used by the government because the second we won the West Bank in 1967 war, Israel proclaimed that it would be willing to give away land for peace in negotiations.

You are being "attacked", because you constantly make excuses and lies for what is going on now. You have not taken one second to stop and think that maybe what is going on is NOT Israel's fault, and that the facts of history show that this has NOTHING to do with occupation or settlements. If it did, the violence and terrorism against Jews before 1948 wouldn't have had happened. The terrorism that took place against Jewish towns and settlements wouldn't have had happened between 1948 and 1967. If that were the case, the world would have seen the same violence and terrorism that they're seeing now being committed against Israel against the Jordanians and Egyptians when they occupied the Gaza Strip and the West Bank between 1948-1967. But, alas, that did not happen. In fact, it didn't happen even though the Israelis have treated Palestinians better than the Jordanians and Egyptians ever did. Why don't you actually look through the annals of history to get some perspective on the situation instead of spouting off the traditional evil Goebbels propaganda that you spew here every day?

The fact that you don't see your lies and suppositions that you throw out here as "attacks" just shows how far gone you and your entire society is. For you, accusing the Jews of massacres and war crimes and evil occupation is simply the "truth", so it's not an attack to say so to another Jew. It's funny how you don't see your comments as "attacks", yet you see Jews actually answering you back and giving your different pieces of evidence and perspective as such. Interesting...

Saying the land that you sit on was given to the Jews by G-d and the land that is currently being discussed as "disputed territory" under international law are exactly the same thing. Judea and Samaria is the heartland of biblical Judaism. Hence, the names. They have never been called anything else. The West Bank was a nice little tune drummed up by the Jordanians some 50 odd years ago. However, in legal terms, the "West Bank" is "disputed" territory. It is actaully arguable whether it is occupied. Even so, given the Jews' millenia connection to the land, we are still willing to give much of it up to live in peace. It's a shame you can't say the same for your people.


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