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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Updates for Day 9 - July 20th

6:39 PM: Arutz 7 is reporting that at least one Hezbollah terrorist was killed in the clashes between Hezbollah and IDF forces.

Channel 2 and Fox News have been reporting rumors that Hezbollah members are attempting to sneak out of Lebanon via the ships that have been sent by various international countries to bring their citizens to safety.

Channel 10 has changed their figures, and it's apparently only 6 people that were injured at Avivim.

6:28 PM: Channel 10 is reporting that 8 people were injured in fire exchanges in Avivim.

5:42 PM: Recap of the past several hours:
IDF intelligence has warned that if there is a ground offensive into southern Lebanon, it is very possible that Lebanese Army troops will fight alongside Hezbollah.

The fire-fight clases are still raging on the northern border between Hezbollah and the IDF. There have been a few reported injuries of IDF soldiers. No casualties at this time.

Egyptian forces were able to foil some Bedouin tribes-members from smuggling drugs into Israel.

The fighting in Gaza has picked up today as IDF forces shot and killed two terrorists and wounded 4 as they were attempting to fire anti-tank missiles at IDF troops operating the area.

More Katyushas fall this afternoon all over northern Israel, including Haifa and Nahariya.

Kassams also continue to fall in the Western Negev. At least one person has been injured and rushed to the hospital. So far, no word if any more Katyushas have been launched from Gaza after the past two days have seen Katyushas land in Ashkelon and Sderot.

Also, at least 3 Kassam rockets launched at Israel backfired and landed in PA controlled areas in Gaza.

In Nablus, riots continue to reign as the IDF continues searching for terrorists in the area. There are no reported IDF injuries. There are also no reports of Palestinian injuries. Right now, the IDF is tearing down the outer wall of a building believed to be hiding at least 10 terrorists. They have already arrested 200 terrorists who came out willingly.

Russia continues to condemn Israel's actions in Lebanon, claiming Israel is "using excessive force".

The Egyptian Foreign Minister called upon Israel to fulfill an immediate cease-fire in order to allow the international community to step and evaluate the situation. The senior Egyptian official stated, “The solution cannot be achieved militarily.” (*He did NOT demand that Hezbollah committ to a mutual cease-fire.*)

The Spanish Prime Minister is being condemned by Israel for comments he made at a rally on Wednesday. At the rally he stated, "we must also demand that no one defend themselves with abusive force that does not allow innocent human beings to defend themselves." After the rally, some-one put a Palestinian Kafiyah around his neck, and he allowed himself to be photographed with it. He had no comment about the incident, instead stating, "Everyone can draw their own conclusion".

Again, I would like to give a huge BRUCHIM HABAIM to the over 200 new Olim that arrived this morning on Nefesh B'Nefesh's second flight of the summer. Among them are many families and singles who are moving to the northern region despite the danger. They stated that they were not going to delay their move or their trip. These heros are the true patriots, coming from North America, and moving and supporting and contributing to Israel even in these times of crisis. Kal Ha'Kavod!!! You guys awe and inspire me, and may you all be an inspiration to those back in North America too afraid or second-guessing making Aliyah. WELCOME HOME!! WE'VE MISSED YOU!!!

The updates here are not in any order, starting with the big event from last night - a bomb was dropped on a bunker in Beirut where it was said that many of the high ranking members of Hezbollah were staying. There were rumors all morning about the possibility that maybe Nasrallah and some of his “fellow” Hezbollah friends were killed in the attack. It has not been confirmed yet and Al Manar has been denying it all morning.

Ktyushas continued to fall all morning on the north, no reported injuries. Kassams were also fired at Sderot, also no reports on injuries.

In the aftermath of the Katyusha that hit a house in Nazareth, and killed 2 kids, the residents of Nazareth are calling for the Govt. to create bomb shelters, and run the siren just like in every other city in the North. 2 important notes to that effect:1. Since the sirens automatically go off twice a year on Yom HaShoah and Yom Hazikaron, and the town requested for the sirens NOT to go off that day — to honor their request, they were disconnected from the national IDF Homefront command system. They are being reconnected now.(Hattip - Jameel). 2. All houses built after 1992 are supposed to have a secure room built into it, this does not always happen in the Arab cities/ towns where houses are not always built to code, and in many cases are built illegally.

Fighting is going on again this is the 2nd day in a row, on the northern border. Israeli soldiers are fighting Hezbollah, who are still sitting in the strong holds they have built in the past 6 years. There are at least 3 soldiers injured in the fighting this morning.

A complete closer was announced on The west bank and Gaza, after the numerous attempts in the past few days of Palestinians to send suicide bombers into Israel.

These are the major events that happened this morning. We will continue to update, as the day goes on.

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