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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Updates: Tuesday July 18th, Day 7, Nightly Edition

1:14 AM: (Last update for the night) Today, President Bush reiterated that US's stance is that the blame for the current conflict rests solely with Hizbollah, and, by proxy, Syria and Iran.

A total of 125 Katyushas fell in Northern Israel on Tuesday. 100 of those fell between the hourse of 5:50 and 7:30 PM. More continue to fall at this hour, in the western Galilee and Kiryat shomron.

In Gaza, Palestinians fired at IDF troops outside the security fence. There was no reported injuries.

One of our fellow bloggers reported that Hizbollah is trying to prevent residents from leaving southern Lebanon after thousands of fliers were dropped urging residents to flee northward in anticipation of an IDF strike in the area. This is a rumor. When it is confirmed or denied, we'll let you know. (*If this is true, this is a clear attempt for Hizbollah to ensure further civilian casualties and use the numbers as a psychological factor in the world's media.*)

Israeli Prime Minister Olmert visited the north tonight for the first time since the start of the conflict last Wednesday. He stated, "We have no intention of ending this operation, just to be forced into a new one in a few months".

Arab press sources close to Nasrallah have stated that the Hezbollah leader is planning to try to hit Tel-Aviv with missile barrages. He also allegedly stated that he will give the Tel-Aviv residents one hour to flee before he starts his attacks. Sources said, "The Lebanese resistance is preparing a retaliation parallel to Israel's military actions. Hassan Nasrallah will address the people of Tel Aviv and warn them to evacuate the city within one hour. As soon as the delay ends, hundreds of heavy missiles will start landing in the city, which has been divided into squares in order to let damage reach every inch of the city. An estimated 500 missiles are expected to land in Tel Aviv in a short period of time." This report was put out only 20 minutes ago, so we have no idea if this refers to now or later Wednesday.

Despite US Secretary of State Rice's earlier comments today that she had no plans to come to the Middle East at this time, Israeli Ambassador to the UN, Dan Gillerman, reported that she will be visiting the region on Friday.

In response to many international countries and UN Secretary General Kofi Anan's statements that a modified version of international peace-keeping force that is currently in Lebanon needs to be deployed to the region immediately, Prime Minister Olmert said, "It is a good headline but our experience shows that there is nothing behind it. Even today there is a multi-national force in Lebanon, and we see what they are doing."

Prime Minister Olmert also stated that Iran succeeded in diverting the world's and the G8 summit's attention from their nuclear weapons program. This comes as the matter of Iran's nuclear weapons program is supposed to be presented before the United Nations Security Council shortly.

10:21 PM: Channel 2 reported a speech made by US Secretary of State Rice in which she stated that there was no need, at this time, for her to come to the region. She said that she will only come to the region at a time when it seems that conditions are suitable to discuss a cease-fire. "When it is appropriate and when it is necessary and will be helpful to the situation I am more than pleased to go to the region," the Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice added.

Jpost is reporting that the IAF, in addition to fliers calling for citizens to evacuate, dropped fliers that mocked Nasrallah and asked "Where are you hiding?"

9:25 PM: Since the start of fighting last week, over 70 cities, towns, villages, and settlements have been hit by Katyusha rockets.

The United States Senate is, at this time, trying to pass a resolution of unwavering support with Israel's offensive in Lebanon, but one of the Democratic Senators is holding up to bill, because he would like an additional clause to be added. He would like the bill to reflect that the US sympathizes with the suffering going on on both sides and to note how Israel's actions might effect the war in Iraq.

The IDF reported tonight that they have hit more than 1,000 Hezbollah strategic targets, and that at least 180 Katyusha firing sites have been hit as well.

Bank Ha'Poalim is going to be instituting a "Bank On Wheels", so that its customers in the north can access their accounts. This is a result of the bank having to close their city offices due to the dangers of Katyusha fire. (all of above from Channel 2 and Arutz 7)

Jpost is reporting that Palestinian terrorists attempted to fire an anti-tank missile at IDF outpost earlier tonight. There are no reported casualties.

At least 2 Kassam rockets were fired into Sderot a short while ago; one hitting inside the neighborhood and one in an empty area. There are no reported injuries.

Israeli Prime Minister Olmert told the UN delegation visiting Israel that there will be no talks before the 2 kidnapped soldiers are returned, and Israel's safety can be guaranteed. Shimon Peres told the delegation that the Lebanese Army, NOT any UN peace keeping dorce, should be patrolling the southern border of Lebanon.

More oil-producing Arab states pledged funds to Lebanon in order to pay for food, medical supplies, etc.

8:53 PM: Channel 2 is reporting that the IAF has been dropping thousands of leaflets in southern Lebanon urging all citizens to evacuate and head north.

8:06 PM: As we're watching the news on Channel 2, Katyushas continue to fall in Haifa, Tzfat, Tiberias, Nahariya, amongst other northern cities and towns.

In all, sofar, 1 person has died, and at least 36 people have been injured as a result of today's rocket attacks.

In Jerusalem, 13 Arab teens were arrested for threatening an Arab shop owner in the Old City for refusing to close his shop to solidarity with the Lebanese people.


At 9:08 PM, Blogger Jessica Lovejoy said...

Olah, my prayers are with you and your husband. I saw you were over at my blog wondering where I went. I am back. I even bothered to put a post up. I can't believe what I am seeing on Fox News. Do you actually have to run into bomb shelters day and night? I do not know what it must be like.
God speed,

At 9:30 PM, Blogger Otimaster said...

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The commanders of our Internal Security Services who helped the CIA to capture a terrorist are now moved from their role and inquires because what they did has been considered illegal.
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God Bless You

At 10:35 PM, Blogger Scraps said...

The leaflets the IAF is dropping might not help; according to Ynet, Hezbollah is preventing civilians from leaving southern Lebanon:


At 12:37 AM, Blogger Stevin said...

Scraps, that doesn't surprise me. And, when Israeli fire misses its mark and kills an innocent person, the Israelis will be blamed, not the evil Hizbollah cowards who hide behind their own children.

Olah, I will pray for you and your family. Hope all is well.

At 1:18 AM, Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

Thanks to all of you. Your prayers are very much appreciated and keep us in high spirits. We hope to see you guys around here more often.


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