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Thursday, July 13, 2006


Well, the 3 weeks are getting off to a fabulous start. (For those of you not in the Jewish know, today is a Jewish fast day and marks the start of the "three weeks", which commemorates the three weeks in which Jerusalem was held under siege by the Romans. Tisha B'Av marks the day when the Romans broke through Jerusalem's walls, burnt down, destroyed the Jews' second Temple, and took its remnants as spoils. They also slaughtered thousands upon thousands of Jews and took the remainder as slaves. Titus paraded his trophies and slaves when he returned to Rome. The Collesium was dedicated in that honor and has an art-work carved into it, which shows the Romans carrying the golden Menorah on their shoulders.)

Hezbollah kidnapped the soldiers, and they're firing the Katyusha rockets, but they are part of the Lebanese government. The Lebanese government has failed to comply with two UN Security Resolutions that orders them to disband Hezbollah's military wing and base of operation in the south. Therefore, Israel has officially stated, and rightly so, that LEBANON, not Hezollah has declared war on Israel with these actions. It is not only a matter of time before Israel declares war on Lebanon. This morning, after a mere 3.5 hours of sleep, I was woken up to the "beautiful" sounds of the news announcing that Hezbollah had been barraging the northern cities, towns, and settlements of northern Israel with Katyusha rockets. (NO, THEY'RE NOT HOME-MADE!!) One woman has been killed in Naharyia (a coastal community), when a rocket hit her apartment building. At least 29 have ben injured; with one person in critical condition.

As of right now, my in-laws don't have to take shelter since the "farthest" these rockets can hit is Carmiel, which is only a few kilometers north of Eshchar. Every-one norther of that line is being told to either seek shelter or make sure to stay near strong buildings in case they hear something. Thousands of families slept in their bomb shelter tonight.

ALL THIS OVER JUST TWO SOLDIERS?!? Well, now, apparently there are more. So, all you hypocrites, who have said Israel is "over-reacting" over just ONE soldier, over-reacting meaning that Israel treasures human life over our enemies that do NOT, do we have permission now? How many soldiers have to be kidnapped, how many innocent civilians/non-combatant have to needlessly die or be injured (as they're indiscriminately targetted for death by those that wish to destroy us) before YOU say we have permission to properly defend ourselves?!? How much longer before we can untie our hands from behind our backs?!? Tell me!!


At 1:08 PM, Blogger Behemoth101 said...

There is a sharp dichotomy between the Hezbollah shadow government and the actual Lebanese government, which closely ressembles a Parliamentary Democracy.

While many sympathizers exist in the actual government, it is hardly a conservative estimate to say Hezbollah is a "part of" the government there.

Just thought you might like to know a minor detail.

At 1:47 PM, Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

Just to let you know a minor detail. Hezbollah, itself, holds several seats in the government. M'kay? Secondly, since Lebanon has not hold to its UN Security Council Resolution duties, an attack launched by a terrorist entity from another sovereign nation constitutes an attack by that country. If you need any other reasons, why don't you take a look at Afghanistan and Iraq, M'kay?

At 8:49 PM, Blogger Behemoth101 said...

You assume I agree with President Bush's doctrines. I was convinced back then during both invasions, because my life was run by fear, and I had trust in my government. Now, I don't. I can see how easy it is to believe such things, which is why I'm sympathetic to your outlook. Unfortunately, morality has to kick in at some point.

On the subject of Lebanese government, let's look at the logical statement "Hezbollah is a part of their government."

The "government" in a parliamentary system is either a clear dominating party, or a smaller party in league with a "kingmaker" moderate party, or a coalition of smaller parties, that in tandem (and usually not individually) exert a majority opinion. While the office of the president has lately been sympathetic to Syria, exhibiting a great deal of corruption, it is doubtful that Hezbollah, while an active party, has any de facto control over the beaurocratic affairs of Lebanon, at least in the Northern part.

Many Lebanese citizens feel as though Hezbollah are commandeering their nation, steering it into the crazy skid as it were. Many, based on the fact that Hzbl is funded by Lebanon's enemy Syria and by wannabe-super-power Iran, see Hezbollah as a foreign invading force on their land. Hezbollah is often regarded as overly militant, and a rival to the Lebanese army, which has only de jure control over the South. And finally, since Hezbollah is mostly made up of impoverished Palestinians, a thoroughly disliked group in Lebanon for a number of reasons (cultural, historical, affiliation-based reasons).

At 10:29 PM, Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

behemoth, it is clear that you have absolutely no understanding of what moral clarity is.

Hey, why don't you do me a favor? Provide a link to the source from where you got that information from. None of it true, and it really seems that you just copied and pasted that stuff from some-where.

Lastly, regardless of the factual basis of your claim, how is any of it relevant to what is going on now? Are you actually trying to use that as a basis for denying Israel the right to defend her sovereignty from a terrorist organization attacking her from the soil of another sovereign country, a sovereign country that shelters and allows said terrorist organization to remain in the government even after UN resolution declared that they must disband Hezbollah and its basis of operation in Beirut and Southern Lebanon. By the way, look at a map. Beirut is in the NORTH.


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