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Sunday, July 30, 2006

You Were Told to Leave... What Happened?

In light of what happened this morning in Kfar Qana, where over 30 children were killed, among 56 dead, there are at least two very important questions to ask. One, what were these people doing there in the first place? Two, why was this building bombed?

LGF has an excellent analysis of what happened this morning and its background. As the Foreign Minister of the EU and UN Secretary General condemn Israel and her attack this morning as inexcusable, it is vital to once again keep several things in mind. Many of them are the same things to keep in mind when discussing what happened with the UN outpost a few days ago.

There were over 50 people hiding out in this building. For over a week, the IDF dropped leaflets and even called peoples' homes (something unheard of and not done by any other army in the world) and told them to evacuate and head north of the Litani River. Of course, one might say that not everybody could leave. That is true. But, the UN was notified of these warnings. Why didn't they evacuate those who couldn't evacuate themselves? They got to the site fast enough this morning to clear the rubble and evacuate the bodies. They couldn't have evacuated the people before-hand? The IDF was letting them.

Regardless, numerous reports have come over the week, reports that have been down-played in the international MSM, that Hezbollah has actually been physically preventing people from leaving the southern region. They have threatened to kill those who try to leave. Knowing full well that the IDF has been warning people to leave and has been telling southern Lebanese residents that when the attack starts - the IDF purposely eliminated the very important strategic element of surprise by informing the citizens exactly when they would start the attack - they will assume that all villages are evacuated and any-one left is supporting or part of Hezbollah and is hence a combatant, the only logical conclusion that can be drawn from Hezbollah preventing residents from leaving is to ensure non-combatant casualties and to use non-combatants as shields and use their deaths as the perfect fodder for the PR war and in the obvious condemnations that would come against Israel. Their strategy has worked to a predictable T. Dozens of children died today, and the UN convened an emergency Security Council meeting for the specific purpose of condemning Israel's attack and once again calling for an immediate cease-fire. Match point goes to Hezbollah. The international community played right into their hands.

The IDF said, "Anyone who is hiding a Katyusha in their house shouldn't be surprised if their house isn't there in the morning." One who is supporting Hezbollah is not an innocent civilian by any international law. Channel 2 has been speaking with a Lebanese citizen living in Beirut on an almost daily basis. Our news, in its very democratic way, likes to do anything it can not to be biased. They interview Palestinian reporters to get their view on what's happening in Gaza and the West bank, and they interview Lebanese residents to get their take on what's happening over there. They've done hour specials on the Lebanese refugees, something they actually have NOT done for their own Israeli refugees. Today, this girl said she was not surprised that Hezbollah is hiding amongst civilians. On the other hand, she asked why Israel didn't check to see if non Hezbollah people were in the building. A very good question when you don't take any of the variables into account.

First of all, Hezbollah has had plenty of time to booby trap and rig buildings against IDF attacks. The Commander of the IAF made a statement to that effect in tonight's briefing by stating that a mere half a kilometer from the house that was bombed was another house that been rigged with explosives. The Commander also mentioned a 7 discrepency between the bombing of the building vicinity and when the building actually blew up. They didn't even directly hit the building. Could the the building have been booby trapped to allow Hezbollah to blow it up themselves? Was there explosives, rockets, or other munitions stored in the house that blew the house apart 7 HOURS after the IAF attack?(Remember again, they knew when the IDF attack was coming.) Had the IDF sent in recon units to verify whether there were non-combatants in the building, it is very likely to assume that they would have been ambushed and killed. It would have been too dangerous. Secondly, Hezbollah could have very easily sent the children outside or to the roof or shown their heads out the window. The IAF is not made up of a bunch of butchers and murderers, despite what you might think. Had they seen that there were children and other non-combatants in the building, I can guarantee that they would NOT have bombed the building. It is known that the IAF has not bombed or attacked terrorists about to fire rockets into Israel when they've seen them amongst non-combatants or holding childrens' hands (something they do all too often). They've not attacked in these instances even knowing that it was very possible that the rockets that were to be fired could kill Israeli civilians. Again, the IDF made it perfectly clear to these residents that when the attack started, they would consider the villages empty and any-one still there would be considered part of Hezbollah. Even with this warning, the IAF still would NOT have fired had they seen the children.

It is very possible to conclude that when Hezbollah saw the children, they told them to stay quiet and keep hiding, knowing full well what would happen. Oh, the martyrdom they would bring. 30 some odd children dying for Hezbollah's cause. What a victory they had today! The UN has convened an emergency session because of this. Israel is being condemned! These children are of the highest standards of martyrdom. I would not be surprised if Nasrallah came out today or within the next 36 hours in order to praise these childrens' sacrifices for Allah's cause; for Hezbollah's cause.

How do we know that these women and children aren't the families of Hezbollah terrorists? Remember, southern Lebanon is a state within a state, controlled by Hezbollah and made up of Hezbollah members and/or supporters. This section is autonomous and operates completely separately of the rest of the country. It does not answer to the Lebanese government, and they are not dared to be threatened by the Lebanese Army or Police. Hezbollah, along with the ginormous Arab birth-rate, has had almost 30 years to populate this region. It is highly unlikely that a family could last very long, read: live, in this region without either pledging support to Hezbollah, either verbally or by housing weapons and munitions, or joining Hezbollah. It can be inferred that at least some of these women and children were the wives and children of Hezbollah members. It is also highly likely to conclude that Hezbollah told them that they are NOT allowed to leave the area. Rest assured, Hezbollah has no problem and no moral qualms about using their women and children as human shields and "martyrs" for their greater cause against Israel.

The IDF knows that at least 150 katyusha rockets have been fired into Israel from Kfar Qana (This according to the IAF daily briefing being given right now on Channel 2) Hezbollah willingly use its own families and its towns own residents from which to shoot rockets into Israel. They then use the residents' house to hide in before they go out and fire more Katyushas and fight more with IDf soldiers. The UN and Mr. Anan and the EU can condemn Israel all they like for what happened this morning. They will give Hezbollah victory by using this event as an excuse to expediate a cease-fire. While Israel regrets and mourns the loss of the lives this morning, Hezbollah, Nasrallah, and the rest of Khomeinist fanatical world will celebrate their deaths. The world has to wake up and look at the center of the problem here. While Israel takes great pains, to the point of putting its citizens and soldiers in danger, to limit the loss of life, groups like Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and their kind go out of their way to put life in danger, to put their own children in the path of death. They don't treasure life. They long for death. Only they long for the death of others. Hezbollah has no problem shielding themselves with other human beings, because they are ready to sacrifice the lives of every Lebanese civilian in order to achieve their cause. They will hide behind their own wives and their children. They proudly parade their dead bodies in front of the cameras (Israel does NOT allow cameras to film dead bodies.). They will dress in civilian clothes and fire at soldiers and Israeli citizens from the backyard of their neighbors' houses where children are playing foot-ball. They have no problem violating international law by firing rockets and shooting at Israelis from within cemetaries and their own MOSQUES.

It's time for the world to wake up and realize who the real enemy is before Hezbollah is standing in front of the UN General Council with an explosives belt tied to their chests. Rest assured, this is what will happen. It is only a matter of time.

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