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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Adding my 2 cents (*UPDATE*)

LGF has an entire post about this photo that seems to have gone through a little "photo Shop treatment":

Read the entire this here
And here is my 2 cents to this fun and amusing story:
taking a look at the 2 photos you can see something very interesting:
The original AP photo is missing a building that appears in the Later Reuters photo.

That building that seems to have been "doubled" doesn't appear in the AP picture.
In fact the entire area behind the "smoke" is different than the AP picture.
This shows that they are 2 different pictures but more to the point - the Reuters picture has gone and added buildings that don't actually exist!

*UPDATE*: 3:19 PM: According to Media Backspin, Reuters has admitted that the above photo was edited and doctored by the photographer, Adnan Hajj. See Reuter's apology.

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