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Friday, August 04, 2006

Daily News Updates: Day 24

6:33 PM: Over 150 Katyush rockets have been fired into northern Israel since the start of this morning.

6:20 PM: Another person has died as a result of Katyusha attacks. The man was from the Arab town of Boeina. This is the 3rd fatality today, as a result of Katyushas. So far, 11 civilians have been killed by Katyushas in the past 2 days.

6:03 PM: The IDF is reporting that at least 1 Katyusha flew over Ramat HaGolan and landed on the Syria side of the border in Qunetra. The IDF is assuming that Hezbollah is attempting to get Syria involved in the fighting.

1 person has died from the village of Madgedal-Krum, as a result of Katyusha attack. At least 2 Arabs have died in today's attacks in addition to the 3 that were killed yesterday when a rocket hit a car near Maalot, as they were heading to a bomb shelter.

A reservist soldier has been seriously injured as a result of a Katyuhsa attack in the upper Galilee.

5:30 PM: MDA is reporting that the report that a person died from injuries suffered in Kiryat Shmona was a mistake.

It is being reporting that the person that died from a Katyusha attack on Kfar Marar (*I spelled it wrong before*) was a mother of 2; Manal Azzam, 27.

No soldiers were injured after Palestinian gun-men opened fire on IDF troops near Jenin.

4:51 PM: 2 people were moderately injured in the Katyusha attacks on Tzfat.

A Kassam rocket shot from Jabalya in Gaza that was intended for the Westen Negev landed within Gaza.

6 prisoners in the Jericho prison have been killed by rival gangs.

4:00 PM: Just released for publication: 1 of the people that were seriously wounded from Katyusha attacks in Kiryat Shmona has died from their injuries.

Also, the name of the 2nd soldier that died has been released for publication: Amri Chaim Almikayis-Yaakobovich (sp?), 20, from Ramla.

3:58 PM: In Tiberias, the latest Katyusha attack resulted in a rocket directly hitting a house. There are reports of injuries, but no further information has been given at this time.

3:28 PM: Since the start of this morning, at least 120 Katyusha rockets have been shot into northern Israel.

2:56 PM: MDA is reporting that of the 10 people injured from Katyusha attacks in Kiryat Shmona, one person has been very seriously wounded and another has been seriously wounded.

In the latest rocket barrage on Maalot, 1 person has been seriously injured.

1 of the seriously injured from Kiryat Shmona and another person seriously injured in Shaar Yishuv have been evacuated by helicopter to Rambam Hospital in Haifa.

2:51 PM: Just released for publication: 2 soldiers were killed last night in Kfar Markava, in southern Lebanon. One of the names have have been released: Daniel Shiron, 20, from Haifa. Another soldier was severely injured.

More than 30 terrorists have been injured during the Operation currently going on in Rafiah, in southern Gaza.

In addition to the 1 seriously injured in Kiryat Shmona, 4 other people have been wounded by shrapnel in the city.

2:29: 1 person has been killed as a result of a Katyusha attack on a settlement in the north.

The person who was seriously injured from an attack in Kfar Ma'ar has died from his wounds, according to MDA.

Contrary to Maariv's sources, the sirens that went off in Zichron Yaakov and Binyamina were false alarms.

2:23 PM: At least 1 person has been seriously injured from a rocket attack in Kiryat Shmona. The rocket hit a car directly.

Rockets have also fallen in Nahariya, Tzfat, and Carmiel.

2:14 PM: For the first time since the fighting began, air-raid sirens sounded in Yoqnam, warning of incoming Katyushas. No information of falls.

Sirens have also sounded in Zichron Yaakov and Binaymina. These are not false alarms according to Maariv's sources. No reports yet on falls.

MDA is reporting that 1 person was seriously injured from a Katyusha attack in Kfar Ma'ar.

1:54 PM: The sirens that went off several minutes ago have resulted in a rocket barrage in western Galilee. Rockets were reported to have fallen near Naharyia and Shlomi. There are reports of injuries, but no further information has been given.

A huge fire has broken out near the industrial area in Kiryat-Bialik. At least 5 fire brigades are on the scene fighting th fire.

1:33 PM: Since the IDF began operations in the village of A-Taiba, at least 20 terrorists have been killed.

The IDF is going to call up another Brigade of reservists.

Sirens have gone off in Naharyia, Maalot, and Shlomi. No reports yet on falls.

At least 2 Katyushas have fallen in an open area in Tzfat just now. No reports of injuries.

12:28 PM: A senior member of Hezbollah said that the only sollution to the current crisis is a cease-fire on Israel's part, and evacuating from all conquered land.

Katyushas have been falling in northern Israel, following yesterday's 163 attacks. Places that have been hit include Maalot, Carmiel, Kiryat Shmona, and Naharyia.

IDF forces killed 5 Hezbollah terrorists during fighting in southern Lebanon.

At least 11 terrorists were arrested in counter-terror operations in Judea and Samaria last night.

At least 2 soldiers were injured this morning in fighting in southern Lebanon; 1 moderately wounded and 1 lightly.

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