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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Daily News Updates: Day 28

7:24 PM: The UN Security Council will meet tonight to discuss the possibility of placing an international force in southern Lebanon.

7:21 PM: Since fighting began, more than 3,200 Katyushas have been fired into northern Israel.

A Katyusha that landed in Naharyia damage a chicken coup and a fruit field.

During fighting in Bint-J'Beil, 2 Merkava tanks were hit injuring 6 soldiers.

IDF forces operating in the village of Maron A-Ras, in southern Lebanon, destroyed at least 1 rocket launcher.

A pipe bomb was dicovered on a road near a settlement leading to Maale Adumim. Police are on the scene, and the road is closed to traffic until further notice.

6:38 PM: Just finished watching the Police blow up a "Chefetz Chashud"= Suspicious Object, that was found on a bus line, right across the street. Have some pics and video. Will put up later tonight.

Over 170 Rockets have rained down on northern Israel, so far, today.

At least 10 Katyushas fell in open fields in Carmiel and Nahariya in one barrage. No reports on injuries or damage.

5:39 PM: Watched an interview on Channel 2 about an hour ago in which the EU Represenative to Israel was interviewed about his experiences visiting up north and the thoughts of the European Union. The most striking part of the interview, and the news-caster did not let him get away with it, was that the Representative refused to answer whether the EU will now define Hezbollah as a terrorist organization or whether he'll pressure Brussels to do the same. After not answering the question twice, the news-caster told him that it's very frustrating, with everything going on, that the Represenatative refused to answer the question and define whether or not the EU sees Hezbollah as a terrorist organization. As the news-caster said, "You are obviously a very good diplomat".

1 person was moderately wounded, along with 4 others, when a Katyusha hit a home in Maalot.

While the fighting is going on, The Ministry of Interior is sending 226 million shekels to the north. The Finance Minister said that there is no reason to raise taxes following the results of the war.

The IDF has not confirmed or denied reports by Reuters that the IAF struck a neighborhood in southern Beirut while a funeral procession was going on. (*Update! The third scandal in three days has hit Reuters. This was false report that has been corrected by the Reuters website. No apology has been given.*)

Israeli Chief Of Staff Halutz has appointed his deputy to be his representative in the Northern Command. This move comes after reports that state that the IDF will drastically expand its ground operation on Wednesday.

3:06 PM: Since the fighting began, IDF forces have killed at least 470 Hezbollah fighters and terrorists.

At this time, over 70 rockets have hit northern Israel today. There have been no serious injuries, but there has been heavy damage to buildings in areas like Maalot and Kiryat Shmona. The Mayor of Kiryat Shmona is trying to urge the government and other organizations to help evacuate the remaining residents of the town. Kiryat Shmona has been one of the heaviest hit areas since Hezbollah began firing rockets into Israel almost a month ago.

IDF forces operating in northern Gaza have been able to thwart an attempt by terrorists to infiltrate the security fence. After the men refused to step away from the fence once spotted, the troops fired warning shots, and the perpetrators left.

The Commander of Home-Front Command is urging northern residents to listen to their instructions. Last week, 5 people in Acco died after exiting a bomb shelter minutes after a barrage, only to be killed by a second barrage right as the left. The General told reporters that he was upset that people are not listening to the instructions and warning of Home-Front Command. People are told to wait in bomb shelters at least 15 minutes after a siren goes off or to wait until an "all clear" signal is given.

Over 3,050 Katyusha rockets have been launched into northern Israel since fighting began.

"Catch Me Up!": 2 soldiers were killed and several more injured during fighting last night in southern Lebanon. They were killed by anti-tank missiles.

In her speech in a full meeting in the Knesset this morning, FM Livni told Lebanese PM Seniora to stop crying and start working on building a country that will have a better future.

UN Secretary General Kofi Anan has called for a more comprehensive investigation into the Qana incident, in which 28 people were killed. He says that initial reports point to "patterns of violation" of international that warrants further investigations.

The city of Tel-Avi - Jaffa will host residents of Kiryat Shmona in their hotels. In addition to the this, the City has set aside 2.5 million shekels in their budget in order to create Kindergartens and camps for the kids from the north.

Rockets continue to fall throughout the north. There have been light injuries reported and some damage to buildings. In Maalot, a hall was damaged. There have been no reports of any serious injuries.

The IDF has decided to send the Givati Brigade, which has been fighting in Gaza, to the north ahead of the massive incursion into Lebanon that has been planned for Wednesday.

According to a London paper, the terrorist groups that are holding Cpl Gilad Shalit captive are demanding that at least 12 top Palestinian prisoners be released from Israeli custody; including former Tanzim head Marwan Bargouti and Ahmad Sa'adat, who was involved in the assassination of Minister Rehavam Ze'evi.

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