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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Daily News Updates: Day 29

6:53 PM: The IAF has attacked one of Al-Manar TV's broadcasting buildings.

The US is calling on Israel to use the "most caution" possible in order to prevent "civilian" casualties. (*Yeah, look who's talking, and I haven't heard them ask Hezbollah to do that also.*)

5:43 PM: The Security Cabinet adjurned about an hour ago and has authorizes the expansion of ground operations in southern Lebanon. It has been reported that at least 30,000 troops will enter the region in an attempt to "flush out" Hezbollah from the border northward, until the Litani River.

Hezbollah is admitting that the IDF has killed 4 of its men. The IDF has said that over 400 Hezbollah fighters and terrorists have been killed.

DM Peretz said that that the government is committed to developing the Galilee the day after the war is over.

The British Interior Minister called terror the biggest threat to the world since World War II.

It is being reported that the Navy is assisting the IAF's attacks, right now, in southern Beirut.

3:57 PM: The Security Cabinet is still discussing whether to expand the ground operations in southern Lebanon.

Russia is calling on Israel to relase the PA spokes-person that they arrested last week-end.

Hezbollah is claiming that the rocket that they launched at Zichron Yaakov was the Khaibar-1, an Iranian-made missile. This is the first time since fighting began that Zichron Yaakov has been hit by a rocket. They are 60 kilometers from the border.

Fires have broken out in the Maalot area due to to Katyusha attacks.

Several homes in kiryat Shmona have been directly hit by Katyushas. No reports on injuries. The residents are still being evacuated from the city.

The British Ambassador to the UN is estimating that the Security Council will meet to discuss a cease-fire on Thursday.

The Lebanese government is accusing Israel of refusing a cease-fire based on his claim that Israel is simply trying to buy time in order to increase its attacks on Lebanon.

1 person was injured after a Katyusha hit Tzfat.

1:31 PM: Hezbollah used their long range missiles today. These missiles fell in Beit-Shaan, Afula, and, as yet unconfirmed, the Jenin area. One was heading over Haifa when it broke apart in mid-air.

2 soldiers were killed in last night's fighting in southern Lebanon.

Heavy rocket barrages have been falling on Kiryat Shmona, as the government works to evacuate all remaining residents from the city. Word from Fox News is that they will be evacuated to Tiberias for the time-being. Tiberias has also been hit by Katyushas, but nowhere near the amount of Kiryat Shmona.

There have been reports of Katyushas falling in Haifa. No report yet on where they hit, or if there were any injuries.

11:53 AM: The Palestinians are claiming that at least 4 Katyushas have fallen in the Jenin area. There are no reports of casualties. If this report is true, it would mark the second time that a Katyusha has fallen in the West Bank, the farthest south that a Katyusha has landed since the fighting began.

The Security Cabinet has been meeting this morning to discuss the possibility of expanding the ground operation to 30,000 ground troops.

Katyushas also fell in Emek Beit-Shaan. No reports of injuries.

4 Katyushas fell in the Mount Gilboa area. No reports of injuries.

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