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Saturday, August 12, 2006


Last night, on August 11th, exactly one month until the 5th Anniversary of September 11th, the United States and the West showed that they have learned absolutely NOTHING from the catastrophic attack that occurred on their soil 5 years ago and since then, in Madrid, London, etc. The United Nations ("Useless Neandrathals") also showed why they are completely useless and are totally unable to cope with the realities of terrorism and despots around the world. The UN Security Council passed Resolution 1701, which does nothing that is required to help the situation, for Israel against Hezbollah, improve. Let's go over the Resolution and see how utterly useless and pointless it is, and how Israel and the world will see much worse terrorism from Hezbollah in the future.

But, first, a short examination of Israel's reaction to the Resolution. First of all, Israeli PM Olmert will announce tomorrow that Israel has officially accepted the terms of the Resolution. Lebanese PM Seniora has yet to give his support. He will be speaking with President Bush later this evening. (*Update: Lebanon has officially accepted the terms.*) Nasrallah anounced that Hezbollah will accept the terms of the cease-fire, BUT that as long as one Israeli soldier sits on Lebanese soil, Hezbollah has the full right to fight against Israel. Let us not forget that Nasrallah and Hezbollah sees the Shabaa Farms as Lebanese land; not Syrian. Therefore, as long as Israel occupies the area, EVEN AFTER the UN again states that Israel has officially left all Lebanese land in accordance with the Resolution, Hezbollah will contend that they still have the complete right to fight against Israel. In essence, Nasrallah has committed to nothing, and Hezbollah is in the clear to keep attackin Israel's sovereignty.

Secondly, right after the word came in that Israel would accept this agreement, "Defense" Minister Peretz authorized the expansion and intensification of the military operation that had been stalled for 2 days. The Army began the operation that it should have done over 2 weeks ago. The results were instantaneous. Although 7 soldiers have been publicized to be killed, Hezbollah is already in a bad spot. The entire area from the Litani River to the southern River has been choked off. Hezbollah cannot get supplies of any kind. The fact that this is going so well shows that an investigation into what happened in the past 32 days is of the utmost necessity. Most likely, it is an investigation that must go all the way to the top in order for any honest and rigorous corrections to be made. I can't even begin to go into all the questions that must be asked here. The most pressing for me, personally, is Based on the results of last night's Resolution, what was the point of the past month? What did the over 100 soldiers die for? Why paralyze 1/3 of the population if you planned a worse situation that you had before the war started? The cease-fire is supposed to take effect Monday morning, at 7:00 AM. By that point, one can only estimate that the IDF will have accomplished somewhere between 20-30% of their desired goal.

It can't be said enough, and I expect the Democratic Party to take full advantage of this, that the United States handed the terrorists a victory on a silver platter. They gave in to Hezbollah's terms for a cease-fire. It is a simple fact, and I will show how when we look over the main points of the actual Resolution. But, let me put it this way. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice looked the American people in the eye for over 2 weeks and promised them that they would not allow the situation in southern Lebanon to return to the status quo ante and that they would create a "New Middle East"; one in which the Hezbollah terrorist organization would not have free reign to hold the Lebanese people hostage; one in which Syria and Iran would not be the puppet masters in Lebanon. SHE is the one who sat at the Security Council table, and SHE is the one who lifted her hand in a "yay" vote for this Resolution. The responsibility is on her shoulders. Basically, she lied to the American people. The country that refused to consider to speak with Bin-Laden when he offered a cease-fire proposal forced another country to sit at the table with a terrorist organization that many political analysts consider more advanced, lethal, and organized than Al-Queda. Somehow, the fact that Hezbollah is a world-wide terrorist organization and it was HEZBOLLAH that slaughtered more than 200 United States Marines in 1983 was glossed over by the United States. Some-how, Secretary Rice wanted to ease the way for Israel and the West's suicide by making it seem that this was only a regional problem constricted to Israel and not the problem for the United States and the entire Free World. As I said before, with this agreement, expect to see more terrorism throughout the world and in Iraq and Afghanistan. The very countries sworn to fight the War on Terrorism handed those very terrorists a most handsome victory for them to build upon.

The Americans, led by Secretary Rice, stated for over 2 weeks that UNIFIL was useless and that Chapter 7 force must be in place in order for the situation on the ground in southern Lebanon to change. However, after Hezbollah threatened that they would collapse the Lebanese government and kill any international force, other than UNIFIL, on the ground if they passed a Resolution giving the force Chapter 7 powers, the United States changed its tune. Can the fact that the Resolution Rice voted for includes UNIFIL continuing to operate in southern Lebanon and that they will NOT have Chapter 7 force anything OTHER than capitulation to terrorist demands?!? I wonder how Secretary Rice and even President Bush, for that matter, will look straight into the cameras and straight into the eyes of the American people and the world and state that this Resolution has changed the situation for the better, that the world is safer because of it, that terrorism lost, and that they have NOT returned to the status quo ante. I really wonder how many time they will have to practice that speech, so that they can say those words with a straight face. Condoleeza Rice has lost all credibility in my eyes.

What the Resolution Says:
1) For 30 days, PM Olmert said that the basis for any cease-fire agreement would be the unconditional return of the 2 kidnapped soldiers. What does the Resolution say?
Well, the Resolution, itself, does NOT have any provision for the return of the kidnapped soldiers. Where is it mentioned? IN THE INTRODUCTION!!! The "request" that the soldiers be unconditionally returned to Israel is only mentioned IN THE INTRODUCTION. This does NOT hold Hezbollah to anything, and in Nasrallah's speech tonight, he did NOT MENTION anything in regards to the kidnapped soldiers. For all intents and purposes, we can say that Olmert and the United States failed to achieve this objective. Expect to see the IDF withdraw from Lebanon WITHOUT the soldiers in their hands.

2) For 30 days, PM Olmert, DM Peretz, and Secretary Rice stated that the situation with UNIFIL was unacceptable and utterly useless. In the 30 some odd years that they have been stationed as an INTERIM Force, they have failed to accomplish any "peace" objectives. Terrorism has been allowed free reign, and Hezbollah was allowed to arm themselves to the teeth with utter abandonment. Peretz demanded a NATO force. PM Olmert and Secretary Rice demanded that an independent International Force with actual Chapter 7 enforcement powers be placed in southern Lebanon so as not to create a vacuum within which Hezbollah could regenerate without disruption by UNIFIL. So what does the Resolution say?
In order to support Lebanon's deployment of 15,000 troops to the southern region, UNIFIL forces will be increases from 2,000 to 15,000 "robust" forces. Will they have Chapter 7 enforcement powers? NO. They're basically being given Chapter 6 1/2 powers. Meaning, they will have weapons, but they cannot engage Hezbollah unless it's utterly necessary. Who decides when it's necessary? Why, the UN Secretary General does. This is the exact reason that Rice and Olmert were demanding an independent force not run by the Secretary General. You might be asking how this returns us to the status quo ante if there are more UNIFIL troops and Lebanese troops? And, they kind of, sort of have the power to engage Hezbollah? Well, it is well known that the Lebanese Army will NOT engage and fight or force Hezbollah to disarm. This is obvious. If 15,000 Lebanese troops were enough to disarm Hezbollah, why hasn't this been done in the past 6 years??? UNIFIL is just as USELESS as they were before, there are just more of them to stand in the line of fire. Do you honestly believe that any Secretary General will allow UNIFIL to use force not given to them by direct Chapter 7 provisions? If you think the answer to this question is yes, than you need to pick up a book that deals with the history of the UN and read it very carefully.

3) For 30 days, Secretary Rice and PM Olmert repeatedly stated that the immediate disarmament of Hezbollah was vital to any effective change on the ground. If they weren't immediately disarmed of their rockets, launchers, and munitions, they would have that much more to build upon for their future offensive. What does the Resulution say?
There is NO call for the immediate disarmement of Hezbollah. Instead, there will be an embargo placed on weapons scheduled to be sent to Lebanon. Also, no weapons are allowed to be shipped into Lebanon, unless authorized by the Lebanese government. This creates the situation, where if the Lebanese government authorizes weapons shipments and then goes ahead and gives these weapons to Hezbollah, THAT'S COMPLETELY LEGITIMATE. It's the exact loop-hole that Hezbollah was hoping for and putting pressure on the Lebanese government and the UN to achieve. Again, Hezbollah threatens, and the world has given into their demands. Yes, the Resolution calls for the enforcement of 1559 that calls for the disarmement of all non-Army militant groups in Lebanon, but it has not been enforced until now, and there is nothing in this new Resolution that puts the proper provisions in place to achieve that goal now.

Related to this is the prohibition against foreign forces inside Lebanon without the authorization of the Lebanese government. This works in Hezbollah's favor in 2 ways. First of all, this provision is placed in all Resolutions pertaining to when UN forces are placed in all foreign countries. It puts the UN in the clear when they say that they are not violating the sovereignty of a foreign country. It also puts UN in the clear when said government wants to get into a war with the country that the UN was supposed to keep the "peace" between, so they ask the UN forces to leave. Then, the UN states that they can't be on a sovereign country's soil without said government's permission. If they don't leave when asked, they're occupiers. Hence, they get to say they kept the "peace". See the 1967 Israeli-Arab War for a perfect example of their utter uselessness. The second part of this provision also allows Lebanon to bring in foreign Armies and such if they want. Therefore, when Hezbollah takes over the government's majority or puts more pressure to bear than even now, they are fully within their rights to bring the Syrian Army back in. Good one!

4)For the past 30 days, Secretary Rice and PM Olmert repeatedly stated that the IDF forces will NOT leave southern Lebanon until a new international force and/or the Lebanese Army was stationed in the region so as not to create that vacuum for Hezbollah to return and regenerate. PM Olmert added that the IDF forces would also continue to operate until that force was in place to take over for them. What does the Resolution say?
"The immediate cessation of hotilities." Meaning, as soon as the cease-fire takes effect on Monday morning, the IDF will have to stop ALL offensive operations in the southern region. However, they won't leave until the international force is in place. One of most worrying things here is the fact that this agreement is between Israel and Lebanon; not Israel and Hezbollah. Meaning, Hezbollah, techincally, is not bound by the agreement. What are the provisions if Hezbollah continues to fire rockets after Monday morning, 7:00 AM? None. Therefore, Israel has already stated that if after the Resolution takes effect on Monday, Hezbollah shoots so much as a "paper-clip" into Israel, the Resolution will be null and void, and IDF will be free to attack. This is one of the main excusese Peretz is using tonight to state why he waited 2 1/2 weeks to do the operation he's doing now. He said that there is no guarantee this cease-fire will happen or be kept by Hezbollah. Therefore, the IDF has to position itself in a way that it can carry out a massive offensive. This is utter crap, to say the least. This will be his line when the investigation starts out. I'll use the analogy that was used tonight. It's a soccer analogy, so bear with me. Basically, Israel is trying to make a last wave attack after the referee already said the game was over. He's playing 3 sides of the coin, and none of them are good. In the process, they're screwing themselves and the rest of the country.

These are the main points of the Resolution. Reading over each one shows how much the terrorists, all terrorists of the world, have won. Even if Hezbollah saves us and violates the agreement, and Nasrallah gets killed, the very fact that Israel, America, and the super powers of the world have given in to their terms, capitulated to their demands, gives every single terrorist in the world HOPE and, by proxy, a huge victory. Now, every group will think that when push comes to shove, they can get the super powers to come to their knees and give into their demands. They just have to know where to prod. They'll keep trying until they find the right spots.

Hezbollah is a world-wide terrorist organization, with operatives and cells in every Western country. You think this past week's foiled terrorist plot was bad? Watch what happens after this agreement is signed, and Hezbollah becomes the Icon and super-idols in the terrorist and despotic world....

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