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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Keep it in Perspective (part 2)

Hezbollah and the International MSM would have you believe that all of Beirut is up in flames and burning in Ashes. However let’s take a closer look at what the truth really is and what Hezbollah and the media does not want you to see. The pictures seen here are an example of the typical photos that have been seeing in the past 3 and a half weeks of fighting. They usually show destroyed building juxtaposed with comments referencing the total destruction of Beirut (These 2 are courtesy of Reuters). If pictures really do say 1000 words, what are these pictures trying to tell us.

Now let’s put this all into perspective. Below are 2 areal photos with a before and after split, taken of the area that the IAF has bombed in Beirut since the beginning of the war.


Now let’s zoom out a bit and take a look at this same area in comparison to the entire city of Beirut. The area seen in the pictures above is marked as the black square in the photo below:


Need we say more??


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