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Thursday, August 24, 2006

My Thought Of The Day

As I wait for the next round of fighting to begin up north and from the terrorists I'm squeezed between within Israel, I've some-what disasociated myself from the news here. I have no patience or care to hear about all the investigations going on. I have lost all interest in hearing more excuses, and watching as Peretz and Olmert attempt to cover their butts by stating that more technological advances are needed to defeat the enemy, not a correction in the way the government handles its military arm. It's like a corroding bike in my mind. As I watch this government slip deeper down the rabbit hole, I'm absolutely detached and sickened by what I see. I keep feeling that they need to just flush this current regime down the toilet and start over again. Call in the clea-up crew. Something doesn't just smell fishy, something exploded in Denmark.

In any case, to me what's happening in the world - or the West - is juxtaposed with what's happening in Lebanon, Syria, and Iran. As I watch one side forge ahead in a unified and purposeful direction, I watch the other stemmer and stutter and generally run around in circles like a dog chasing its tail, or in this case diplomacy chasing insanity, with no real purpose, no real resolve, and no real will to survive. Then, it hits me. I know exactly what this scene looks like:
It's as if we're aboard the Titanic. Only this time, we clearly see the iceberg ahead, but we still don't do anything to turn the wheel to avoid hitting it. We just stare it, dumbfounded, as we smash into it. As Shakespeare said, "The rest is silence".


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