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Monday, August 14, 2006

News Headlines: ("Cease-Fire") Day 34

5:44 PM: Doctors are reporting that former PM Sharon's condition continues to deteriorate. Both, his MRI and CT scan show that his condition is worsening.

Home-Front Comman is asking people that are in the "line of fire" to continue to stay in their bomb shelters until further notice.

5:14 PM: Released for publication: 2 soldiers were killed during last night's fighting.

A full Knesset meeting was held earlier this afternoon in which PM Olmert spoke about Israeli "gains" in this war. (*I'm not even going over his remarks, because I can't even stomach it right now.*)
Opposition and Likud Leader Netanyahu said:
-The operation against Hezbollah has clearly and difinitively put an end to the concept of unilateral withdrawal.
-The government needs unity, but it also needs to do some serious close introspection of what has happened over the past 4 weeks.
-He critisized the government for not declaring an emergency situation at the onset of the conflict. He also chastized PM Olmert for failing to achieve, contradicting Olmert's claims that it was, the main objectives of the conflict, which were the return of the 2 kidnapped soldiers, and the disarming of Hezbollah.
-There were numerous failures in the management of the war.

Even an Arab Knesset member said that Olmert's speech proved that he was completely disconnected from reality and is unwilling and/or not ready to admitt his mistakes. (*He was probably referring to Olmert even attempting to fight Hezbollah, but his remarks are correct, none-the-less.*)

4:18 PM: In what sounded like an ominous statement, The Lebanese Ambassador to the UN said that "Lebanon will be, I think, the last state to sign a peace treaty with Israel." The diplomat added that the 15,000 Lebanese soldiers to be dispatched to south Lebanon to help keep the peace alongside a similarly-sized international UN force "are not going to use force" to disarm the Hezbollah militia which has been battling Israel.
"Hezbollah will just leave the area as armed elements as I understand it, and the Lebanese army will take over the whole region along with the United Nations forces," he said. (*How is this Resolution any different than 1559 again???*)

3:59 PM: An explosion was heard in the area on Manara. It is being investigated whether a Katyusha fell.

2:50 PM: Israeli DM Peretz said that Israel won't allow Hezbollah to rebuild its forces. (*How he plans on doing that remains a mystery.*)

-According to Army Commanders up north, the government has order them not to open fire on Hezbollah forces unless they feel there is an imminent threat.

-In response to the reports that thousands of southern Lebanese refugees are attempting to return to their homes, the IDF urged them not to come until their forces had left and the Lebanese Army was in place. They told the refugees that Hezbollah is still a threat, there are unexploded ordanances, and their lives were still in danger.

-Hezbollah has come on the air, doing their Al-Manar broadcasts in a bombed out building in southern Beirut.

Here's what's happened since the cease-fire took effect this morning:
-Several air-raid sirens were heard throughout the north, but, so far, no rockets have been confirmed to have fallen. (*Don't worry. It's early.*)

-*This is a good one*: Lebanese commanders have announced that 15,000 Lebanese troops will be deployed to the south only if they're the only ones with weapons. According to a London Arab newspaper, Hezbollah has made a "compromise" with the Army in which they agree to conceal their weapons when the Army is deployed south of the Litani.

-The Army is very concerned about the next 2 weeks. They know that they will remain in Lebanon until the replacement "force" comes in to take their place. However, they have not been given clear rules of engagement, and they have not been instructed about what to do when Syria attempts to smuggle in weapons through the border.

-116 Israeli Soldiers have been killed since the start of the conflict. (*This completely makes up for the past 6 years. Why? Barak and The Four Mothers Movement couldn't stand that, on average, about 15 soldiers were dying in Lebanon every year that Israel was in south Lebanon. With this number, an average of 19.33 soldiers have died for every year we retreated from Lebanon.*)

-161 people who were wounded since the beginning of fighting are still in the hospital at this time.

-Hezbollah attempted to open fire on IDF forces in a southern Lebanese village. The IDF returned fire, killed at least 1 terrorist, and wounded several others. No IDF troops were injured during this fight.

-*The most rediculous item of the day*: Even-though fighting is still going on between Hezbollah and the IDF in the south, thousands of refugees have begun to return to their homes. *Yay!! More martyrs!!*

-Already 8,000 claims have come into the government for war damages.

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At 2:19 PM, Blogger Osaid Rasheed said...

/-*The most rediculous item of the day*: Even-though fighting is still going on between Hezbollah and the IDF in the south, thousands of refugees have begun to return to their homes. *Yay!! More martyrs!!*/

The most Radiculous part of teh whole war is that the 'moral IDF' will have to negotite with a 'terror organization' at the end !!! This is the most radiculous !

At 3:47 PM, Blogger Olah Chadasha said...

Yes, that is most ridiculous. What is even more ridiculous is that you put terrorist organization in quotation marks and couldn't care less how many innocent people are killed because of them.


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