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Thursday, August 10, 2006

News Headlines: Day 30, August 10th

Here are the headlines that correspond with the video since it is in Hebrew:
-More than 90 Katyushas have fallen since the morning hours.
-2 Killed and one person was seriously wounded in the Katyusha attack on Deir Al-Asad
-Heavy fire-fights going between Hezbollah and IDF forces in the southern Lebanese villages of Al-Chiam and Marge'Iyun. Several soldiers have been wounded.
-IAF is attacking targets in Tzur (Tyre) and southern Beirut. Among their targets are antennas used by Hezbollah for broadcasting.
-The IDF has released the names of 8 of the 15 soldiers that were killed last night.
-40 soldiers were wounded; 5 of them seriously, in last night's fighting.
-The Knesset has decided to halt its approved military intensification for 2-3 days while diplomatic efforts for a cease-fire are discussed. (Many of the top echelon in the Army are enraged by the government's decision.)
-An Israeli-Bedoui from the village of Beit Zarzir has been arrested on suspicion of collaborating with and passing information to Hezbollah.
-The UK is on high alert after a terror plot was disrupted late last night. All flights from Tel-Aviv's Ben-Gurion Airport to Britain's Heathrow Airport have been cancelled until further notice.

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