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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

News Updates: Week 3, Day 21, August 1st

6:17 PM: As the fighting between Hezbollah and the IDF continues throughout southern Lebanon, in Itta A-Shab, at least 20 Hezbollah fighters have been injured and at least 10 killed.

Since the beginning of fighting, the IDF has killed at least 400 members of Hezbollah.

The President of Iran has officially rejected the ultimatum set for by the UN Security Council, whereby they would have to halt all uranium enrichment and nuclear programs by August 31st or face sanctions.

Britain and Germany has rejected the immediate cease-fire proposal put forth by the EU, for the Israel-Lebanon conflict.

The IDF is once again dropping leaflets, in towns of southern Lebanon that they are planning to attack, urging residents to head north of the Litani River.

In a protest against the Israel-Lebanon conflict in Ramallah today, member of Fatah publically stated their support for Hezbollah's desire to bomb Tel-Aviv.

2:48 PM: Senior Hamas member, Chalad Mashal, said that Israel is "hopeless" against Hezbollah. He also said that Israel "will not succeed to break the will of the resistance of the Palestinian and Lebanese people." He also said, "that the possibility has been given to defeat Israel, but the task demands lots of effort."

Right now, the IAF is attacking Hezbollah launch sites in the city of Tzur, in southern Lebanon.

The military Rabbinate has exempted all soldiers fighting on the front lines from fasting on Tisha B'Av, which starts tomorrow night.

One of the religious leaders in Iran is calling on all Muslim countries to arm Hezbollah.

Israeli FM Livni said that Israel will allow a multi-national force to position itself in southern Lebanon before the area is completely cleared of Hezbollah. She said Israel is ready to accept the force at the earliest possible time, and that Israel will be ready to continue operating its missions while this is happening in its goal to clean the area of Hezbollah terrorists.

The Security Cabinet has authorized the call up of 3 more reserve divisions.

1:34 PM: IDF forces have injured at least 20 armed Hezbollah fighters and killed many others, in the town of Ita A-Shab, as fighting in southern Lebanon continues.

Members of the European Union stated that Israel will not be able to beat Hezbollah militarily. (*Of course, when John Murtha and Kerry and their ilk say that the Coalition Forces can't win militarily in Iraq, people go ape, but saying that about Israel is OK. Never mind the fact that Israel is winning the war on terrorism militarily and has had much more success in it than any other country in the world. Those Europeans, they're so silly...*)

A protest against the war in Lebanon took place in Eastern Jerusalem this morning. It was held in front of the American Consulate. The protest was a violent one, and ended after 5 people were arrested.

12:24 PM: At around 2:00 AM last night, the Israeli Security Cabinet decided to "step up" and widen the ground offensive in southern Lebanon.

The ground offensive is currently going on in several southern Lebanese villages. Heavy fighting is going being the IDF and Hezbollah in the village Ita Ashab.

In a meeting with diplomats in Damascus, President Assad said he had no intention of intervening in the situation in Lebanon and stated that he had no problem with what was happening.

Several Kassam rockets have been fired into the Western Negev, from Gaza, since last night and this morning. Property damage was reported, but no reports of injuries.

Home-front Command and the Department of Health have opened up a center, in Kiryat Atta, for people suffering from shock as a result of the Katyusha attacks that started exactly 3 weeks ago.

A PA newspaper is reporting that the negotiations to free kidnapped soldier, Cpl Gilad Shalit, are progressing. The paper said that talks are now at exchanging 700 Palestinian prisoners for the soldier.

Palestinians opened fire on soldiers stationed at Beit Haiggai this morning. No reports of injuries.

The IAF struck a Hezbollah strong-hold this morning and also fired on Hezbollah guerillas fighting against IDF troops. They also fired on a Hezbollah position on the Syrian-Lebanese border.

In response, Syria has put its military on high alert and called up reserves. Syrian President Assad has warned Israel that if they attack his country, he will "responsd".

A poll comissioned by the Likud party shows that 55% of Israelis believes that world outcry against Israel's war against Hezbollah is a result of anti-semitism. 37% believe it is out of humanitarian concern.

Shortly after UEFA cancelled all foot-ball games in Israel for the time being, Depeche Mode cancelled it's Tisha B'Av concert that was scheduled to be played in Tel-Aviv. The band stated that too much of its technical staff were refusing to fly to Israel due to "recent devlopments" in the war - possibly alluding to the Kfar Kana incident - and Israel's "image in the world" did not help. This announcement came late last night and only a day after promoters told Israeli media that only rockets falling in Tel-Aviv would stop the concert from going on.

Mortar shells and Katyusha rockets are being fired into northern Israel today. The increase in mortar could possibily be a result of the IDF's claim that they eliminated the majority of Hezbollah's launchers and that even with thousands of rockets left in their aresenal, they are limited in how and where they can fire them.

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