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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Nightly News Updates: Day 21

11:26 PM: Released for publication: The name of one of the soldiers killed has been released- Yonatan Einhorn, 22, from the Gimzo Yishuv.

10:56 PM: 5 IDF soldiers have been injured, 3 of them moderately wounded, by mortar explosions on the Lebanese border. The mortars were fired by Hezbollah.

The IAF has attacked targets in Baal-Beck, which is in the Lebanese Baka'a Valley.

Hezbollah has fired more mortar shells, along with Katyusha rockets, into the north tonight. No reported injuries.

9:58 PM:Just released for publication: 1 officer and 2 soldiers were killed this morning in the fighting at Ita A-Shaab. Approximately 25 soldiers were wounded.

Several Katyusha rockets have been falling in the north since night-fall. Northern residents will be spending the night, once again, in bomb shelters. There have been no reports of injuries from today's rocket attacks.

The Syrian FM is accusing Israel of having intentions to widen its attacks to include Syria. He also accused Israel of having a politcal agenda with the United States to include Syria in it agression.

The spiritual leader of Hezbollah is accusing the US of being the "boss in action" in controlling the war in Lebanon.

The Canadian FM today called Hezbollah a "cancer" that can break any conditions of a cease-fire. He did criticize Israel for the bombing of the Beirut airport because it has frustrated thousands of Canadian citizens staying in Lebanon.

In response to the Arab Knesset member who warned of a 3rd Intifada if Jewish worshippers went to pray at the Temple Mount, in which the High Court granted a group permission to pray there on the fast of Av tomorrow night and Thursday, the Islamic Movement also warned and threatened violence if the group prayer there. They said that Israel is simply following its mentality of exploiting a holy day in order to break into the Al-Aqsa Mosque and attack it. (*Tolerance and understand is wonderful, isn't it?*)

A senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood has admitted that members of his group are fighting along-side Hezbollah against IDF forces in southern Lebanon.

8:38 PM: In the past it's been released for publication that there IDF casualties as a result in the fighting in Ita A-Shab. No further information has been given at this time.

Hezbollah is denying that over 300 of their fighters and terrorists have been killed by IDF forces.

An Arab Knesset member is threating that a 3rd Intifada will start if the Jewish worshippers, who were given permits to pray at the Temple Mount for the fast of Av, pray at the Temple Mount tomorrow night and Thursday. (*That's what's called the Arab version of respect for Jewish holy sites.*)

7:34 PM: In a speech today, Israeli PM Olmert said:
"The face of the Middle East has changed because of Israel's achievement."
"3 weeks ago Israel decided that she refuses to live under a cloud of threat. This decision and the demonstration of unity and courage of heart of the fighters have changed things."
"The change may have drowned the current stamp on the Middles East for years to come."
"We will agree to a cease-fire when we know for certain that the conditions that exist in the field will be different than those that caused the out-break of war."

Due to objections from Britain, The US will no longer use the Scottish air strip to transport bunker busting bombs to Israel.

The EU has colleted 50 million Euro to donate to Lebanon for humanitarian aid.

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