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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Nightly News Updates: Day 22

9:19 PM: In fighting with Hezbollah forces throughout southern Lebanon, IDF forces have uncovered weapons in houses in one town and killed at least 10 terrorists in another.

Arabs threw fire-bombs at a bus driving on the Gush Etznio Road. No reported injuries.

8:00 PM: The name of the man killed in today's Katyusha attacks near Naharyia has just been released for publication: Martin Lillichech (sp?), 52.

There is heavy fighting going on between Hezbollah and the IDF in southern Lebanese vilalge of Ita A-Shaab.

Besides the leaflets that have been dropped to warn southern Lebanese residents to evacuate their homes, the IDF has also been dropping leaflets warning Hezbollah fighters, ""We are in the field and we will get to you anywhere you are".

More Katyushas are falling tonight in northern israel as already more 220 Katyusha rockets have fallen throughout the day.

The IDF has released the video from their operation in Baal-Beck last night. We will try to post it later tonight.

7:00 PM: Over 200 Katyusha rockets have landed in northern Israel over the course of the day, shattering the record number of rockets falling in the area from earlier in the north.

The IDF is reporting that at least 8,000 troops are now operating in southern Lebanon.

Continuing the criticism of PM Olmert's remarks earlier today about the war giving his Convergence Plan more momentum, more Knesset members have come out against his statements. Likud MK Rivlin criticized Olmert saying, "Especially now when a concensus is necessary, the Prime Minister is breaking up the standing unity".

The IDF has stated that they have destroyed at least 3,000 of Hezbollah's rockets throughout the day.

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