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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Nightly News Updates: Day 23

2:13 AM: The IAF has resumed attacks on Beirut and is hitting targets in the southern part of the city. (*We're still waiting on news of a rocket hitting Tel-Aviv, though.*)

12:09 AM: Just released for publication: Another soldier has been killed in the fighting in southern Lebanon, bringing the day's total to 4 soldiers killed in today's fighting.

12 people have died as result of today's attacks and fighting; 8 civilians and 4 soldiers.

The 3rd of the 4 soldiers killed's name has just been released for publication: Yonatan Shara'bi, 19, from Petach-Tikva.

Armored forces operating in southern Gaza have killed 2 terrorists during Operation "Horizon", which began last night.

The Deputy General of the United Nations, British citizen Mark Malloch Brown said today that the does not consider Hezbollah to be a terrorist organization. It should be noted that Great Britain's government officially classifies Hezbollah as a terrorist organization. The American State Department critisized the Deputy General's statements.

10:52 PM: The names of 2 of the soldiers killed in today's fighting in southern Lebanon have been released for publication: Andrei Broodnur (sp?), 18, from Roshon Litzion, and Itamar Tzur, 19, from Bar-Tuvia.

Police plan to limit the entrance to the Templ Mount tomorrow. Only Muslim males over the age of 40 will be allowed in to prayer. There are no limitations on Muslim females.

10:17 PM: One of the names of the 8 killed today have been released: Albert Ben-Avvo, 65, from Acco.

In the continuation of their operation in southern Lebanese, Givati forces have 2 armed Palestinian terrorists. Since the operation started last night, 25 terrorists have been injured, and 9 of them have been killed.

9:21 PM: It is now being comfirmed that another person died from their wounds as a result of the Katyusha attacks on Acco earlier today. It is now confirmed that 8 people died today as a result of Katyusha attacks.

8:32 PM: For the first time since fighting began, Hezbollah fired 32 Katyusha rockets into Israel at once today.

8:27 PM: In a speech on Al-Manar TV, Nasrallah had this to say:
"The main arena is the arena of fighting."
"The fighters are exhibiting fights of bravery against the Israel Army."
"We are fighting under extremely heavy pressure of the IAF."
The character of the fight changed because we are finding in the field thousands of israeli soldiers."
"Our fighters are staying to fight within the villages until the last bullet."
"Israel has been surprised by the character of the fights in southern Lebanon."
"We have a great number of weapons against tanks. We have hurt many tanks and hurt them hard. We dont yet have the pictures to show you."
"If Beirut is bombed, we will bomb Tel-Aviv."

8:05 PM: Benajamin Netanyahu, head of Likud and the Opposition Party, is in London right now on an "Explanation" mission. In response to Israeli and Jews protesting the war outside of the Israeli Ambassy, he said, "Only Jews protest against themselves in an act of suicide. Before the Second World War, there was a voice against the war. But, that was silenced and dissapeared the moment that Britain entered the war".

8:00 PM: Channel 2 is reporting that a father and his daughter were among the 7 killed in today's rocket attacks.

In what apears to be a prelude to more attacks on Beirut, the IDF is dropping leaflets and asking residents of southern Beirut to, if they haven't already, evacute their homes.

7:50 PM: Also in today's daily Army briefings, it was shown that during last night's missions in southern Lebanon, IDF ground forces uncovered numerous Hezbollah bunkers and outposts in numerous villages. In several houses throughout the villages, they also found weapons and munitions stored, like AK-47s, RPGs, Soviet made anti-tank missiles, etc. They also found communications equipment.

7:36 PM: In today's operations in southern Gaza, IDF forces have killed at least 8 armed terrorists and over 150 since Operation Summer Rains began in order to find and free captured soldier, Gilad Shalit, and to prevent further Kassam rockets from being shot into the Western Negev area.

The body of a 50 year-old man was recovered in the wooded area of the Carmel. He was reported missing 3 days ago. Police are investigating whether he was suffering from shock or stress as a resulting of the Katyusha attacks in the area.

The Commander of the IAF, in his daily briefing said:
"The struggle to stop Hezbollah's rocket capabilities is complex."
"We have not eliminated Hezbollah's ability to launch rockets, but it is limited."
"Our first mission: to make it possible for the ground forces to carry out their work in the field."

7:06 PM: The Mayor of Acco reported just a short while ago that 3 rocket barrages hit the city in a manner of 7-8 minutes, and that sirens did NOT sound when the second barrage hit. That is why there were people leaving the shelters, and why 4 people from the city died as they were leaving the shelters. They thought it was "all clear".

As I'm writing this, a new rocket barrage is falling in Acco. No reports of injured yet.

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